Monday, 15 March 2010

Another one down.

The thing about self-employment is that it pays no heed to time. My working day is when I'm awake and what the clock says has no relevance. So I don't have this nine-to-five thing, I work when my brain says 'work'. It makes for a strange sort of life, some of which is definitely nocturnal.

I've just finished another report I'm not allowed to tell you about in more than very general terms. The Stuff works just as well as feedlot antibiotics in pigs and leaves absolutely no residue in the meat of any kind at all. It is a straight replacement and we can cut down the amount we're using so it'll be cheaper than it looks now.

There shouldn't be growth-promoting antibiotics in pig feeds now, but farmers have cottoned on to the 'prophylactic' use of them to 'prevent suffering due to intestinal disease'. Pigs on The Stuff are just as healthy, grow just as fast and match every criterion of growth shown by the antibiotic-fed ones. Big Pharma won't like it but then I don't like them either. They want to sell me stop-smoking patches that can only work if you stick one over each eye so you can't find the tobacco, or gum that can only work by making you too sick to smoke and they want to ban my Electrofag too.

So up yours, Big Pharma. You started it.


banned said...

Well done Leg_Iron and thanks for the lengthy explanation of your work in the post below.
I also enjoy a non 9-5 working day, some days start at 5am, others not till 11, which is why I post my nonsense at various odd hours.

Sue said...

You make me chuckle :)

Anonymous said...

Just don’t forget the tactics of Big Pharma in the face of competition, Leg-Iron. If what you’ve got is better than what they’ve got, they won’t like it. Best be prepared to fend off their Dirty Tricks department if the need arises!

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