Thursday, 21 January 2010


By now, we're all accustomed to the rise in tuberculosis, a disease that should be of the past but which is becoming fashionable once more due to imported carriers. But did anyone expect to see rickets make a comeback? Rickets? What's next - scurvy and leprosy?

It's a pity Henry North London has gone quiet because he'd have a lot to say about this. Rickets is caused by a lack of vitamin D, and by political correctness.

That's right. Political correctness has led directly to rickets. So, to some extent, has the insistence that we all contain as little cholesterol as possible.

Although white children can develop rickets, many affected children in the UK have Asian, Afro-Caribbean and Middle Eastern origins.

There is a very sensible biological reason for this but it's un-PC to say it. Nonetheless, say it I will.

Vitamin D is formed in your own skin, all by itself, whenever you go outside in the sun. It doesn't work too well this far north and in winter, it doesn't work at all this far north because the light passes through more of the atmosphere due to the angle of the sun. The UV component that does the job is filtered out. In summer it's mostly filtered out. In winter, if you're north of about Birmingham, there's just not enough coming through to do any good.

That is why the people who thrived here in the past had white skins. There you go, Righteous, time to pucker both ends of your digestive tract as hard as you can.

If you have dark skin, your skin blocks most of the UV in the sunlight so you don't burn. That's a good thing in very sunny countries because we whiteys just fry and our skin falls off. There's so much sun that you'll still make plenty of Vitamin D even though your skin blocks most of the UV.

When humans moved north, those with lighter skins survived better because those with darker skins were vitamin D deficient. So we turned pale.

Nowadays it shouldn't matter. You can just buy a packet of Vitamin D tablets and take one a day and you'll be fine. Everyone with dark skin should do that and in fact, it's a good idea for the white folks too, especially in winter. Alternatively, make sure it's in your diet. Fish is a good source, if the EU will allow us to catch any.

The Righteous have shouted down any discussion that suggests any difference at all between the races and so the dark-skinned people of this country now have children with rickets. All because the Righteous insist we are all the same. We are not. Ignore them, if you have dark skin, and get yourself and your kids some Vitamin D.

Kids are not playing outside as much as they used to because most games are now indoors on a screen. Their parents are also terrified to let them out of their sight because of the glitter-suited childcatchers, gun-toting gangsters and knife-waving madmen they have been told are roaming every street in the land. Nice job, Righteous.

In addition, children are not taking cod liver oil - a rich source of the vitamin - in the same amounts as they did 50 years ago.

Is any child taking it now? I remember it. It was disgusting. Now you can buy it in little capsules so you don't have to taste it, or just get vitamin D tablets which don't taste of much at all. But really, is there a child out there taking any form of vitamin D? It's not in burgers, crisps or fizzy pop. Since all parental responsibility was taken away by the State, is there any parent now taking responsibility for their child's health? Or are they leaving that to the NHS and the social workers? Nice job again, Righteous.

(Check the packet. I suspect some of those supplements won't be suitable for small children because they're as big as horse pills in some cases. Sorry kids, it's a spoonful of foul oil for you).

Two medical specialists today called for the vitamin to be added to milk and other food products - much like it was in wartime - to ensure children are getting enough.

Other medical specialists have recently convinced the gullible that milk and butter are deadly poisons. So, put vitamins in milk if you like. They're all too scared to drink it now. Nice one, Righteous.

So, the Righteous have taken parental responsibility from parents, kept both parents and children indoors where they can watch them by scaring them with Gary the Bogeyman, encouraged the kids to leave home with a child at an early age so they don't know how to cook with more than a microwave and then made them all scared of milk. They have also refused to consider that darker-skinned people might need certain dietary supplements more than lighter-skinned people.

Which just leaves the cholesterol. Your skin will make vitamin D on exposure to sunlight but it won't spontaneously generate it from nothing. It needs something to make it from. It needs something called 7-dehydrocholesterol. Which is found in the fat component of milk. Which the Righteous have been busy diluting out of milk for years. That precursor can be made from cholesterol which the Righteous have been busily diluting out of our bloodstreams for years. Too much cholesterol is bad for you. So is too little. The same is true for salt and everything else they want eradicated from our diets.

