Monday, 15 March 2010

Party political broadcast 3...

On behalf of the conservative party.

'By and by, you'll see there's nothing new beneath the sun'.

Oh, and that band name? (Comes up at the end) Just to remind you, Dai Cameroid, that your dismissal of the smoking ban as a done deal has already lost you twenty percent of the potential votes in this country. Plus their friends - those who Hideous Harman might describe as 'discriminated against by association'.

Keep it up, idiot. You only have about thirty percent of the country left to persuade to vote against you.

And you can be sure I am helping you achieve your zero-vote ambition.

Because you're worth it.


banned said...

Lisbon Constitution, done deal.
Smoking Ban, done deal.

spot a pattern?

On the other hand

Hunting Ban, a deal we can change
50% tax, a deal we can change.

Dave, get stuffed.

Banned, lifelong natural Tory, defected to UKIP.

Leg-iron said...

I don't know what Cameron is doing with this hunting ban. saying he's going to repeal it will only appeal to a few people, most of whom would have voted Tory anyway.

Few Labour voters go fox-hunting, but a hell of a lot of them smoke and drink. Smoking ban, higher taxes on booze, pubs closing down, workingmen's clubs closing down, that's what those people care about. They don't care about foxes and 50% tax at all.

None of those main parties are promising anything those people want. And they wonder why so few bother to vote.

Or maybe - they'd all prefer if most of us don't vote. If we all did, those three parties might find themselves at the fringe on May 7th.

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