Friday, 22 January 2010


The continued insane harassment of photographers has spawned a website dedicated to pointing out to the uninformed in uniform that photography is not illegal. There are no laws against photography. None.

If you go up to your neighbour's window and take photos of them indoors, that's illegal - but it's the peeping tommery, not the actual photography, that is illegal in that instance. You'd be breaking the same law if you did it without a camera and just stared. If you set up an easel and painted them watching TV you'd still be breaking the same law.

Some private buildings don't allow photography. They are private buildings and they have the right to decide what they allow and what they don't. Some places, such as museums, don't want flash photography because repeated bright flashes will accelerate the fading of old colours and will disturb other visitors. So there are places where photography isn't allowed, but it's not illegal. They can throw you out for breaking their rules but they can't arrest you.

Out on the street there are no laws to prevent you photographing or filming any damn thing you please - except now, you're not allowed to photograph the police. This allows them to harass you while making it illegal for you to collect evidence of them doing it. There's no other reason I can think of.

Terrorists will not be taking photographs of their intended targets. Never. They will be looking them up on Google Streetview and studying access points and side roads at their leisure without going near the place. They will not brazenly stand in front of their target with a camera.

Tomorrow, there is to be a mass photography session in Trafalgar Square to protest about the idiots who, despite being derided in every newspaper every time they do it, still insist on confusing 'terrorist' with 'tourist' and harassing people for something that is not and has never been illegal.

Old Holborn and Constantly Furious intend to visit. I'm too far away, unfortunately. (update - many other bloggers are going too, but I suspect no Grauniad readers or red rosette voters will be among them)

So, tomorrow, the police will have a whole army of photographers to arrest for a non-crime.

Coincidentally, tonight, Al Jolson, the homeliest of secretaries, has increased the terror level threat to 'Swanee' - I mean 'severe'. For no apparent reason.

Be careful out there tomorrow.

There is one good case for banning certain photographs, I admit, and it's people who look like this. Don't photograph them. Please.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

I'll be in Trafalgar tomorrow. I'd like to see OH's new hi-viz coat.

I'd also like to place Ashton under fire over visibility. Too much of it. She's an ugly mare and not redeemable by any amount of alcohol. And trust me, tonight I've bloody tried!

Mrs R said...

"raising the terror threat level was mainly designed to increase the vigilance of the emergency services and those working in security jobs."

Convenient timing, or a coincidence?

o/t - this will raise at least a smile (shameless link to own blog!)

Anonymous said...

Alan Johnson, the home secretary, said there was "no intelligence"

No intelligence in his decision, department or govt.

Leg-iron said...

CS - yep, I've hit the whisky and the brandy tonight and I still couldn't.

Mrs. R, blatant touting of blogs is fine here. Especially when they're that funny. You weren't on my blogroll but you are now.

Anon - the biggest example of an oxymoron these days is 'Government intelligence'. A group of morons who shoulf be denied any oxy, methinks.

Dave H said...

Re. the 'Lady Ashton' photo.

Sorry, (though I can quite understand such a mistake after a few wee drams) you've mixed up that pic with your bug stuff at work and linked to an electron micrograph of cryptosporidium. A rather ill-favoured one too.

Still, ugly and may cause vomiting.

Biffo said...

Bless her - she looks like a prime candidate for wearing a burqua - it would improve her no end IMO.

PT Barnum said...

Having had to travel through London today (but unable to linger in the capital), I saw both the effects of the raised terror threat (lots of police people burdened down with lots of hardware - can they run in all that?) and those en route to Trafalgar Square, who were blithely snapping anything and anybody on the underground, all wearing their cameras proudly on display round their necks. The only threat to public safety I saw were the obese weebles wearing Spurs replica shirts. And only because they made me feel nauseous.

Leg-iron said...

Dave H - Cryptosporidium is prettier and does less widespread damage.

Biffo - if UKIP had seen that photo they might have called for compulsory burqua wearing instead of a ban.

Antipholus Papps said...

Christ on a stick, she gives credence to the theories of David Icke! What a swamp donkey!

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