Monday, 4 January 2010

What's in Yemen?

In the comments to this post, there was mention of the buildup to invading Yemen. One suggested that it would complete a circle of American troops around Iran, but Saudi Arabia is between Yemen and Iran and the Americans have been busy there for a long time. They don't need Yemen as a base to attack Iran. They already have forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. So that's not what they want it for.

The Dry Roasted Nuts amateur terrorist was allegedly trained there. If that's the training, there's nothing to worry about. All he managed to do was flare his trousers, and not in the Sixties manner. Let them train terrorists like that and we can all relax and watch the firework show as another Alky Ada operative demonstrates his amazing exploding underwear.

Rather like all that concrete-block airport security after the Keystone Kriminals tried to blow up Glasgow airport but managed only to blow up themselves and then get beaten up by a baggage handler, we are now faced with more and deeper security because of a spontaneously combusting knob-end. Our leaders are gibbering cowards and are utterly ill-equipped to lead anything more than a Girl Scout cookie-sale stall. They are running around with their hands in the air shrieking "Terrorist! Terrorist!" when all that really happened was that someone who apparently passed university level engineering made a less effective explosive than we used to make at school, before we'd even passed O level chemistry. One kid managed to make nitroglycerine but then he had very few friends.

If there are camps in Yemen where they train suicide bombers to blow themselves up without hurting anyone else, that's fine with me. Why interfere with that? Why invade Yemen? Which is clearly what's coming.

What's in there? Oil? With peak oil either approaching or passed, the West will want to secure the remaining easily-accessible supplies before the Arabs realise what's happening and put the price up. Does Yemen have oil? Even if it does, Saudi has much more.

So if it's an encircling action, it's not encircling Iran. That would be futile anyway because not even the Americans would consider moving in on Turkmenistan. That place is seriously nuts.

Are they encircling Saudi?

Or maybe they want Yemen as a base to deal with Somalian pirates. That would be plausible, as would the idea that the UK and US would just move in rather than ask Yemen for help in that respect.

But really, trying to convince us that a graduate engineer, trained by Al Qaida, managed no more than a sparkler in his shorts after sneaking past all that security, is just silly. We've had to deal with the IRA here. We expect a better class of terrorist. Nobody went into panic-stricken clampdown when the IRA were planting proper bombs yet we are expected to go through electronic strip search because of these rank amateurs? The hooded teenagers on the streets are scarier than this. Grannies in mobility carts cause more damage than this. Crossing the street is more dangerous and the current cold snap has caused more deaths. There is no justification for invading Yemen on the basis that Mr. Fiery Trousers might have spent time there.

So what's it about? Any ideas?


JuliaM said...

It's about fear.

"We've had to deal with the IRA here. We expect a better class of terrorist."

I can remember when they removed all the waste bins from Tube and train stations. I notice they are now creeping back in (at least in see-throufgh plastic format).

That's, ohh, twenty years?

Is that how long we will have to wait until they go back to normal? Or will they never go back to normal?

Snakey said...

"....Yemen possesses, like Afghanistan and Iraq, a highly strategic geographic location, adjacent to Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, and the Red Sea, controlling access to the Suez Canal. Yemen also borders on the Gulf of Aden, the shipping route for much of the oil leaving the Persian Gulf."

I think the above is a pretty succinct explanation.

Anonymous said...

Power grabbing and population reduction?


Our Political betters import as many cultures into the West as possible.

Then when the Bastards that Be feel they are justified, will wipe out the turd world nations.

Long game. Wouldn't surprise me if the next two-hundred years isn't already planned out.

I would expand but am already late for my job.

Anonymous said...

Who owns the bank in Yemen? Last I read there were only 5 countries left whose bank wasn't owned by the Rothschilds, was Yemen one of them?

Furor Teutonicus said...

Nobody went into panic-stricken clampdown when the IRA were planting proper bombs yet we are expected to go through electronic strip search because of these rank amateurs?

Aha! But you are forgetting the added element to this.

The U.S.A is involved. And we all KNOW how THEY can panic, and over react.

Hel, If they find a spider in the bath, they call NORAD to nuke the fucking flat.

A gang of inept, imbicilic, red necked, brain dead twats, who think insulting Coca-Cola, Ford, or Mc Dog burgers should be treated as a declaration of thermonuclear war.

Plus two British Prime Ministers who was/is further up U.S politicians arses that Quentin Crisp on Viagra, and what the fuck did you expect?

moriarty said...

Maybe they would like a base built somewhere handy in case they decide to do Somalia, or perhaps it's just in case the Sauds kick them out. Might just be prophylactic, to stop a failed Yeman destabalising Saudi.

Tom said...

Ah, the Yemmies - a warlike resourceful, determined bunch of fellows permanently trolleyed or is that troll eyed on Qat - armed to the friggin teeth with a truckload of grievances with the Al Saud family and inbred to the point of distraction - charming bunch of chaps what?

