Monday, 25 January 2010

Election problems?

No, it's not one of 'those' Spam stories.

The Brown Gorgon's vacuous little helpers have been accidentally dropping a date of May 6th as the day on which he is due to experience his first election since taking over from the bulldog as the Face of Britain.

Blob Jobsworth dropped it most recently, but Bandy Burn'em dropped it last week and someone called Chris Bryant (who?) dropped it before that.

There are two possibilities here. One is that they really are all as totally useless and incompetent as they appear. A view I can readily accept, I admit.

The other possibility is that the Gorgon is frantically pumping to get an election sooner than that and the date is misdirection to make the Cameroids think they have plenty of time to campaign.

Sooner, please. Next week would be fine with me.

Prodicus is of the view that the Gorgon will keep his sticky fingers on the rods of power for as long as possible and won't let his election go off until the last minute.

The problem I have is that all three views are equally plausible. Then again, I'm not sure the final decision rests with the Gorgon. He might think it does, but I don't.

The Gorgon probably doesn't want an election, but there's a man behind him who might just force an election upon him.

(I'm channelling Benny Hill tonight, I think)


Tuesday Kid said...

I think Brown and his buds will pull one out of the hat conveniently in Northern Ireland and will end up looking not so bad at the election because of it. Convenient indeed.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

It's going to be very interesting indeed LI.

I'm with Prodicus in that if it was purely down to the Gorgon, it'd be civil contingencies time. I don't think Gordon is quite strategic enough for a game against the Tories. I don't think he'd pay the blindest bit of attention to his advisers anymore either, and he's immune to backstabbing. He's mental, and the Bilderberg's Big Table of Everything awaits. I'll be hedging my bets along with a late election. I'll be happily proved wrong though ;-)

Leg-iron said...

If the hand of Gorgon reaches into Northern Ireland, you're all doomed. He'll never get anything right and everything Labour meddle with gets worse. Take cover!

CS- it's a tough call but it'll be informative. If the election happens before May, then the Gorgon isn't running the show at all.

Roue le Jour said...

Gordon doesn't "do" elections. He has one of the safest seats in the country and has been appointed, not elected, to every position he has ever held.

His reaction to a vote is not "how can I persuade people?" but "how can I fix this?"

If he can't find a way of fixing it, I still wouldn't put it past him to withdraw on health grounds rather than be the object of derision.

Rob said...

He could cure cancer in northern Ireland and it wouldn't make any difference. Ulster just doesn't register in Mainland politics any more.

His last chance of being the Saviour died in the Copenhagen debacle, all he has left is filthy politics, immense bribes and when all else fails scorched earth.

paulo said...

No he'll draw it out as long as poss. They'll have to drag him out of Downing St.

The thick bastard is doing a Hitler- slashing and burning, creating a wasteland just in case a mythical, fictional army fails to come and save him.

That's why "terrorist alert" is switched on. He'd love an incident or a riot so that he could intigate civil contingencies, cancel the election and show how much he cares.

If it's not a June election he's not calling it.


Leg-iron said...

Roue le Jour, no, he doesn't do elections. I don't think he'll stand down though. If he was at all connected with reality he already would have.

Rob - scorched earth is already under way. He's been implementing it since he started. Blair could mitigate his madness but in the end, he cut and ran.

Paulo - he's really pushing for a riot now, and he's also looking to push Yemen into providing him with a terrorist.

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