Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bad timing, Antjam.

Antjam Chowder, nutter supreme, has decided to lead 500 of the most zealous Islamists in Britain through the streets of Wooton Bassett. Five hundred of Britain's most zealous. That must be all of them plus their extended families. If they marched all the way to Dover and onto a ferry, we'd be clear of terrorists for a day or so, until the Human Rights lawyers brought them all back.

I don't like this march. I don't like the idea of the march and I especially don't like their choice of location. They could march anywhere but they chose Wooton Bassett, the town where the bodies of those killed in the Blair/Brown Wars of Idiocy are brought back. That is inflammatory and was always going to cause trouble, no matter when it happened, but now, Mr. Chowder, you are inviting far more than a bit of skinhead aggro.

Even though I am against this march I would not stop it. I agree with Obo on this - if I'm going to support free speech then I must also support it for views and protests I don't like. Otherwise it's not free speech. Actions are different - I can support the prevention of violence during the march, but not the prevention of the march itself. Others see it differently and will act differently but that's my view. It's those others you need to consider, Mr. Chowder, and they are not the ones you think.

I also would not support government intervention. As Whoops points out, government intervention would lead to more and more intervention, people are already far too accustomed to letting the government do things for them and the government - this one in particular - would be delighted if the public asked them to impose more controls. Don't worry, Mr. Chowder. The government will make noises but they won't stop it. They want this march and what it could ignite.

Sir Hugh Orde also says the march should not be banned because it might inflame tensions to do that. With all due respect, Sir Hugh, you are a bloody idiot. The mere announcement of the march has inflamed tensions. The march has already set the people of Wooton Bassett with pitchforks and torches at the ready. The EDL are gearing up for war. The entire country is poised for carnage and the BNP, although silent so far, must be grinning like Cheshire cats because Nick Griffin is not the knuckledragger he's made out to be. He can see what's coming. But don't concern yourself with the BNP, Mr. Chowder. They will keep out of this. At first.

If you did this last summer, Mr. Chowder, the people of Wooton Bassett would still have been enraged but the rest of the country would have said 'tut-tut, another march. Those naughty people' and watched it on the news while sipping their beer. Now, you see, there is much more than a simple 'is the war legitimate' argument at stake. This won't be a simple clash between your lot and the EDL, with the Union of Fascists weighing in on your side at the last minute. This won't be a one-day scrap you can then use to shout down that mysterious 'right wing' you all like to go on about.

People have been taxed to the hilt for global warming and are still being harangued about it while they are penned into their homes by snow which no council has prepared for - because of 'global warming'. They know their gas and electricity bills will be immense after the winter and they know that it's because this government has not prepared the country for this kind of weather, and because of 'green taxes' to stop us all overheating! They are ready to kill someone for that.

People know that this government used immigration as a control tool. They are sick of being told what to say and who they can and cannot look at. They are sick of reading stories of benefit claimants (immigrant and indigenous) living in seven-bedroom homes for free while they decide whether to use the heater or the cooker.

People are furious about the expenses scandal, the new taxes, the increased fines, the arbitrary laws and the arbitrary application of those laws whereby hardened criminals are ignored in favour of trivial transgressions. People are outraged that their children are to be taught money-management at five, an age when they haven't yet grasped what money is, and about sex when they haven't yet grasped the apparatus involved in that either. It's tax payment month too, Mr. Chowder. We know it's all going to be wasted, we know we can't afford it and we know we'll be forced to pay it at gunpoint anyway.

There has been a fury building in this country for years, a fury with so many causes it has never focused so has never exploded. It's built and built so that you now see people with angry faces and clenched fists in the street. You don't know what they are angry about and neither do they. So many little things, nothing to focus on, no definite spark but the anger is there.

Some think the wars are justified. I, and many others, don't. Some think the smoking ban is a good thing. I, and many others, don't. Some think CRB checks and nudie scanners and minimum alcohol pricing and all those other little divisive rules are good things. I, and many others, don't. Some are furious about gay marriage. I'm not because I'm not gay and therefore not affected. Some are furious about religious restrictions. I'm not because I'm not religious and so unaffected.

