Thursday, 11 March 2010

Harvest time.

You cannot work with children unless the Righteous check you out first. If you pass, then you have to accept that the child is always right, and any attempt on your part to instil some humanity into them counts as abuse. Children can smash cars and windows at their pleasure and if an old lady taps one with one finger, she will be hauled before the Beak and prosecuted with the full might of the law.

Why? Because teachers cannot do a thing to them. All a child has to do is shout 'Assault' and the teacher is suspended and disciplined. The presumption is 'guilty' from the outset. Teachers are under Righteous control.

Police don't respond to calls where children are being evil, but they come out like a shot if an adult is doing something slightly naughty.

Why? The police have learned that it is a total waste of time arresting the little bastards because the courts give them an 'I'm an ASBO' badge, pat them on the head and send them home. Arresting them reinforces their idea that they are invincible because they are never punished, so it could be argued that arresting them only makes them worse. The only way the police will get a result is to watch out for an adult dropping a fag-end in the street. The police are under Righteous control.

Council officials act as if their powers were granted by God himself. They dictate what those who pay their wages can and cannot do and they make up whatever rules they like, when they like. There is no point protesting innocence even if you are, because the courts have borrowed from Sharia and your word is worth one-quarter of that of a council official.

Why? They have learned that there are no consequences to their actions, no matter what they do. No matter how much they lie or cheat or act like a modern-day Inquisition, no matter how incompetent or ridiculous their actions, nothing will happen to them. They will not be sacked, demoted, fined or prosecuted under any circumstances unless they do something to annoy, embarrass - or worse, reveal - their Righteous masters. The councils are under Righteous control.

Now it seems there is something in the wind.

Tonight, for once, I turned on the TV news and was amazed to see that not only was this story actually mentioned, there was a long piece on it. There were many, many references to similar cases too. Probably because of the announcement of a crackdown on antisocial behaviour at the same time. JuliaM has already noted the fortunate timing.

However, that news link is not normal. Antisocial behaviour crackdowns mean keeping prams off the buses and confiscating booze from people coming out of off-licences. They do not mean stopping the Ferals from sleeping in class all day so they can go out on a rampage at night. They never have.

There have been a lot of changes in recent years. Every other day there is a report of a teacher sleeping with a pupil. Only it's not like those rare stories I remember from my youth. This time it's always a female teacher sleeping with a male pupil. That never happened while I was at school - it certainly never happened to me.

Paedophile cases keep popping up in nurseries and it's not Shiny Gary. It's female nursery staff.

Abuse in care homes has become almost commonplace and even in high places, there are disturbing stories.

Schools now regard teachers as nothing more than publicity agents and children as experimental subjects. They are being taught about sex at younger and younger ages, increasingly with practical lessons offered out of school hours. The inevitable consequence of sexualising young children has come to pass and what do the Righteous plan to do? Scale back on State sexual abuse of the young and let teachers get back to real teaching? Hell, no. They plan to supply schools with pregnancy testing kits. They will continue to abuse your children verbally, sexually, psychologically but if you so much as raise your voice, that's non-State-approved abuse and off you go to the Big House.

The Righteous have worked for control of your children and now you know what they wanted them for.

However, those children grow into teenagers who continue to act as they have been taught. They have never been held to account for their actions and have never experienced consequences. There are good kids out there and they will be penalised heavily for it as soon as they make a single mistake. The Ferals are under no such restriction. They can do as they please.

Until now. Now, the mainstream news has finally linked 'antisocial behaviour' with the Ferals. The Righteous have realised that they no longer control these children. They were useful as a means to control the rest of us but they are no longer a weapon the Righteous can direct with any accuracy. They need to be brought back into line. They need to be trained to fetch Master's slippers and attack whoever Master tells them to attack.

So there will be an example made. Oh, they won't all be stopped, they won't all be arrested and charged, the sexual indoctrination of children will not be stopped and the Feral-factories will continue to churn them out. Not all schools are Feral-factories. The parents know which ones are, in their areas, and that's why they go to such lengths to avoid sending their children to those schools. It's also why the Righteous go to such lengths to prevent parents having a say and why homeschooling must be stamped out. The Feral-factories need the fodder.

Those who are Feral at the moment have no further purpose. New Ferals are coming along to replace them and the current crop are becoming too hard to control. The new Ferals will be better trained in State-sanctioned violence and will still have the protection of the courts, but the old Ferals have become dangerous and too numerous and uncontrollable. The public will have absolutely no sympathy for the monster, when Dr. Frankenstein decides to scale it back. There will be no outcry when Ferals finally go to jail - there will be rejoicing. Until it becomes clear that the old crop is only being taken away to make room for the new.

It's impossible to feel sorry for them. They were created by the Righteous out of normal children but they have embraced their role as Ferals and have enjoyed every minute of it. Now their creators have a new, fully-indoctrinated batch and don't need the prototypes any more.

Harvest time.

Update: First example on the way.


James Higham said...

Schools now regard teachers as nothing more than publicity agents and children as experimental subjects. They are being taught about sex at younger and younger ages,

Not just taught but encouraged and now they've brought out condoms for 12 year olds.

banned said...

"This time it's always a female teacher sleeping with a male pupil. That never happened while I was at school - it certainly never happened to me."
Me neither but it did to a mate of mine that I met when adult. He had been sleeping with his wife-to-be since he was a 15 year old pupil and she his history teacher.
Never did him any harm. (OMG! You can't say THAT!!).

Ferals in school. We have 5 state high schools.
School A, a Technology College, in the west of the town, is quite good.
School B, an Arts college in the east is kinda OK.

Scools C,D and E are in the north; C & D are Church Of England and reasonably good.
School E is rubbish and, despite being recently completly rebuilt, always has been and always will be, fit only for producing feral scumbags. Parents in the north of the town who give a shit fight tooth and nail to avoid sending their children there.
There is no high school in the south. They are forbidden from sending their children to the nearby technolgy college (School A); the land earmarked for a new school in the south has recently been sold to housing developers. Those children from the south are bussed 180% across town to the further outskirts to prop up the numbers at rubbish school E simply to avoid it being put into "special measures" when the best solution would have been to just let it fail, close it and move on.

I have no idea which vested interests allowed this to happen.

Leg-iron said...

James - condoms for 12 year olds? That's encouraging an illegal activity.

Next thing you know, those 12-year-olds will be smoking and drinking...oh.

Leg-iron said...

Banned - his history teacher? You mean, he might have picked up an education on the sly?

Hm. Education as a sexually-transmitted disease. Perhaps why they come down so hard on these teachers.

The schools don't seem to have much say in who gets in either. They have a selection process but they are provided with their selection options.

I haven't looked into the why of it. Perhaps it's time.

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