Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Smoky and Drinky Linkies

I've added even more clutter to that sidebar. It's that sort of attitude that's left me with a garage full of crap and an attic I'm scared to venture into.

Well, anyway, I put up a smoky-drinky linky section where I'll put websites that defend one or other or both. Suggestions welcome.


Mr A said...

"Pub Curmudgeon" is usually quite good. He's got the full measure of CAMRA, too. Don't know the link as I usually get there from Dick Puddlecote's gaff (and I'm REALLY busy so am only just popping in. Sorry!).

Jimmy Freedom said...

Thanks for the link.

Leg-iron said...

Mr A - The Curmudgeon is now in the blog list. An oversight on my part!

prm said...

Sort of O/T, but not really, would you fancy doing a post on whisky? I never usually drink the stuff, after the most astonishing youthful hangover; several bottles were drunk during a long night of chess games; the hangover was truly an anthropological marvel. Like being wrapped in cotton wool and concrete. But I recently tried some Laphroaig and am now an ignorant convert. Some pointers from your good self would be most welcome, should you have the time and inclination. Cheers

Leg-iron said...

prm - whisky post is now on the list.

It's a personal thing though. I prefer the peaty Islay malts like Laphroaig or Ardbeg, some prefer Highland and some prefer Speyside, and some even prefer blends.

With Eyebrows McChancellor about to hammer all whisky drinkers even though he and most of the cretins surrounding him are Scottish (and should have their Scottishness removed with a blunt instrument for such a transgression) it will be topical.

woman on a raft said...

Yes, do a whisky post, especially any of the boutique whiskeys you are sampling.

I was down the garden centre yesterday and the warehouse had the most beautiful smell which turned out not to be flowers but a consignment of whisky barrels from the 1980s. (The date was painted on the tops). I stood there sniffing as long as I dared - you get funny looks after 40 minutes with your head in a barrel and come up for air - and I'm furious to think they are turning that mature oak in to planters. The aroma of oak, sherry and whiskey was fantastic.

It's difficult to think of the best way to re-use slightly curved oak staves and circles but what ought to happen is that it is made in to chairs and cupboard doors, coffee tables etc, so that it can perfume a house for years to come.

Breaks my heart to think of them being sawn in half and filled with water or earth. I'd almost rather they were sawn in to smaller squares and strung on garlands for draping round the house.

Save the barrel, that's my latest campaign.

Mrs Rigby said...

Rosebank, bruichladdich, Old Fettercairn? Mmmm, nice.

Do you know of any groups for smoky drinky places outside London?

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