Sunday, 14 March 2010

Party political broadcast 2...

...on behalf of the Liberal Democrat Party.

They cover everything - immigration, education, teen sex and road use in particular. All the issues, no solutions.


dumb blonde said...

I was thinking 'Lib Dem' then noticed you had said it was Lib Dem. Doh.
Best quote..

"That was a stop sign !"

" so, I totally paused "

Have to remember that one !

banned said...

That accent is, like, so totally irritating.

Leg-iron said...

Dumb blonde - not so dumb if you spotted the link yourself ;)

Banned - Oh, I so know it. It's like, so gross, you know?

No matter what they look like, I couldn't spend more than thirty seconds in their company without reaching for the duct tape.

Or the hammer. Whichever is nearer.

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