Sunday, 21 March 2010

Party political broadcast 4...

...on behalf of the Green party.

There will be no TV transmission because that causes goblin farming.

Instead, here are our candidates, none of whom exhale any CO2 at all. And most of whom are green or are rapidly becoming so. Our election slogan - Every candidate an ecosystem.

Vote Green, you know it mocks science.


Anonymous said...

Genius needs few words to communicate a concept. Another ace post, Leg-Iron.

Anonymous said...

Facebooked. I can't find you on Facebook or twitter, Leg-Iron. Might you put a link in your sidebar?

Anonymous said...

I came across this post today (via the forum on from a blog called ANGRY TEEN.

A nice take down of the green party.

This is a libertarian blog run by a couple of 14 year olds! My faith in human nature has been restored :) I am so pleased to find that not all of todays young un's are yet brainwashed.

They deserve a spot in your blog links Leg Iron.

Leg-iron said...

Fausty - I'm not on twitter, and I'm on Facebook in a different skin ;)

Anon- thanks for the tip. Looks like they've just started up.

Paul said...

Just tried to offer Furious Teen to stand against a Green somewhere and suddenly remembered, they're not old enough to vote or stand.

However, Leg Iron was pithier!

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