Thursday, 7 January 2010

Green and pleasant land?

This is a satellite image of the UK today, borrowed from an article in the Daily Mail. Even the Mail can't sensationalise this. False colour image perhaps? Well southern Ireland looks the right colour to me. No, it's not rigged. The UK is covered in snow from end to end and there's more on the way.

I would be fascinated to hear how the Green God's acolytes explain this in terms of global warming. I would also be fascinated to hear from anyone who knows of a link to a current picture of the Arctic ice cap and the sea routes around it. You know, the ice cap that's melting because of 4x4's and tumble driers and the sea routes you can apparently now travel in a pedalo. Not the ice cap that's currently growing past your front door. That's not real. The Warmers say so.

Dai Cameroid says he wants to make Britain 'green'. He'll have to thaw it out first.

A quick note to the panic buyers also. Bread is the wrong carbohydrate source to stock up on. It doesn't keep and it's too bulky to store it frozen. Stock up with pasta which is much easier to store and which won't leave you looking like a right drip if this lot manages to thaw before February. Your frozen bread stock will also prove useless if the power to your freezer goes off. Never mind the old 'there's plenty of gas' story. Maybe there is. Maybe the power stations won't close down even though the Greens have been trying hard to sabotage them (no, green folk, we have not forgotten).

Look at the snow and ice building up on the power lines. That's where the problems will be, not at the power stations. Dried food is much easier to store and is not affected by loss of power.

There's more winter to come yet. Before it ends, I'd love to hear from anyone who can look at that picture and say 'Yes, global warming is really happening, and Britain will never see snow again'.

Go on, Greenies. You've been saying it for years. Say it now.

Update: A bunch of cooling deniers decided to go to the North Pole and prove it's warm. They discovered that it's not.


Dick Puddlecote said...

I read a comment somewhere recently, from a believer, saying that this was all predicted in The Day After Tomorrow.

A Hollywood film as reference. No, really!

Leg-iron said...

What's stunning is that they actually do treat that film as if it's a documentary.

Really, we've had worse winters than this in the past. Once in a while we get one of these really bad ones.

In between, we have mild ones because it gets warmer. Yup, it gets warmer in between the cold spells.

Then it gets cold again... like now.

TheBigYin said...

Watching the news last night where they showed a certain part of Scotland had put the call out for all drivers of...4x4's to help people entrenched in the deep, deep snow. I shit you not.

Giolla said...

The original and better quality image is available direct from NASA:

WV - anglu - an english igloo?

Alex Cull said...

Beautiful - from space anyway. I think I can see the first signs of a glacier forming, just south-east of Basingstoke.

Anonymous said...

Just in case we were being diverted from our duty of angst about AGW, the Beeb on its news tonight addressed the issue by helpfully explaining that the weather and the climate are quite different phenomena. The weather is what happens day to day, climate is what happens over 30 years. D'you see?


Leg-iron said...

Giolla - that link is excellent. You can set it to 250m per pixel and play 'spot the green bit'.

North Anglesey is clear, I see. I knew those druids were on to something.

Leg-iron said...

Anon - when they say '30 years' that means comparing this winter with the winter of 1979/80... which was pretty much the same.

So on the 30-year argument, the climate hasn't changed.

Leg-iron said...

BigYin - they still ask photographers to help in street crime too.

Some joined up thinking in government would be really helpful about now.

Anonymous said...

Just saw, an illegal version (to me that is) of the BBC 6 o'clock news.

On it Fiona Bruce posed the question of Global Warming when it so so cold.

Cue Davis Shukman(?) who explained that although it was cold just now, this is just a minor flip and gthis last decade had been one the warmest since the Japs left Carfinn.

Oh no it has not but these cunts are still preaching the big lie thinking we are so fucking stupid that we cannot see though their porridge of lies.

Unbefuckinglievable and they should be shot, all of the BBC.

Could someone in the UK please see if they can see a rerun of this crap on iPlayer which is not available to me?

Cut off their goolies

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Here it is:

WV= rednica

I wouldn't mind an eyeful of Fiona's red knickers

Lawson Narse said...

1979-2010 Arctic ice cover comparison images:

Leg-iron said...

Oldrightie has a widget on his blog that shows current Arctic ice compared with the same date last year.

Thanks for all the other links - much appreciated.

Pogo said...

Simple difference between "weather" and "climate"... If it's getting warmer it's "climate", if colder it's "weather".

Anonymous said...

There is one simple response to all of this bollocks. It can become a mantra, I offer it FOC.


Swindon Alan

PS the aforementioned can be used in response to politicians of red, blue or yellow colours too I think.

Giolla said...

Ah but it's all still due to man made global warming:

Barking Spider said...

This lot can't even predict the weather from day to day never mind in thirty or forty years. The BBC go on blindly and obediently promoting the AGW mantra - even to or perhaps especially to the kids on Newsround. Disgraceful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Sir Henry but the BBC iPlayer doesn't work outside the UK.

YouTube archives do.

Barman said...

Bugger - you need a proxy server in the UK. Works great!

The thing that annoyed me most on the BBC (Today) this morning was the continual use of 'unprecedented' by those apologising for running out of salt or whatever. Severe weather perhaps but certainly not unprecedented.

And reference the power cables, perhaps they'd warm up and thaw if everybody used a bit more 'lektrick?

Anonymous said...

I think that the MSM is revelling in bigging it all up (so what's new) but in doing so is, of course, actually making things worse.

The Righteous have shot themselves in the foot (apart from AGW=lack of planning, H&S=schools closing at the drop of a hat/pavements uncleared by residents) in that in the past farmers would have kept minor roads cleared. Although some are still doing this others won't because they get done for having red diesel in their tanks while on the public highway unless the LA has approached them (cue the required certificate etc, etc).


PS reported that, while private sector employees might have to make up time lost because of the weather, HMRC staff won't be penalised (natch).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barman

I work, for personal reasons via a Swiss Proxy and VPN.

I am buggered but at least the adverts and pops ups are different.

Anonymous said...

they're saying on the news tonight that in scotland it's as cold as the antarctic (-22). now considering it's summer down there, and it's in the -20's, can anyone tell me how it's supposed to be melting?

Leg-iron said...

There were reports of temperatures as low as -90 in parts of the Antarctic. I've often wondered how it can be melting too.

Perhaps that's where the government has put all our road salt. It's not reaching the councils, that's for sure.

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