Thursday, 4 March 2010

Oi, lefties!

You know how you lefties love to describe anyone who doesn't agree with you as 'right wing', preferably 'extreme right wing'? You insist on calling the BNP 'extreme right wing' when they are more like Labour than Labour are. You've even called the SNP 'right wing' in the past. Thanks for that one. It still makes me chuckle.

It's not working out for you, is it? The more you scream 'right wing', the more people say 'So what?' You must be bouncing in your seats with rage at them. Don't they know when they are being insulted? Don't they realise what a terrible, terrible insult you have just hurled? Don't they understand the stigma you have attached to them?

Well, actually, no they don't. The 'left' and 'right' labels are politics-specific and those outside politics have at best a vague notion of what they mean unless applied to certain items of clothing. Most neither know nor care.

And then of course, you have to consider that by labelling everyone 'right-wing' you have devalued the term in the same way that you devalued 'racist'. Now, and this is another bad one, you are devaluing 'child molester'. You can mess up your political labels all you like, but terms like 'racist' and 'child molester' describe a few very nasty people and you are letting those nasty people hide. You are creating a haystack of false accusations that hides the real ones. Stop that. It's silly and dangerous.

Where do all these right wing groups come from? The truth is, and you won't like this, lefties, they have always been there. The 'rise' in right wing groups stems entirely from you lot labelling everyone as 'right wing'. There are very few groups who describe themselves in those terms, and those that do, only do it to annoy you, lefties. In fact, the whole 'left-right' labelling frenzy is pretty much all down to you lefties. Nobody else is playing.

You can't see why these groups are getting so much support, can you? It's really simple. It's because you label them right-wing. You see, we've seen first hand what the left wing have done to our country and, well, let's hear it from the horse's mouth:

No, sir, we don't like it. So people who don't like it look for something different. Something opposite to you lot. You call yourselves 'left', therefore the opposite of you must be 'right'. Where to find such groups?

Easy. You're pointing them out all the time and even inventing new ones! Extreme right-wing libertarians? Right-wing SNP? (pause for another little chortle). Anyone worried about Islamisation is extreme right wing. Anyone who isn't 'celebrating' diversity or homosexuality or multiculturalism or mass enforced immigration is extreme right wing. Anyone dissenting from the Green God is extreme right wing. Saves you the bother of remembering which name to call which group, I suppose.

I don't mind a bit of diversity. I like meeting different people. If they travel the world and come here, then I don't have to travel to meet them. Works for me. I don't mind homosexuality. It doesn't affect me and it doesn't make me uncomfortable. But I am not going to throw a party or in any way 'celebrate' those things because they are largely irrelevant to me. I might as well throw a party every time Chelsea score a goal even though I am not remotely interested in football, have never watched them play and don't want to go to Chelsea. I will not celebrate either a wedding or a civil partnership unless I know one or both of the people involved because otherwise, it's nothing to do with me.

Does that make me 'extreme right wing'? My stance on Labour's vote-importing system that actively seeks to keep out anyone productive certainly would. Even though I wouldn't have any controls on immigration but would simply stop paying them to come. I'd also stop paying our home-grown layabouts to stay, you know. Open borders, everyone welcome, but the management accept no responsibility for feeding you.

Multiculturalism was always a silly idea. Wars start when cultures clash, so forcing different cultures to share the same small town was bound to be a disaster. One country, one culture. That leads to peace. It doesn't matter how many races are involved as long as they share a set of common values. One country with fifty different cultures all trying to press the others to join them leads to stabbings, shootings, beatings and riots. You lefties did this but what do you call anyone who points it out? Extreme right wing.

Remember the increasing BNP vote? You did that, lefties. You called everyone 'racist' and then said 'You can't vote for the BNP because they are racists'.

To which the people responded 'Well you call me racist every day and I'm not one, so chances are you're lying about them too'.

Now you shout and bawl that anyone dissenting from you is 'extreme right wing'. They look at the groups you also call 'extreme right wing' and think 'Well, they call me extreme and I'm not, so chances are they're lying about those groups too.'

You lefties are not just recruiting for those groups. You are creating new ones.

There is one, deep and serious reason that people are going to those 'right wing' groups, lefties. One big reason that you're not going to like one bit.

It's because those groups are not you.


Corrugated Soundbite said...

Right wingers, in their eyes, are simply people who haven't caught on yet to which groups to pick on.

I agree totally with your stance on immigration. It's not intervention that is needed, but a total lack of intervention. You've got a job to come to? Fine, come in. If not, no welfare and no free translation. Same goes for our own lazy school leavers who go on to have umpteen kids and never earn a crust. I've worked abroad and learned a new language (was in the Czech Republic - and bloody good beers once you get out into the suburbs) with no State assistance, and see myself as the epitome of average. The people who we really want coming in, who are going to help this economy (regardless of skin tone or religion) fit in, learn the language and join in where possible, aren't the ones who are coming here anymore.

But they don't vote Labour. They vote for whoever promises the best business opportunities and individual liberties for the lowest taxes. Evil old school Tories, in other words.

So, I toast you, as a fellow far right extremist. Welcome to the family.

paulo said...

