Thursday, 25 March 2010

Party political broadcast 5...

... on behalf of the British National Party.

Yes, it's a cheap shot but if the BNP don't have a sense of humour then they shouldn't be playing this game.

This is Britain. We don't play nice here. None of our main parties realise this. I wonder if the smaller ones have worked it out?


Anonymous said...

I'm not a racist (sad that we have to prefix our opinions with such an assertion in these politically correct times).

I'm pretty fed up with whites being victimised, though. Sure, we have our warts, but we're no more ogreful than any other race (or should that be culture - I'm confused).

You can see why the BNP are on the rise. Not that I support them - but it's plain to see why others do.

paulo said...

"We don't play nice here. None of our main parties realise this."

Have to disagree with you there LI. The Labour Gov? Gorgon Brown? 'play nice,' it's almost an oxymoron.


Leg-iron said...

Fausty - the clever part of the plan was that the whites were only ever victimised by... whites. The ethnic groups were just there to take the blame.

Paulo - I see your point, it was bad wording on my part. I'll try to avoid posting quite so late in future!

Mrs Rigby said...

You know, one thing crossed my mind while I was listening to/watching this - almost all the people in the video, including the 'bright young things' in Trafalgar Square, will be slightly wrinkly now. No wonder they're a bit concerned about the grey vote.

Lovely music

almighty said...

it seems to me that whoever pulls the strings has to set two sides against the other, so as to implement change or remove power from all.
this works on all levels from workers, unions, and different religions (islam v's christians)
the real power players who are always few (646)get to control large numbers of us.and we let them.

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