Do you see, Mr. Chowder? We've all been angry about different things. There will be no uprising about the smoking ban because smokers are not a cohesive group and some actually go along with it. Likewise, some non-smokers agree with it and some don't. There will be no uprising about minimum alcohol because some agree and some don't and some who don't agree will say they do just so they aren't seen as alkies. CRB checks - again, some agree and some don't, and those who don't are wary of being accused if they object. The controls and divisiveness combine to make us all very, very angry but with nowhere to vent it.

There is one thing, though, one thing we can all vent our anger on and no Righteous can shout us down for it. One thing that unites us all.

The bodies of soldiers killed in war.

Even those of us who strongly object to the war, object even more strongly to having our soldiers die for it. Soldiers, Mr. Chowder. It's not compulsory to be one in this country and it's not easy to join. These are the fittest and the strongest of the children of this country, and some of them died in the service of this country before they were old enough to be served alcohol in a supermarket. Can you imagine, for a moment, how angry that makes us? Add to that the knowledge that they died in wars they should not have been sent to fight. How much more anger can you imagine now? Then hear the reports of soldiers sent into battle with equipment Charlemagne would have laughed at. He would never have deployed archers with six arrows each. How high does your anger scale go? Not high enough. You see that red sky at sunset? It's not the sun reflecting on clouds. What you see there is British fury burning the sky.

Then add all the unfocused anger, now directed and vented on this one issue. It cannot be controlled by politics because it's not political. It cannot be legitimately opposed by the Righteous so they won't shut us down with words. UAF are silent, have you noticed? They cannot side with you, Mr. Chowder, or they will lose all their middle class socialist support in an instant. You, Chowder, are on your own. Facing all the anger of this country for everything they have had to put up with for the last decade.

It is often claimed by radical Islamists that 'there are two million Muslims in this country so watch it or we'll get you'.

There are 58 million non-Muslims in this country, Mr. Chowder, and all of them are very angry indeed. There are also a lot of Muslims who don't want your crazed idea of their religion to take hold. They have been subjected to the same lunacies of this government and they are angry too. Everyone is angry, Mr. Chowder, but they had no target for that anger.

Now they do. You.

If that march goes ahead, the EDL have said they won't show up but will retaliate directly at you, Mr. Chowder. The BNP, as far as I am aware, have said nothing but my guess is they won't show up either. There's no need. The ordinary people of this country will retaliate.

The Brown Gorgon will rub his hands and set off his Enabling Act. I worried about that for a long time, but I feel less worried now.

It's too late, Gorgon. Your Strawman has rubbished the police force, you have routinely trashed the military and the people are too angry to care about acts and laws any more. You, Gorgon, have no allies and you. Chowder, are the spark that can fire the gun.

If that march goes ahead, it won't end at the borders of Wooton Bassett.

Even if it doesn't, boiling point might have been reached already anyway.

If you don't have a steel hat, get one.

Update: Through Letters from a Tory, Obsolete has a great post on the subject. It seems Antjam is taking his lead from the BNP - get yourself hated and people will side with you. I don't think it's quite that simple, Mr. C.


Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Yup, if the police grant him the rights to hold a protest in Wootton, then there will be trouble.

I have thought of slightly different slant on this here and would be interested if anyone would comment?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

It wouldn't surprise me one little bit if Ram Jam is in the pay of the state.

Think 'outside the box' for a minute or two...

John Pickworth said...

I too think we should allow the march to proceed. Seriously.

Meanwhile, the rest of us should stay away. The locals of Wooton Bassett should go about their business as normal. There should be minimal policing only and absolutely NO media presence.

This seems to me to strike the right balance between letting a bunch of idiots wave their silly flags in public and preserving free-speech. Plus, absence of counter-marches and media coverage would demonstrate precisely how much relevance their views have in modern British society.

Failing that, perhaps they'll support a gay rights march through Mecca next year? Seems fair after all.

Leg-iron said...

I think Mummylonglegs had the best idea for a response.

Can't see it happening, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the good people of Wooton Bassett should organise some refreshment stalls to line the route of the march, to show how very tolerant and accepting they are. A mobile licensed bar, perhaps; a sizzingly-delicious hog roastery complete with apple sauce; and maybe a fast-food stall or two specialising in double-thick bacon sarnies and jumbo sausage rolls. Yum! I might "trotter" long myself if they lay that lot on!

