Monday, 25 January 2010


The police are going to watch us with drones. These will catch those vicious terrorist flytippers and bin fillers and bad parkers and people with a bottle of wine with their picnic in the Puritan Zones. Rapists and murderers need have no fear. They aren't looking for you.

You don't need an airgun. The drones work well in places like Afghanistan and Iraq and northern Pakistan because there's little to no RF interference. A long time ago I admitted to hanging around with radio-control aeromodellers. You can bugger a radio-controlled model with a RF wideband broadcast. It's harder to spot than any kind of gun because you can press the buttons while it's still in your pocket. Find a spiteful aeromodeller, they'll already have made one.

The police are busy chasing down Al Crochet operatives who have been plaiting horse's hair. These devilish knotters have sneaked into horses' stables and done no harm at all to animal or owner but they are Deviants and therefore justify the expenditure of enormous amounts of police time and taxpayers money in finding them and bringing them to what is laughingly termed 'justice'.

Meanwhile, psycho killers are released among us.

I wish we really were heading back to the Middle Ages. At least it made some kind of sense back then.

I also wish I hadn't started writing a dystopia novel. There's just no point in trying any more, is there?


Angela said...

It's all pretty unreal isn't it?

Here we have a drug dealer/gang member who can't be deported because he has to look after his elderly granny and gosh darn it, he might be pursecuted in his home country! Oh and he has a really expensive lawyer.

Who cares about the public? It's more important to make sure the criminal's rights are put first!

Pavlov's Cat said...

Looking forward to that novel.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's easy to jam a model (I've done it), but the drones they are talking about will be at 20,000ft, and you won't block them without some pretty sophisticated gear. For a start you would need to see the damn things to aim a directional antenna...

Many of these machines are completely autonomous, and have their "mission" pre-programmed before take off. What you COULD try is to jam the GPS system they rely on for navigation. Not many people realise that
1) ALL the US GPS satellites operate on the same downlink frequency, and
2) the UK military carry out regular jamming trials in this country....

Anonymous said...

Order out of chaos. That's part of the strategy.

We have to beg to be rescued so that they can institute plans which we would never otherwise have accepted. I hope there are sufficient thinking people around to guide the sheep away from accepting their 'solutions'.

When the picture doesn't make sense, then the dots haven't been joined up correctly.

I read an interesting conspiracy theory recently, suggesting that we're in a mad dash (all over the world) to go to digital TV broadcasting in order to free up sufficient radio frequencies for RFID use. It's awful enough of a scenario to be plausible!

A grass hut in darkest Africa somewhere tempts ...

I'm also looking forward to that novel.

hangemall said...

Fausty, I put up this link at OH's a few days ago which seems to be what you are referring to.

I think L-I will have to drink a lot of low-grade blended to dream up something worse than what's happening now.

PS Tesco's have some nice cheapish single malts on offer. Have just got a bottle of Aberlour for £17-odd.

John R said...

By a hat, a nice, big, black one with a wide brim, the sort that goes well with a suit and used to feature in all good movies. Oh, and some sort of similar shaped casual jobbie for the weekends.

Not being a hat person I dont know what any of the styles are called - but I'm going to find out.

Better still buy shares in a hat company, I suspect there'll be a whole new fashion sweeping the land if the ACPO-nazis get this one going UK-wide.

Anonymous said...

The very thing, hangemall. I'd always wondered why we had to go digital to some deadline. I don't recall Bliar ever saying why.

microdave said...

"I'd always wondered why we had to go digital to some deadline."

I always assumed it was to sell off huge chunks of spectrum to the highest bidder, but it was supposedly going to fuel the explosion of demand for mobile data/radio/TV/phones etc. I can't see ALL that being needed/used just for RFID tracking, but then again conspiracy theorists aren't regarded as quite so barmy after recent events!

Anonymous said...

@anon 11:34

GPS sattelites transmit 2 frequencies L1 and L2. Most GPS only use L1, but I suspect the drones would be military spec and use both. So to mess it up you would have to jam both signals. You would probably have to use a satellite dish pointed at it as well to get a strong enough signal up to that height.

Fucking up the camera picture might be easier. Plod would have to visit you to find out why your house is only a blank on their spy pics. As you would be doing nothing illegal, you could tell them to fuck off.

Rob said...

One day the police are worrying that they are losing the trust of the public, and the next day they want to spy on everyone with unmaned drones.

The number of people who still trust the police is astonishing. One day they will wake up but it will be too late, the boot will be on their neck.

Can't believe the police haven't claimed it is 'for the children'

Anonymous said...


" ... the UK military carry out regular jamming trials in this country...."

What? There's a major military campaign going on, and they're thinking of starting up a BAND??

Oh well, rather that that waste money on silly things like guns and ammunition and protective gear, I guess ........

Anonymous said...


Katherine Albrecht tells all in her Spychips book and there's more here, where she explains how the Walmarts of this world want to make an "internet of things", where every single item sold, even sewing needles, are chipped. This is not a conspiracy theory - it is happening and progressing with frightening speed.

The frequencies are being sold to such companies. They plan to have RFID readers everywhere, for every purpose. It's big money for them, and allows the government to spy at the same time. A partnership of the worst kind.

Leg-iron said...

Fausty - can't get that link to work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that Leg-Iron.

Here it is.

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