Monday 8 March 2010

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

I had to have a snifter of Bruichladdich in my Special Glass before taking this one on. The glass is one of a pair of fine crystal glasses engraved 'University of Nottingham'. I have a visitor or two from there. They used to give them out to invited speakers at the (animal) feed conferences. I don't know if they still do, it was nearly a decade ago, but they are excellent glasses. Not those scrappy little vials that hold pub measures. You could get a quarter of a bottle into one of these, but it's best not to. Not at malt prices and not if you have plans for the next day. Still, the good whisky tastes better in good crystal.

I just use the one and it only ever contains single-malt. The other stays in a display cabinet in case something terrible happens to the drinking-purposes one (and if it does, someone will suffer). Visitors might be served in crystal, depending on the occasion, but not in one of these. Not even Kate Bush would get offered a drink in one of these. Not even if she arrived naked and coated with salt and butter. Coated in chocolate, maybe, but we'd have to deal with the chocolate first. Then I'd probably renege on the deal.

I just read those articles again. I'd better pour another. I had inadvertantly cheered myself up there.

The Brown Gorgon has just played the role of saviour to the armed forces and in true Labour fashion, he made it retrospective. So he didn't starve the forces of equipment and he's made a great promise now to give them half of what he promised before, which is a great thing but only if you are expert in doublethink. All those Snatch Land Rovers just dropped into the memory hole along with the green camouflage provided for a desert operation, the lack of boots and armour and the six-bullets-each fiasco. None of it was real. It was all a dream. The Gorgon didn't play fast and loose with soldier's lives just to stop Tiny Blur getting that quick victory in Iraq, which would have made him too powerful for the Gorgon to oust. No, never. We are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Another quote from the same book. Sing along, MPs. You all have a copy. Even Dead and Vapid Moribund must have managed to read this far by now.

He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future.

Controlling the present means stopping any more news of equipment shortages and deaths due to cost-cutting and inferior equipment coming out of Afghanistan or Iraq. As long as such news is suppressed, the Gorgon's New History can claim that he never, ever restricted any funding or equipment provision for the troops. He who controls the present controls the past.

As long as the drippy morons who still vote for this gutter-scraping and his conglomeration of foetid wet toad droppings still believe in the Gorgon's version of the past, and since they will hear no more of death and disaster overseas, they will still vote for him. They will line up, Stella-eyed, and place their X (those who can spell it) next to the pretty red flower their parents once knew the name of but which is seen no more among the grey concrete of their perfectly uniform Soviet estates. He who controls the past controls the future.

This is way beyond any ire over smoking bans that close pubs, minimum pricing that will drive small brewers to the wall, food health nazism, photographers harassed under anti-tourism laws or any of the other petty controls imposed on our lives. This is straight-out Soviet and/or Nazi (same thing) propaganda control.

And it is totally and utterly futile. The only press the Gorgon can silence is the British press and he controls their output anyway. All other agencies in all other countries will carry on as normal, including Reuters and probably its UK version also. Every one of them is accessible online. Most have English-language versions of their news. We don't need the BBC. We only need the internet, a printer, a laminator and lampposts. Stick the news up everywhere. Tell the Labour drones what they are not supposed to know. We might not be able to literally hang this government using lampposts but we can sure as hell do it figuratively.

One last quote from that book.

If there is hope, it lies in the proles.

But only if the proles realise how they are being used.

Once the blackout is in effect, all news links will be welcome here. As will any first-hand experiences. All will be printed and distributed. Keep the language simple, remember we are dealing with Labour-educated drones, not university professors. I've written articles for the farming press in the past, I can de-jargon where necessary.

Blogs don't reach many people on the grand scale of things. Even so, Old Holborn's blog managed to reach enough people to raise the money to pay a smoking landlord's fine in four days, and it was more than twice what the entire might of ASH managed to raise from daily access to the entire country in a year. That shows us that we have enough clout. What we need here is reach, because the voters we have to reach are not those who read blogs.

So we print it, laminate it or leaflet it and leave it in pubs, doctors' waiting rooms, railway carriages, at bus stops and on lampposts. Everywhere.

Show the proles who they are really voting for. Who their parents and grandparents really voted for. Show them what their X means, and show them that the Labour rose is only red because it is dipped in the blood of their families and friends.

It's time to open their eyes. They won't like it, they'll fight it and they'll deny it, but to use the weapon of the Righteous, it's for their cheeeldren.

The difference is, this time it really is for the sake of their children.


Gareth said...

Whenever Brown's mouth moves shit falls out of it. The MoD is the one department he didn't throw money at. His admitted lack of involvement and interest is disgusting.

There is plenty of blame to go around though. Brown is not responsible for the green clothes - the Army knew where they were going. It has taken them 8 years to get their finger out and pick a better shade of gear for Afghanistan. That is a disgrace.

There are many other instances where timely decisions were needed but failed to be made and that too much looking to the future has meant they took their eyes off the present.

The way Parliament, the MoD and the Government interacts is abysmal. The political sniping is a distraction from their joint failures and a rote 'you've got to give the Army what they want' is no good when the Army, Royal Navy and RAF are at loggerheads - each time the Army gets a sniff of fresh funding the other two demand some as well.

It doesn't help that the MoD does not appear to have a good idea of what it wants or needs. In this era what is the MoD for? That is for the politicians to decide but they have failed to do so. It has been scaled down from a cold war fighting force but is *still* being equipped as one. The big ticket items get more expensive if you order less of them! There has been much blithe talk of an EU rapid reaction force from our Government. The MoD have been distracted from their core purpose by this.(They are being used as an agent of greater EU integration.)

The MoD is effectively the biggest quango in Britain. The lack of an engaged management that *is* accountable, from Westminster downwards, has cost the lives of hundreds of men and women and cost hundreds more their independence and livelihoods.

Anonymous said...

I've taken the liberty of advertising your offer on ARRSE, Leg-Iron.

I offer the same. The Gorgon should not be allowed to get away with it.

JuliaM said...

"This is straight-out Soviet and/or Nazi (same thing) propaganda control."

And, strangelty, didn't feature at all in Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's little 'Oh, woe is us!' paen in the 'Indy' yesterday.

How odd...

banned said...

One thing they won't be able to hide is the weekly, sometimes daily, drip drip drip of yet more fatalities and remorselessy increasing total deaths.

Somewhat O/T "He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future. Might explain why only a minority of school pupils now study History to exam level and why some Universities want British History to begin around 1900.

Anonymous said...

Julia, such a diatribe. He doth protest too much.

And by the way, ARRSE don't seem impressed! A sceptical bunch!

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

"conglomeration of foetid wet toad droppings"

Now, now, Leg-Iron. There's no call for that kind of talk.

I have known plenty of toads in the past, and there is no way that any of them would shit something as disgusting as Gordon Brown.

Old Holborn said...


there's Stern and a plethora of highly respected German news sources to pull on.


Snakey said...

Of course, while out and about putting things up on lamp posts, watch out for the little council jobsworth who will immediately hand out a fine for doing so ;) (I've seen reports of this happening to people who put up lost cat posters on telegraph poles).

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...


I can think of several things that would be well-employed decorating lamp-posts. Some of them would be the people who issue fines about decorating lamp-posts.

george said...

I visit from UoN :)

Leg-iron said...

Fausty - I think ARRSE get a lot of gutter journos fishing for stories in there. That makes them suspicious of offers.

We'll have to see how far this clampdown goes. ARRSE seem to think it will only be a ban on embedded journos, which the Army can only be pleased about because they can do without having to look after civvies in the front line.

The government line of 'cleansing military websites' suggests they plan to go further this time.

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