Sunday, 31 January 2010

Real life takes far too much time.

I'm busy with real life today, which means I can't join in all the fun with the ever-accelerating lunacy of government. I expect there'll be plenty more tomorrow. So a few quickies:

Ed Moribund has been defending climate change. You remember Ed. He used to have that show on TV, as Mr. Ed the Incredible Talking Arse. His sense of timing isn't very good these days. He's trying to convince the public that the world is warming up while outside, there are glaciers in the streets and a long queue of brass monkeys outside the welder's shop. Really, Mr. Ed, try it when the sun is shining. And try talking out of the other end. In fact, try not talking at all. Ninety percent of the noxious gas and hot air production of this country comes out of one building in London, you know. It should be hermetically sealed. With the lot of them inside.

A scoop for scientific research - kids get fat when they eat too much. Well, that was research money well spent, eh? On the other hand:

The report said that while eight out of 10 obese adults were not overweight as children, “a high proportion of obese children are the offspring of overweight/obese adults. Maybe the focus of childhood obesity prevention should be on parents-to-be”.

So, rather like blonde parents having blonde children and tall parents having tall children, fat parents tend to... nah, they'll never consider that. Instead, the fatties will join the smokers with their names crossed off the list of foster parents and, like smokers, will soon have their children taken away because their lifestyles are 'bad for the cheeldren'. Although if they're focused on parents-to-be, what's coming? Enforced sterilisation? There's a long post in this one but it'll have to wait.

The lunacy at the heart of government is gradually working its way to the surface. One day soon it will burst like a well-festered abscess and coat everyone around it with the dreaded Mind Pus of Madness. Hopefully just before the election.

Finally, some potentially good news. I've always thought that those who choose to live outside the law and make their living by preying on others should, having made their choice, forfeit the protection of the law. Labour have always thought the opposite - that those who live by the law should die by the law.

It seems Dai Cameroid agrees with me. Not quite to the same extreme but in principle at least. But will he really do it? I hope so. It could be the spark of actual Conservatism rising at long last. I'm not saying it'll be better but at least it would be different. It would give all those voters something to choose between the parties and that might get a few of them out to the ballot box.

Okay, back to work. Two items to finish, both bound for the States by Email tonight and since their time is hours behind ours (hah! Do try to keep up, Yankees!) I have more time than I thought. Unfortunately, not much.


Roue le Jour said...

Why do socialists protect thieves? Professional courtesy.

Anonymous said...

How soon before smokers are "allowed to die"?

The sooner you exit the NHS, the sooner you're on a road to health.

Natural remedies have always been superior to toxic 'medicine'.

Furor Teutonicus said...

I've always thought that those who choose to live outside the law and make their living by preying on others should, having made their choice, forfeit the protection of the law.

It used to be called "Wolfsheading" by the sachsens and Wikings.

So there IS precedence in English law for the system.

Anonymous said...

twill be interesting to see if he sticks by it or hides behind the reasonable force aspect.
i shall test this with my trusty broadsword if anyone cares to break in.

Leg-iron said...

Fausty - smokers are expendable. We don't fit the vision of the Ubermensch.

Furor - if they reinstated such a program for a couple of weeks it would have a massive impact. You don't go to jail, you go into the wilderness and fend for yourself. Few would come back.

Anon - a broadsword is difficult to use indoors. Get a short sword or better still, have a poker 'handy'.

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