Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Yeah. What he said.

Late home from the lab, and have missed all the fun but more on that in a moment. I had planned to take the night off blogging because I now have yet another project and have to keep up with reports so I get paid. I think the buggers have worked out that as long as they keep me busy, I won't have time to invoice for any of it.

I will be experimenting on humans again. I considered introducing myself as Dr. Mengele but since many of these patients are over 80, one of them might beat me to death with a bedpan, so I won't.

Only one more post for tonight then back to writing reports. It's already been covered by everyone but it's too important to miss out on.

The cigar, by the way, was very good but one of those a year is enough. I think my eyes have burst.


Pavlov's Cat said...

I considered introducing myself as Dr. Mengele

Stick to those under 25 and they'll sign anything thinking you are a Rap Producer and let you do anything.

Leg-iron said...

Unfortunately the juveniles don't catch this thing so much. It's mainly provided free on the NHS for those who no longer pay tax. I believe I read a similar logic at Obnoxio's place earlier.

The government bodies have so far proved strangely reluctant to fund this. It's all privately funded.

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