The Righteous have removed all sources of vitamin D from our diet in their relentless determination to stamp out British culture and to control every morsel we eat. They have not considered for a moment why our diet is the way it is. Sure, we don't toil the fields like we used to so if we eat to much of it we gain weight - but the diet has developed because that's the diet that keeps people alive in this part of the world. Fish and chips is not just a fad. It's a source of several important fish oils and also of vitamins, including vitamin D. Important in a country that doesn't get a lot of sunshine.

This resurgence of a disease that should put any allegedly civilised country to shame is entirely due to Righteous meddling in people's lives. It is a direct result of Labour's social control agenda. It will continue under the same agenda being pushed by the Tories.

They will not see it. Every isolated 'bad thing' is pushed down and controlled with no consideration of its effect on a biologically complex organism. No thought of 'maybe it's only bad in excess. Maybe it's actually essential in some quantity' ever crosses a single Righteous mind. Their only thought is 'Ooo, look, here's something we can ban'.

Ignore all government-sponsored dietary advice. Eat what your body tells you to eat. If you feel like you need some salt, add some salt. If you feel like a fry-up, have a fry-up. If you start to put on weight, just eat less of it. It's not what you eat that makes you fat, it's how much.

Rickets. I still can't believe they've brought the country back to rickets.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

Well, rickets is another "problem" for them to "solve". I think at Elite Level, it's given a lot of consideration. At Righteous level, they don't know their arses from their elbows, which is probably why you're not a Righteous. Governments give idiots lingo and buzzwords in order to take us back to the dark ages (oops, that's not racist ;-)) and they lap up the chance to cash in today for destroying tomorrow. All for power. All because I was better than them at football in school.

They'll be out here in the cold with us one day, LI. The Elites won't need them forever.

Jabba the Hut said...

According to the government too much vitamin D weakens the bones so I'll keep my burkha on thank you very much.

Amusing Bunni said...

That was a very interesting post, and all true.

Also, quite funny, Leg-Iron..."Rickets? What's next - scurvy and leprosy?"

Scurvy and leprosy are currently residing in washington under the aliases of reid and pelousi...hee hee hee.

Jabba the Hut said...

I read that Scott Brown won the seat in Mass.. by posing naked. Do you think our Gordon should try this at our upcoming UK election ?

Mrs R said...

I can't understand why it's taken the Mail so long to report it, because it was mentioned a couple of years ago.

@ Amusing Bunni - Scurby has made a comeback too

Less serious - from the Fail's comments, quote "drink like 5 litres of sunny D now". - Isn't education a wonderful thing!

subrosa said...

Don't pass this onto your friend LI but it may be of interest to you:

Anonymous said...

Apologies in advance, but it's Friday & I need a laugh:

(To the tune of "Yesterday", by the Beatles)

All these pieces falling off of me
I'm not half the man I used to be
Oh I believe
In leprosy!#

Anonymous said...

Well, we thought we had got rid of head lice years ago!! Neither I or my siblings ever had nits as children in the 70s/80s. Three of my sisters who have reproduced and have had children in school in the nineties have all had the pleasure of nits first hand thanks to their children bringing it home from school and passing it on. Progress??

Mummylonglegs said...

Also on the rise, measles, mumps, reubella, nits, syphillis, chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes.

Just saying,

Mummy x

TheBigYin said...

I was born in 52 and in 54 moved to Glasgow and lived in what would be regarded these days as abject poverty in a tenement "single end" during my childhood.

As children we were each morning given one dollop of castor oil and one of malt due to the poor diet due to poverty. Rickets was rife but on the wane, as was polio, dysentry and many other childhood afflictions.

I can see no correlation between the "poor" of today and my upbringing and cant understand why these afflictions have reapeared...well I couldn't until I read this post. Very informative LI.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Don't forget, if you do go out in the sun, to make sure you cover up with factor 10,000 sunblock! Can't have any natural vitamin D now, can we?

Anonymous said...

the outbreak of Rickets is the precursor of worse to come.

