Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The new EUfrica.

This is news to me.

So, all that talk of limiting 'non-EU immigration' was, after all, just hot air.

The only ones we can keep out seem to be Americans and Australians. Who don't want to come here if they have any sense.


13th Spitfire said...

Actually that scheme is based on the 'EU Blue Card' Scheme of which Britain is not a part, nor is Denmark and Ireland. If you get the Blue Card then you go to the EU and score a job and benefits but not in the UK.

Leg-iron said...

Sounds safe enough then.

Is it still true after Lisbon though?

banned said...

How about thinking of it as re-establishing the Roman Empre? No, thought not.

13th Spitfire said...

I am not sure if we lost that veto, save to say if a load of Africans start turning up everywhere than BNP will have a field day... If Brussels forces us through QMV to be part of the Blue Card scheme I see no other option for the PM to the tell the EU to fuck of. It simply would not be politically possible to let in hundreds of thousands of Africans in the current political climate which is hardening towards immigration. After the past years of mass immigration it would be political suicide to concede to the EU's wishes.

Anonymous said...

Leg-Iron, you might be interested in Christopher Story's 'diary'.

He reckons that Geithner and Paulsson were arrested before Christmas, that Kissinger is thought to be dead or incarcerated somewhere, that 4 of Hillary Clinton's aides were arrested during COP15 and that the globalists are being pursued by Interpol.

Read the story here. It's a heck of a long read, If true, it's dynamite!

It would certainly explain why Interpol was given such far-reaching powers in the US recently, and why the usual culprits have gone a tad quiet.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


It's from here


Scroll down and read the news archive.

I used to have this shortcutted but gave it up as a loon-site. Try reading back through the archive and you'll see what I mean. Makes Eicke look like the epitome of sanity. And if you believe this lot - what do you think of Eicke's lizards?

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