Thursday, 25 March 2010

No more eyebrows.

Well, it seems a certain Sarky Frog and a Mangy Merkin are just itching to get that EU-wide total control they've been after all this time. They have proposed a central EU 'economic government' that will spell the end of individual countrys' budgets and instead impose them centrally. With targets, naturally, and no doubt with fines for not meeting those targets.

This was the natural consequence of a single currency, and to be honest I'm surprised it took them so long. Perhaps they were just waiting for a disaster to make it feasible - if not unavoidable. Bailing out Greece gives them the perfect excuse to say 'Zis must not 'appen again' and to make sure it doesn't, they'll take over.

Gordon Brown was last night examining the wording of the statement to see whether it was restricted to eurozone members or has possible implications for British economic sovereignty.

The Brown Gorgon better have his brown trousers on for this one. If it is restricted to the Euro members now, it's only a matter of time. Then, it doesn't matter who is Chancellor. They could give the job to a chimp. Although maybe not - the last time they tried that he sold all our gold to buy bananas for his Monkeyband friends.

It comes at a time when a Conservative government has promised Britons a vote on any new EU treaty if it wins the general election.

That's because they don't think anyone has realised there won't be any new treaties. There will be amendments to Lisbon, and we won't get a vote on any of them because it's not a new treaty. Nice try, Cameroids.

When the Lisbon Treaty was agreed, European leaders, including Mr Brown, said that it would be the last attempt to change the EU's basic rules until least 2020.

Politicians told us lies? Say it isn't so!

All the EU need is an excuse to fiddle around with Lisbon and they can slip in any new rule they like. There is not a damn thing any of us, even our elected representatives, can do about it.

And here's an excuse -

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has called for the Lisbon Treaty to be amended in order to prevent any repetition of the current Greek crisis, which has threatened to tear apart the euro.

Amended? Amended how, mein Fuhrer? Oh, I mean mein Merkin.

Well, let's see. Herbie Remploy-van has already tried, without an amendment, to take economic control.

Mr Van Rompuy, the former Prime Minister of Belgium, is an enthusiastic supporter of "la gouvernement économique" and last month upset many national capitals by trying impose "top down" economic targets.

And guess who they've put in charge of the 'special task force' to make Remploy-van-man's dream come true?

I wonder how many will really believe that this will end with central control of the economy? I bet there are a few who think they'll stop at that. They'll be the ones who thought it was going to stop at being a trading bloc.

Eyebrows isn't bothered. He knows he's shafted whoever wins the next election. Even if the Gorgon's Goblins get their seats back, Eyebrows will be bounced by Balls. If the EU get their way, Eyebrows could well be the last British Chancellor ever. Then those tax-and-spend policies will be run by people who are even more enthusiastic about it than the profligates we currently have. I suspect Eyebrows knows it, too.

So he's taking his last chance to twist the knife...

I wouldn't take one of those lone boating trips for a while if I were you, Eyebrows.


Chief_Sceptic said...

Get out now - emigrate to a non-EU European country.

Both Switzerland and Norway (where I now live) qualify - yes, they have massive bureaucracies, but due to their internal political systems (and although both mirror EU 'technical' legislation) - they are "mostly harmless" places to be ! ...

Antisthenes said...

Sarky Frog has also pissed on the chips of the carbon tax brigade he has thrown it out for France as being to expensive and bad for competitiveness. I wonder where that is going to lead?

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