Leg-iron said...

Double thick bacon sarnies... drool.

Leg-iron said...

Rab - well, Osmium Bin Liner still works for the CIA after all.

It's like the Mafia. Once you're in...

Sir Henry Morgan. said...


Those of us who subscribe to Nick Griffin's email service have just been informed that he, Andrew Brons and Richard Banbrook, as the three senior elected party officials intend to stand side by side in the middle of the road obstructing the loon's march. The rest of we party members are instructed to NOT attend. It will just be the three of them.

What will THAT do for the BNP vote at the next general election? As you said - Nick Griffin is not a knuckledragger - he is a consumate politician. And actually very clever with it. You might or might not know that - but if you listen to him speak live, or enter into conversation with him, these things, along with a personal humility (extremely attractive in a politician) become very quickly apparent.

Anjem Chaudary is making a huge error, and if he should be so foolish as to violently attack these three, he will have compunded that error manifold.

It is my personal hope that they carry out this march, and advance along the funeral route Allahu Akhbar-ing every inch of the way, very loudly. And while they're at it, they should perhaps go on a rampage of looting and destruction (difficult to avoid when you get a crowd of fundamentalist muzbots all gathered in one place).

Chaudary is a fool.

richard said...

if this goes ahead and trouble flares up nationally then there's the excuse for the implementation of the civil contingencies act. Could be a set-up. Either way chaudary deserves a lesson in manners. As taught during the great siege of Malta with any luck. But i bet nick griffin gets arrested and the loonies get a police escort.

Amusing Bunni said...

Great Post, Leg Iron. I am very mad about this too, and I don't even live in the area. You have articulated the peoples anger over everything that is being done to you by the liberals and socialists, and this is the last straw!
You made excellent points, the same type of anger is rising in USA too. I can see a group like this one pulling the same stund in a year or two, what with globalist commie luving obummer running things. This hate mongering moron chaudray has given all the people something to rally against! Stay safe everyone.

subrosa said...

I don't think this should be allowed to happen in Wootton Bassett. Anywhere outwith a 50 mile zone of it fair enough but the people of Wootton Bassett have enough to cope with considering the efforts they make to show respect to our fallen.

The police could easily re-route the 'march' no problem. It's done for many marches each year.

But, for us, sitting possibly miles away, to suggest that it should go ahead in Wootton Bassett, is truly unkind to these townsfolk.

Yes let him have his freedom of speech but let our law enforcers have the choice of locality.

I don't think mummylonglegs' idea is a good one, although I see what she means. Why should our military turn out for these abhorrent people? Many will have seen enough of this for months on end in recent years.

You're right though LI, without the courage of some of our fittest young people signing on the dotted line and promising to protect us, we can tolerate madmen like this.

I said it was a PR stunt and still think it is. He's a despicable showman.

banned said...

"one thing we can all vent our anger on and no Righteous can shout us down for it"
Excellent summary Leg_Iron, I agree that this march should go ahead, as should all marches. The people of Wooton Basset should be allowed to do their thing as they see fit; the rest of us should stay away (including Nick Griffin) and then see if the BBC dare portray these evil people for what they are. Decsecrators.

JuliaM said...

"There should be minimal policing only and absolutely NO media presence."

Might as well ask a rabid weasel to refrain from biting you...

JuliaM said...

Still, at least the 'Daily Mash' can still sum up the dilemma with that old-fashioned British sense of humour... ;)

DavidG said...

Line the route with the good people of this country. AS they pass :
Parade, parade 'shun. Parade, about turn.


Mr A said...

Only a few days into 2010 and this has already got to be in the running for best post of year! Well done, LI!

I wasn't aware of Griffin's plans. I have no time for the BNP but if he can actually implement his plan without any BNP monkeys of EDL folks turning up that could be a tremendous media coup, especially when the nutters start kicking off on them and beating them up. Now, I don't like Griffin, but he is a very clever guy - just look at how the verbal beating on Question Time increased BNP membership and hits on their site. The sight of three passive middle-aged guys being attacked by a bunch of screaming fanatics in Wootton Bassett of all places, could be a most effective media tool for the BNP and well worth a broken bone or two.

