Saturday, 6 March 2010

F2C forums.

I signed up on the forum at Freedom2Choose. Haven't said anything yet, I don't want to fill the boards with my babblings too soon. I also haven't become a member, not because of any problem with F2C but simply because I'm not a member of anything. It's much more credible to promote an idea when you're not actually a member of an organisation. People tend to think 'vested interest' at the sight of a membership card these days. So instead I took a look around the site.

I hadn't realised they had posters and flyers available for download. Very handy. I'll take a few along to the next Smoky-Drinky - which reminds me, I haven't been there for quite some time. There will be a lot to catch up on next time. Tomorrow is the final day for another project so I'll be back down to one again, and will have a bit of relaxation time before the next bout. No point boosting up the work this close to the end of the tax year. It'll just cost me more in tax.

Kodak make magnetic photo paper in A4 size and in 6x4 inches. It cuts easily and it's good for making fridge magnets. Fridge magnets tend to hang around longer than plain paper posters.



Anonymous said...

Yes, F2C is an excellent resource library.


Unknown said...

Welcome aboard LI, your wisdom is sorely needed these days.

Frank Davis said...

They're a good lot, F2C. I've been posting there on and off for ages (as idlex). More off than on recently.

I thought Phil Johnson put his foot in it a bit a few days ago. But, hey ho, nobody's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Yes, F2C got it wrong but their intentions are as kosher as any blogger and they've been beavering away since before the ban came in without plaudits and sometimes subject to monstrous abuse (you know who you are, Paul Flynn)


Leg-iron said...

I came across Paul Flynn a long time ago. I gave up on him. There's no point beating your head against brick walls of intolerance.

He wants every drug legalised but he wants tobacco banned. It's the only one that does any harm, in his mind. More accurately, it's the only one he doesn't like.

You just can't penetrate doublethink that ingrained.

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