Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Electrofag - no more support.

Dammit, I'm never going to get my work done at this rate.

Just looked in on Frank Davis's place. Like me, he has an Electrofag and like me, he treats it as a bit of a gadget, a substitute but not a replacement for the real thing. I had considered branching out into Electrocigar and Electropipe but if I ever do, I won't be buying them from the electronic cigarette company.

When the current Electrofag runs out of spares I'll be in the market for a different model from a different company.

The medicos will have every product containing nicotine regulated as a pharmaceutical in the UK from June 21st this year. This is clearly aimed at getting Electrofag out of the way so they can sell the rash patch and the badger-bum gum which have a success rate even worse than Labour's legislative skills. It is aimed at Electrofag, so what does this company selling Electrofag do?

They call on the CAMRA defence. 'No, no, don't ban us. Ban them.'

The electronic cigarette company want tobacco banned instead and are pleading with Andy Burn'em to take out his banning stick and hit the real smokers instead of the electrosmokers. They think they can appeal to his good nature and common sense. Morons.

That is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN at any time ever, you total cretins. The government gets a heap of revenue from real tobacco. It gets none from Electrofag. Who do you think they are going to keep and who are they going to ban?

Why not try pleading with ASH? Go on, cosy up to the enemy and expect us to keep buying your stuff. ASH are funded by the Nicorette Nazis, you idiot. You are eating into their profits. They want you banned too. They do not want tobacco banned because that will put them out of a job. Their survival depends on continual calls for a tobacco ban, not on succeeding.

Electronic cigarette company, and all other Electrofag suppliers - who buys your product? ASH? The government? Non-smokers?

No, you twats, it's smokers like me and Frank Davis. It's also ex-smokers who have switched. There are a lot of smokers who will try it out, some will like it, some will not. Some will go completely electronic but many will not. We use it where real smoking is banned. Outside and at home, we still smoke real tobacco.

Now you want the real stuff banned. You actually believe you can deflect this attack - which is aimed directly at you, let's face it - onto one of the government's major revenue streams? They have banned smoking but not the sale of tobacco. They have banned the display but not the sale of tobacco. They have demanded plain packets but have done nothing to stop the sale of tobacco because it makes them a hell of a lot of money. This government is skint and needs every penny. They are not going to ban tobacco.

They are going to ban you. Electrofag is far more successful than their silly patches and gum that don't work and were never meant to. You are damaging the tax take. Electrofag contains no tobacco so does not attract tobacco duties. They make no money from you. ASH don't support you because a good chunk of their income comes from the makers of those patches and gum. ASH will demand you be banned.

You only had one group on your side. Smokers.

Now you are on your own.

There are other Electrofag companies out there. I await their own responses to this new law with interest.

Right. Now I really have to get back to work.




For everyone in London who opposes the smoking ban, look at this :


Leg-iron said...

Now I've told you once...

Giolla said...

don't suppose you've an alternative place you'd recommend to buy from ,as a never-smoked-er I really need to get a e-fag of some sort so I've got something to do when standing outside with my mates that smoke. I'm thinking no-nicotine clove and coffee is the way to go.

Leg-iron said...

I don't have an alternative to hand, but a quick search on 'e-cigarette' or similar should throw up a few.

Best stock up before they get banned though.

It will be very interesting to see if they can ban the no-nicotine versions. In fact, they can't actually ban anything other than the liquid because there's no nicotine in the batteries or other parts.

So all we would need to source on the black market would be nicotine juice.

Although there won't be a lot of point in smokers doing that if we can't smoke them indoors anyway!

Spartan said...

l agree totally with Frank. Cropper had a point if he stuck to cigarettes being legal and having nicotine in them. He then blew it by attacking cigarettes with a stance that could've come straight from the harpie Arnott and ASH.

Cropper is a bloody idiot. This ranks with Coca-Cola dropping their original coke and coming out with new flavours to challenge the Pepsi products. Almost killed Coca-Cola until they re-instated original coke.

Cropper will rue this day. Lost me as a customer.

MU said...

Bloody idiots.

To buy replacement atomizers now mine has broken or not..

Yes. £7 cigarettes or £6 atomiser? no contest, and no cash to the Gobblin' King, either. I feel like I'm stocking up before a prohibition.

I wonder if they'll be any photgraphs for posterity of police tipping out crates of electrofag boxes onto the floor.

Leg-iron said...

Pavlov's Dalek - I have one of those in my hat collection. I've long wanted to build a Dalek but the dome head had me stumped. I still have to find the half-globes that go around the body and all the rest can be MDF. Then all I need is a mobility scooter... and a high-powered laser.

I even have a tiny camera to fit in the eye and a video camera that accepts its input. If I ever get it built, my bet is on six minutes before it's illegal to go around town as a Dalek and ten seconds before it's illegal to smoke in one.

Frank is getting a lot of comments along the lines of 'he was trying to point out the absurdity' and maybe he was, in a ham-fisted way.

We have seen so many 'don't ban us, ban them' attempts lately that it's not going to wash. The target of this attack is Electrofag and what he needs is the support of smokers who use them as well as pure-blood electrofaggers.

That Email was not the way to do it.

Should have gone to Smokesavers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Leg-iron

Attack is the best defence.

Attacking tobacco smokers is intended to stir up a hornets' nest.

What better way to highlight the stupidity of the oafficial position than to promote it to extreme?

Mr F Davis may be right about the Electrofag MD's motives, but my disinterested (non-smoking) reading is that he is highlighting the patent absurdity of the proposals.

15-20 million smokers equal 15-20 millions voters less the under 18s.


Unknown said...

I received the same email from electrofag this morning after reading Franks blog yesterday. It beggars belief the way the world has gone apeshit over burning a few leaves ffs.

