Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Penny for the Guy and other news.

Frantically working, still. I have a habit of expanding experiments and now have quite a web of data to unravel, which is interesting but time-consuming. There was also a supplementary experiment added to this one (yes, there was an extra charge) and blending in those results is not as easy as it sounds.

Plus, today was last-chance stocking-up day before the Bodge-it tomorrow. Which will be live-blogged by many, but not by me (no internet access at the lab). Corrugated Soundbite has the list. It will unfortunately all come as a nasty surprise to me when I get home. Never mind, I have laid in a good supply of nasty-surprise medicine to help me deal with it.

If you're driving, get that car filled up first thing tomorrow but don't go too fast. It's the end of the month and I've noticed the camera-vans parked everywhere again. They aren't even trying to be subtle about it any more. Last week of every month, target-meeting week. If you're out and about, don't drop anything or photograph anything or sneeze or twitch or deviate in any way from the State clone appearance.

Old Holborn is after your pennies again. He only needs a few grand to run his campaign to be elected as MP 'V' and since he's likely to run the entire campaign in costume, that has got to be worth paying to see even if he doesn't win. I'll bung a few quid his way later. He has conscripted the tenacious Anna Raccoon to run things, so you never know, with all the main parties doing their best to avoid election, he might actually be sitting on those green benches in May.

I won't be standing, not here. This place is not yet ready for a non-socialist candidate.

Back to work. I'll catch up on comments later and there's a rant building...


Corrugated Soundbite said...

Holby has pulled a couple of crackers in his comments tonight. I'll bung him a few quid once the option to pay be cheque is available. If The Badger leaves me with anything (that isn't hidden in a place so safe even I can't find it) I might even take a little day trip up to Cambridge to join in with the inevitable merriment that's to follow ;-)

Kevyn Bodman said...

Old Holborn is taking a risk.
He might get a bit more attention than a typical man-in-a-suit candidate,initially.
But he might be dismissed by thousands as a costumed buffoon.
What do you think the chances of that are?
I'm sure he's thought about it and has a plan; I hope it works.

Leg-iron said...

It's a long shot to win on the first outing but one thing you can be sure of with OH, he'll get the message out.

If he can just start them thinking, it would all be worthwhile.

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