Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Big Time!

I'm on TV. Almost. It's not actually TV and it's not me, but it's as close as I'm ever likely to get. Somehow I don't see the BBC commissioning anything from me.

The post 'Fear the Witch' has proved popular and is now available, for the hard of reading, in verbal form on YouTube. It was a long post and it takes 20 minutes to read it aloud. I must learn to be more concise.

Thanks are due to the Modern Mystic, who has a lot more videos worth watching.

I've considered a YouTube account but never gone ahead with it because I have a writer's face. A reclusive sort of writer's face. The sort that would inspire Stephen King. If I ever publish a novel and they want a photo to put on the back, I'll need a stand-in. Or a very, very soft focus lens.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Well done. I stuck the original post up at House Price Crash as well for good measure (they've taken it down since, I think), which I hope will have got a couple of dozen reads.

Anonymous said...

And all this time I thought you wore that mask because you were so incredibly handsome and dashing that you didn’t want all us ladies out here swooning with desire. Oh, what a cruel crusher of dreams you are!

agm scam said...

I enjoyed reading ' Fear the Witch' and it's good to see it being made available to a wider audience. I think the global warming scam will be the bogey man for the next decade or however long it takes to be fully exposed for what it is. A money making scheme for big business. Childrens text books and tv programmes are brainwashing kids from a young age to hate all the gadgets that have made life easier ( cars, air travel etc).
The mystic could have spent a wee bit more time planning his reading. Got to know the story better as it's a bit stop and start.

I am Stan said...

Hi Leggy..I pinched your Fear the Witch post and stuck it up at my place..hope you dont mind...

Leg-iron said...

Stan - no problem. It's all public domain here.

Anon - under the mask it's not so much 'Brad Pitt' as 'Something From the Pit'.

I do have blue eyes if that's any consolation.

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