I not long ago received some coffee flavoured juice not knowing that the efag is being banned??? Is this true, first time I heard.

The world has gone fucking crazy!

Snakey said...

I also received the same email this morning and when I got to the bit where it bangs on about smoking killing someone every 6 minutes I deleted the email in disgust. He's appealing to smokers (and ex smokers to some extent) to help his business and then goes about it in completely the wrong way. Idiot.

Uncle Marvo said...

That's excellent news.

So what about gum and pills, wot are provided now on the NHS?

The more these do-gooding control freaks try to take away ones last pleasures, the nearer they draw towards their inevitable end.

And that is the day I shall celebrate.

Balding Nobhead said...

Fuck e-fags. I have smoked marijuana (and Golden Virginia)regularly for nearly fifteen years. Nothing stops me. I smoked it in my place of work only yesterday. It has been so long since I obeyed a law I am unsure how to do it. Whilst I find the smoking ban annoying there is only so much sympathy I have for tobacco smokers who were only too happy to see my hobby persecuted. It was is good to see Nick Hogan released but I have noticed that there is no campaign to free all the imprisoned cannabis users and retailers. Shame, because when this government goes fully totalitarian it will be the black market alone who will keep this country alive. It will be us you turn to for your illicit tobacco and e-fags when The Man decides you can no longer have them. As with marijuanna, if you don't know the right people you will have to get your fags of Vietnamese gangsters, to whom quality control means nothing. Don't worry LI, I'll keep you in cigars ;)

Letters From A Tory said...

"The government gets a heap of revenue from real tobacco. It gets none from Electrofag."

Talk about giving a Labour government the scent of a new thing to tax!

Uncle Marvo said...

I might add that Mr Burnham isn't likely to be any sort of Minister by June.

If he is, the I shall be in prison so I won't care.

Anonymous said...

I too got the email from Jason Cropper this morning and read it with increasing sadness at the tack he was taking.

Total Idiot!!! So disapointed :(

Mr A said...

I wonder if "doing a CAMRA" will become an accepted phrase for stupidly rolling over, attacking your potential allies and cosying up to the enemy when they are clearly out to get you, like the term "Quisling" did?

"Electrofag are doing a CAMRA". Yep, I like the sound of that.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I don't understand this government. Don't taxes on fags raise a lot of dosh? So then, aren't they shooting themselves in the foot? Since the workforce is shrinking, you'd think they'd be happy to tax just about anything and everything to make sure they fill up that trough.

wv: efail


Anonymous said...

Grow your own Leg-Iron?

With your expertise in biology and your interest in smoking, you might be uniquely placed to find a way to home-grow the stuff, with ease.

Might be a money-spinner, too!

Leg-iron said...

LFAT - Regulation comes with hefty fees, so it'll be another Labour backdoor tax.

If the Electrofag companies can't pay, they go out of business. If they can, it'll crank up their prices (which means more VAT) so the hugely overpriced gum and patches look cheaper.

Leg-iron said...

Fausty - it just needs soil and sunlight. I'm a bit too far North though. Then again, all I'd need is a UV tube and a lightproof room (digital cameras can see UV, so the glow would get me raided by the cannabis-chasers).

If tobacco is ever made illegal, such places will pop up everywhere.

peta rose said...

Love Leg-Iron's way of stating facts (the truth) in writing. Must be a journalist ;)
Why don't we have a look at just how Labour MP Andy Burnham has voted on key issues since 2001?
1. Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban
2. Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.
3. Voted strongly for introducing student top-up fees.
4. Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.
5. Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
6. Voted very strongly for the hunting ban.
7. Voted strongly for equal gay rights.
No surprises there then. A general election will happen VERY soon! Does anyone REALLY think this TWIT will get in? And, since the government must be 'dissolved' some time before said General Election, that the electronic cigarette will be banned?!
Peta Rose

Unknown said...

I appreciate both yours and Frank's comments, mainly because you are so bloody right! (and because I peed myself reading them over!)
I work for Intellicig and we have no intention of fighting the big boys as it would be futile. We are going ahead with our plans to license our product so that we can compete with Nicorette and the like in the market place. We do have the advantage of a product that works which is a bonus and we already sell in 300 UK retail outlets with that number growing daily. We are doing our best to stay in business rather than throwing rocks from a sinking ship!
Regulation is inevitable, it has been for a very long time and we have prepared for it. We have been villified by Cropper and his ilk but having seen the legendary video of 'Mr Wicked' we are completely reassured that we are on the right track. We intend to continue raising standards and will prove our product by accepted methods.
It's interesting to note that Cropper was originally bragging about how he would have a fully licensed NRT product ready for when Big Tobacco/Pharmacy came to buy him out in a couple of years - how times and faces have changed!
We will continue to sell to smokers, ex-smokers; anyone who says that we are 'traitors' really needs to have a rethink. Our bank account is healthy, but our profits are relentlessly being reinvested into the business for the future. In 6 months time let us see how many packs with 'Mr Wicked' are on the shelves in shops and supermarkets and how many with Intellicig.
Thank you.

Rafi said...

I think smoking electronic cigarettes is a pretty good solution. It might not be perfect, but it is far better than smoking tobacco cigarettes and is more effective to help people quit smoking completely

I think the best of the companies is the Green Smoke ecig, but that is just my opinion..

Unknown said...

jesus, I started on e-fags yesterday and was quite enjoying not smoking tobacco then I saw all this ban nonsense... very angry... have emailed my local MP... I think... I think I might want the government to get fucked and stop trying to make money out of every little thing there is in life to enjoy. I'd be a shit MP, but I would definately call Cameron a cunt on national TV (international if possible...)

A. R. M.

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