Let's follow this through. Why such emphasis on left and right?

Well it links to an earlier post of yours LI about control. Anybody not agreeing with the left must be right-wing. Demonise the right wing and there are opportunities for lots and lots of new laws (control) and of course it is a wonderful way of stirring up the masses. And it deflects from the inadequacies of the current Govt. too.

Lots of new laws means lots of Quangos and so jobs for the boys.

Stir up a bit of aggro and that justifies the laws, the Quangos and even more interference; all wonderfully convenient and self fulfilling.

My case is a bit rushed but I'm sure you get the drift.


John Pickworth said...

I've long argued for the same approach to immigration.

As LI says; come here, work hard and pay your taxes. Its not your skin colour that marks you out, but your attempts to bring your previous way of life with you. Makes us locals suspect why you came here in the first place.

Fallen on hard times? You have my sympathy, it can happen to any of us but there's the door. I'm sure you have family (and hopefully a welfare state) back home that will provide because we won't (or rather shouldn't if there's any justice).

Criminals? Ermmmm, bye!

Hey and you know what folks? This isn't a novel approach either, its almost exactly how the rest of the world behaves.

PT Barnum said...

Hmm. The only place I see left-wing anything in this country these days is amongst very marginal and irrelevant groups and the odd trade union.

To construe the current shower as "left wing" is to miss their real nature. They have far more in common with those Victorian ladies who used to make philanthropic visits to the poor in slums to teach them about the important of abstinence and cleanliness. Philanthropy, charity, condescension, moral rectitude visited upon those at the bottom of the heap, before riding in their carriages back to their comfy bourgeois existences, feeling smug and holy. But their entire existence depended on those people continuing to live that way and expressing gratitude and humility, not changing anything or allowing anything to be changed.

And so it is with Labour and their acolytes, from the Guardian to the BBC to ASH, CASH and all the rest of the alphabet soup. Socialism would scare them shitless. Running the political equivalent of soup kitchens keeps them safe and makes them feel gooooooood.

Russtovich said...

The Guardian citing the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Centre)?

Talk about an echo chamber!

Leg-iron said...

CS- as a smoker, drinker, a salt and fat abuser and a non-compliant pain in the backside, they'll have placed me so far to the 'right' they can't see me any more.

JP - they don't seem to want people who work. It's easy to get in on benefits but it seems to be hell to get in if you have a job to go to.

PTB - there's never been real socialism and never will be. Those who demand socialism never think it's going to apply to them too. They'll be the ones in charge. The proles will be equal but they're far too important for such things.

I don't think any socialist experiment, anywhere, has produced so many little factions, each with their own little bit to control.

The Victorian pomposity analogy is a good one though. They will lecture us on their specialist subject without bothering to learn that subject, and go home feeling all warm and Righteous.

The problem is that too many are listening to them.

Leg-iron said...

Paulo - if they stir up enough fear, they can start banning those 'right wing' groups.

The government have just been reminded that they have the power to ban political parties. All they need is enough gullible idiots to support it.

Leg-iron said...

Russel - fear is what they want. Get people scared enough and they'll agree to all kinds of controls if it will just make the scary thing go away.

Here we have people who actually believe in things like 'third hand smoke' and 'passive drinking'. They believe those things will kill them so they support more and more control over their lives without even realising it.

banned said...

A small observation on multiculturalism.
Earlier this week I was chatting with a student whose family home is not far from where I grew up in north London. She would be the grandchild of the Greek Cypriots who arrived there in the 1970's, One family were my neighbours and we got along fine, I attended two of their highly entertaining weddings.
I observed that that area used to be quite rough but she reckons that its ok now and that we (ie Greek Cypriots) like it. I asked about another locality, "oh thats Turkish now". How about X? "No, the Somalis live there" and Y? "is for Polish people" while Kosovans, Indians and Serbs live in other places.

When I grew up there only one group was largely geography specific; the Jews tended to live in Golders Green and Stamford Hill, 'my' student confirmed that they still do.
Seems that multiculti has not produced a melting pot nirvana but a dangerous ghettoisation that will surely end in tears.

Costello said...

This blogpost is absolutely spot on. The fact that a pro-immigration libertarian like Daniel Hannan can, along with a straight up far-left racist socialist like Nick Griffin, be classed by the likes of the Guardian as 'far-right' despite them being at opposite ends of any meaningful spectrum on absolutely every point shows how ridiculous and arbitrary the mainstream leftist idea of 'right-wing' is.

There's a very good video kicking about on Youtube (which i can't find, unfortunately) which takes the traditional view on the makeup of the political spectrum apart and points out that in reality the only meaningful difference is between greater government power on the left (with totalitarian communism/fascism etc being far left) with smaller states and less powerful goverment the further you go rightward.

g1lgam3sh said...

Very cogently put as always LI.

Nice Elvis Costello allusion btw :-)

Leg-iron said...

I wondered if anyone would spot that.

Still working on 'Watching the defectives'.

Nice girls all fixed with a defect
The only ones we're allowed to select
Red thoughts but no illegal sex...

We're voting for defectives.
Oh, in their suits
We're voting for defectives
We'd rather shoot, shoot, shoot shoot.

Needs work.

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