That said, I agree with others who think they can smell the stench of New Labour behind this protest. It all seems very convenient if a certain someone wanted to, perhaps through some heavy policing, set off riots across the country and then be forced to use the Enabling Act....

Chris said...

Leave the silly little bearded Borat-clone to his toytown version of a Nazi rally/march past.

He makes a fool of himself by sheer contrast with what already happens in WB.

Mark said...

Many "moderate" muslims, while utterly abhoring terrorism and with no intention in a million years of doing it themselves, understand the rage and anger of those that do.

I agree absolutely with his right to free speech, and if he wants to choose the most calculatedly offensive way of doing it then I will "understand" if a lynch mob turn up and tears him and all his morons limb from limb.

g1lgam3sh said...

I agree with your point about not stopping the march on the basis of free speech.

On the other hand should another group decide to exercise their right to free speech and go along and give them a right kicking...well them's the breaks.

Anonymous said...

Please spare a thought for the dilemma the poor bbc will be in reporting this.Their pets righteously marching for a"worthwhile"cause while the rest of Britain looks on in disgust.What to do,what to do.

How will they slant this to islams advantage?be interesting to see.

Paulo said...

I'm not sure about this.

As Guido has pointed out Chuddy claims almost £30k a year in benefits from the tax-payers of this country, yet he plans to effectively insult the people of this country, (and does so already even if only by proposing this march,) by marching through WB.

Anybody who wishes to suck from the public teet has a responsibility to respect the wishes of the majority of our populace. In this respect Chuddy's proposed march falls foul. In my humble opinion he therefore has three choices:

1. get a job and start contributing

2. give up all benefits and rely on the support of his jihadi's

3. fuck off to Afghanistan

And if he won't do any of the above the authorities (sorry all) have a responsibility to the rest of society to stop this march.

Leg iron, thank you for another outstanding post.


Leg-iron said...

Anon 20:55 - not just the BBC. The UAF and the Guardianistas will be in a spin too.

Objecting to pointless war is one thing. I object to it too.

Scoring points out of dead soldiers is something far deeper. The UAF and Grauniadistas are locked in a paradox that would challenge Douglas Adams' ability to find a way out of.

Leg-iron said...

Paulo - what the authorities should do is not to stop the march, but to stop this parasite's benefits.

Then demand repayment of all previous benefits.

We wouldn't have to deport him. Just hold the door open.

J. Derek said...

A very well put together summation - exactly the points that I have been discussing at work and \ or posting elsewhere ...

Disgusting and rancid maggots that they are, to stifle their "protest" would violate the principles of free expression - and that's a very slippery slope ...

Let them march - let's have the streets lined with silent people with their backs turned - THAT would speak volumes ...

Leg-iron said...

Longrider has a link to a brilliant idea.

Fly the Y's!

Anonymous said...

There are far too many people who wish to use Wootton Bassett as a pawn in sicko halfwit games.

The people of Wootton Bassett have shown restraint and quiet dignity by stopping what they're doing and showing respect to the bodies of young men and women who've died in the service of their country. It is not a stage managed media event - it is simple - they know the agony of those parents, wives, children and friends left behind. It is a straightforward recognition of the sadness and loss they know other people are feeling.

If you saw Nick Griffin at Wootton Bassett - you'll know how uncomfortable, sheepish and pretty furtive he was when he sensed what it was about.

A ghost town presented to these screeching pustules of deranged zealotry that lets their own poison bounce back at them from the blank windows and empty streets would be a rich reward for their efforts.

Sadly, too many scumbuckets with equally deranged worldviews and deeply nasty motives want to use this town as a hobby horse to leverage their visibility and promote rotten agendas.

Many they all barbecue in the flaming hell that equates with their personal belief system - and no, Anjem there's no virgins waiting, not now, not ever.

Oh yeah, and we'll have the benefits back please pal.

ever yours
The Wurzel

p.s. can we use Anjem's recovered benefit fraud money to buy a few Afghan history books for Labour Party and the British Army?

feahre said...

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