Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Lightening the mood with a money saving tip.

The last few posts have been pretty doom-laden so I thought it was time to lighten up.

If you have children, get a friend (if you're thin get a fat one and vice versa) and practice this dance. It will save you a fortune because if you do it at the first child's wedding, none of the others will dare to get married while you're still alive.


subrosa said...

Lovely! Unfortunately I could see my lot demanding encores. :(

Rob F said...

I prefer the "Hey, what's this - it has a good beat!" approach to dancing while middle-aged.

Yes, I'm old enough to even remember the Mary Whitehouse Experience.

I wonder if 'Yootoobe' has a 'video' up of it that I can watch. Do I have to be connected to the 'Interwebtubenet' in order to watch it?

And why aren't these bloody keys in alphabetical order, anyway? Bloody youngsters. Don't know they're born these days...

Amusing Bunni said...

That was cute and a nice break from the horror shows that are our respective governments!

Anonymous said...

Amusing Bunni!

that was our guvment - messrs darling and brown!


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