"Codex Alimentarius is a set of regulations dictated by the pharmaceutical industry to the World Trade Organization, and recently enacted into U.S.
law as part of CAFTA. Codex criminalizes the sale of all nutrients in useful quantities, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and all herbal remedies."

the first to suffer from avitaminosis in the West will be Blacks. with the exception of President Yes-we-can-but-won't, the Blacks aren't over-represented in Bilderberg, the infamous group which -supposedly- plans world affairs and - supposedly- was formed by supporters of National Socialism. either way, it seems to have inherited and brought forth an interest in eugenics (right-to-dielegislation?) population control (UK pop. to be REDUCED to 30 million cf. J. Porritt, advisor to Gordon Brown), and the plethora of of racial "problems" (pick your own blatant example, such as "ban the burqua")

Pogo said...

@Mummylonglegs: Also on the rise, measles, mumps, reubella, nits, syphillis, chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes.

Ah well, look on the bright side... At least you're having some fun whilst catching the latter four. :-)

paul said...

Good advice. Ive been taking 5000IU D3/day all winter. (Decent strength D is a right pain to source)

Anonymous said...

Rickets is caused by Hypophosphatemia and a resulting shortage of calcium, not by a lack of Vitamin D.
Diminished levels of calcium cause an increase in Parathyroid Hormone, which subsequently causes the body to excrete too much phosphorous.
Rickets in toddlers is a large problem in parts of Africa, especially Nigeria. It is not due to vitamin D deficiency but is caused by not having enough calcium in the diet.

John Pickworth said...

And here we were thinking we're headed back to 1979... and all the while, Labour's grand plan is to take us back to 1679!

John Pickworth said...

By the way... seen this nonsense today?

Telegraph: Swimmers naked showering ban

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Leg-iron said...

Anon 14:53 - blood levels of phosphorus and calcium, uptake of calcium from the gut, reabsorption of calcium in the kidneys and bone growth are all regulated by vitamin D. It's what it does.

Of course, for vitamin D to work on bone growth it needs to have calcium available and a good source of calcium is milk. Proper milk rather than diluted milk. Or red meat. Things we are told not to eat.

I didn't hold too much with the Codex Alimentarius idea but I'm starting to wonder.

Leg-iron said...

Jabba - too much vitamin D will indeed weaken bones. It's involved in the chemistry of bone formation and if there's too much it can cause the reactions to run in reverse. Especially if there's not enough calcium available.

Too much, though, is a hell of a lot. You won't make too much in your skin, that's for sure.

Leg-iron said...

Mummylonglegs... scurvy's back too? We used to have orange tablets of vitamin C when I was a kid. No problem getting us to take them - they tasted like sweets.

What happened to them, I wonder? Perhaps the flavour's gone now. The sugar component probably has.

Leg-iron said...

JP - yep, we're gonna party like it's 1699.

Pity they aren't taking the tax rules back to that date.

Rob said...

The ultimate Righteous disease fuck-up is the massive preponderance of birth anomalies in 'vibrant' communities oop north, the direct result of first cousin marriages.

If Whitey was breeding like this it would cause BBC 'satirists' heads to explode. Apart from the tiniest flurry of attention a couple of years ago, this has been officially Buried.

As for kids being scared of The sight of Grandad's hernia in the showers, it's a miracle if the dirty wretches get within 50 yards of the shower.

g1lgam3sh said...

I've been using these people for a couple of year.

I got 2 x 300 capsules of NSI vitamin D3 2,000 IU for £14.99 including postage after dollar conversion.

microdave said...

I think the people behind "The Daily Mash" might be regular visitors to your blog.

Just Peachie said...

Which might explain why when I try to read your blog, I often get kicked to a google search page just as I'm getting to the second or third paragraph. I have to exit the page and reaccessone to three times before I can get through the entire post. Annoying, but you're worth it.

Leg-iron said...

Microdave - if I thought I was inspiring the Mash I'd be highly chuffed!

Just Peachie - that's an odd one. I haven't heard of anyone else having that problem. A Google glitch perhaps?

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