Since this neck of the woods is definitely warming up anybody wishing to acquaint themselves with how the denizens of the The Peninsula view each other should look no further than :

Tone and Gordo have already given them £100,000,000 of UK taxpayer funding - whats a couple of hospitals between...

Cue Aussie soap theme :

"neighbours.... everybody needs neighbours...."

Giolla said...

A simpler explanation may be that they just need an extra bogeyman to help sell gordo's newly announced "cold war on terror"
But due to lack of resources they don't want to put anyone too serious in the picture for that.

WV - fectessu - which I think may sum things up nicely.

debt nation said...

Anything that takes people's minds off of the real problem - public debt and the coming collapse of the dollar and sterling - is probably a bonus for the governments of the UK and US. How many folk know about the UK's debt obligations and our inability to cover them ? Probably very few. Yet we get wall to wall coverage of the exploding underpants man. Yemen will be another pointless waste of life and treasure in a never ending war.

Frank Davis said...

One kid managed to make nitroglycerine but then he had very few friends.

Before or afterwards?

camps in Yemen where they train suicide bombers

I'm sure there's a comedy in there somewhere.

"Now, squad, attenshun!! Watch closely as I stand in the legs braced position and pull the lanyard."


Anonymous said...

It certainly is about fear - the politics of fear.

Hell, even the BBC's own documentary says that the threat of terrorism is miniscule - a fiction put out by governments in a bid for more power and control.

The Mail's McKay says as much, today.

The list of holes in the US and UK governments' arguments and 'facts' would be amusing if it weren't costing us so much in lives and taxes.

Watch the BBC's documentary, read the list of holes and read McKay's article.

The Tories also wish to perpetuate the fiction.

These b@stards belong in jail!

Anonymous said...

Actually I do believe there is an element of truth in all of the above but the overiding motivation behind all this is FEAR. We must be kept very afraid so that all manner of iniquities can be justified, including not surprisingly more control and higher taxes.

(PS love this blog)

Mark Wadsworth said...

[as I commented over at LFAT] ... this is so tiresome and predictable.

Who has most to lose from Yemen turning into AQ run country? Saudi Arabia*.

Ergo let the Saudis go into panic mode and then we can charge them for the privilege of helping them out, selling them weapons, whatever. There’s no need to offer to do it for free.

* World’s biggest sponsor of terrorism.

Leg-iron said...

So, in effect, the 'encirclement' is around Saudi?

Yemen has no money to buy weapons but Saudi has loads and it would suit a lot of people just fine if Saudi invaded Yemen, without Western involvement.

Could be...

English Pensioner said...

What our government seems to have forgotten that Britain once controlled the whole area, the erstwhile South Arabian Federation and Aden. We pulled out under pressure from terrorists, partly because we felt Aden had no further use as a port.
Perhaps some of them should first read a bit of history and look at a map, I just wonder how many MPs could point to Aden on a map (I can. I've been there, and a bigger dump .......!)

Anonymous said...

ChrisO said...

What Snakey said.

Basically, the US State Dept has had some concerns (in the geo-political sense) about Saudi Arabia and the stability of the House of Saud since, IIRC, the OPEC embargo of the early seventies, but other things were rather more pressing at the time (Soviet Russia, Vietnam, Iran etc).

Personally, my best guess is that Gulf War I gave the US (and for that matter, the UK and France) the chance to get a real handle on how stable the country is, and the subsequent growth of Wahabism (sp?) in the mid- to late- nineties may have convinced them (and us, FWIW) that the place may really not be as stable as previously believed (you can also add your favourite variant of peak oil at this point).

If Yemen can be secured (presumably before the Sauds go tits up), then the Gulf of Aden, and the shipping routes are secure (-ish, as Somalia and Sudan are in the same area). But this may still be a ten or twenty year game.

Stewart Cowan said...

I have heard it say that when the global elite does something, there are often several benefits for them.

So yes, to instil more fear and reduce freedoms.

To go to war to make profits for their own clique members.

Why Yemen, though? Someone above alluded to the country not being owned by the Western elite. Is this the common factor here? Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Yemen seem to be considerable obstacles for the globalists' total dominance.

Perhaps the Yemen is being set up because of its resources or geography, or to maintain a sort of 'cold war' War on Terror, or maybe, it is just being reigned in.

I notice that 'Axis of Evil' member Syria has been playing ball lately and strangely, I haven't heard any recent discussions about attacking it.

banned said...

Yemen is hugely important strategically, as has been mentioned, it was our last base East Of Suez but our debacle there (aided and obetted by the short-sightedness of America) rendered our position pointless.
After we left Aden we continued to have great influence in neighbouring Oman ( maybe still do).
I can see most of the above reasons combining to make an American presence in Yemen (where they already have Green Berets on the ground) seem desirable.
Confront Al Kiyida.
Ratchet up the fear at home.
Stabilise Saudi or mitigate the consequences of its collapse.
Control Suez and Persian Gulf trade.
As a base against somali pirates.
Find a 'winnable war'.

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