Monday, 11 January 2010

Providing Witches.

Well, the witchfinders are in training, all they need now are some witches to justify their existence.

Naturally they won't ever find or identify these witches because a) it would be politically incorrect and b) if the witches were all caught there'd be nobody to keep the fear going.

So, who shall we have as the current terrorwitch? Oh, look, a particularly dopey one has just made a perfect target of himself and his coven. He's just made himself an object of hate for the entire country, all on his own and at exactly the right time.

Antjam, if you have any sense, you'll get the hell out of the country right now. They're coming for you.

Normally I'd be incensed but hey, Antjam, you asked for it. This time at least the force of British law is aimed at someone who actually deserves it. Sure, you were probably set up but again, you certainly deserve it.

Makes a nice change.


sheikyerboaby said...

All seems a bit pointless really. They will just switch to another name.
Plus they're probably infiltrated by our black ops boys ( hopefully ).
If we put the heat on a bit more ( ie withdraw benefits etc ) then they will relocate to some shithole overseas and broadcast via the internet.

banned said...

Didn't they likewise ban the IRA, EOKA B, the Mau Mau and the Judea Liberation Front?

Leg-iron said...

I think they banned Hitler's Nazi party at one point too.

Bans don't work unless they're enforced. It's easy to pick on smokers and picknickers with a bottle of wine but enforcing a ban on dangerous lunatics, well, that's hard work.

I hope they do, but I'm not confident.

subrosa said...

Did you see the convicts on tonight's news standing outside court shouting their abuse, dressed in their Sunday nighties?

sheikyerboaby said...

Saw that SR. While old couples freeze to death ( despite decades of paying into the system and months of warnings to the council) we pay these scroungers benefits to slag off our troops and threaten to attack us.
Sums up this country under Labour perfectly.

Amusing Bunni said...

I hope the ban goes through.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I think it's an absolute given he's been set up. Then Postman Prat puts the cape on, flies in and saves the day for the Proles. I'm still voting UKIP though. They might cut his benefits.

One born every minute, and Chaudary is almost as intelligent as Johnson.

Anonymous said...

@Subrosa - yes, I saw that as well. Shame that a member of the police wasn't there to re-arrest them for the same (or similar) charges as before, really. It's not as if there'll be a lack of witnesses or evidence for the CPS to use as an excuse - and there's obviously no remorse for their previous "crime"...

They should all be told to "FIFO - Fit In or F*ck Off" as far as I'm concerned. If Sharia law or living in a Muslim nation is so good - then go live somewhere where those apply. Oh, what's that? They won't subsidise your existence like the UK does? Oh well then!

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