Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A long rant that's been building for a while.

Okay. Stocking up on whisky when you have the will power of Patty Hackett faced with a dodgy offer for lobbying is a bad idea. I have loads of the stuff now and am going through a quality control sequence that would make any council moron proud. And yet I will rant, because it is ranting time (GMT) and there's probably a Labour law defining the time and length of rants and what they should be about, which I will studiously ignore.

Three years ago, I wrote this.

I was wrong. I thought the Muslims were the only group being set up to take all the blame and I thought the 'change leader' tactic was met when the Brown Gorgon ousted the Tiny Blur. But then, three years ago, I hadn't realised that they were all becoming the same party. The political party. So we are only now at stage 5 in that scheme.

It wasn't just the Muslims. Oh, you guys have been set up a treat, but there are many more. Socialists love to beat Thatcherites with the out-of-context 'there is no such thing as society' quote but thanks to the socialists, there really is, now, no such thing as society.

We are back to Neolithic tribalism. Insult one member of a tribe and they all come after you. With a modern refinement - so much as look at someone the wrong way and they call the police, then self-appointed tribal leaders will howl and scream in the media about how it's 'so unfair' and they'll demand that everyone is forced to accept them as they are whether they like it or not and everyone should avert their eyes and move aside in the name of Equality because in order to be equal, they have to be more equal than anyone else and....

...pause for breath.

There is no equality in this country and there can never be as long as we have a government - any government - who put one group above another.

Every time I mention smoking, some indoctrinated loon comes along and says 'Smokers are selfish. I don't want to breathe their fumes and I don't want to go to pubs where smokers are and I don't want to have to wash my hair and change my clothes so they must all be banned from absolutely everywhere so that I can have things all my own way and these selfish people won't be able to inconvenience me in the slightest. Including in their own cars and in their own homes where they are bothering nobody else at all.' The most indoctrinated will read that over and over and see no problem with it. Really, they just won't see it.

These loons believe what they are told and are happy to regard smokers as subhuman. Why? Because the government says it's fine for them to do this and further, they encourage it with mandatory 'no smoking' signs everywhere, including places where nobody has ever smoked. Anyone defying this ban must be hounded as a pariah. Even allowing someone else to smoke is now a terrible sin. Soon you will be fined for not having a 'no smoking' sign in your car even if you have never smoked and don't know anyone who does. Soon after that, you'll have to have them displayed prominently in every room of your house whether it matches the decor or not.

All of the antismoking propaganda is lies. Oh, I know it's risky to inhale the smoke from burning leaves but only for me. Not for anyone around me. And yet there are statements in the press like this:

EAC chairman Tim Yeo said: “Air pollution probably causes more deaths than passive smoking, traffic accidents or obesity [...] In the worst affected areas this invisible killer could be taking years off the lives of people most at risk, such as those with asthma.”

Falling pianos cause more deaths than passive smoking. Meteorite strikes have passive smoking beaten on the 'deaths' scale. The score attributed to lightning makes passive smoking hang its head in embarrassment. And yet here it is held up alongside traffic accidents as a major killer. Not one death or even one illness - not one - has been proven to be caused by passive smoking and yet there are smug faces everywhere telling people that it's a proven fact, innit?

The fact is, passive smoking is less dangerous than standing upwind of a bonfire. The tiny whiff of burning plant material reaching you from that fire contains more 'smoke' than even a whacking great Cuban cigar. And yet these feeble excuses for humanity will breathe deeply of the bonfire but run away screaming from someone with half a gram of leaves in a paper tube. And they will call smokers 'weak'. They still don't see it, you know. Doublethink is a powerful thing.

There are many non-smokers who really couldn't give a stuff about all this rubbish. There are many antismokers who know it's all based on lies but go along with it because they have the chance to push someone else around. Then there are the militants of ASH and those fat pompous idiots who have somehow contrived to turn their medical positions into a new Politburo for controlling the masses. They are the dangerous ones but the ire of the smoker often turns on the non-smoker. That's unfair but it's bound to happen. Even the statement 'I don't smoke' is now enough to send many smokers into wary withdrawal. There are some who have been so consistently abused that they now react in a Pavlovian manner to non-smokers, and can over-react to a few words.

It's as if everyone wearing a red jacket whacked you with a stick. Soon, you start avoiding anyone in a red jacket because they're likely to whack you. If someone wearing a red jacket approached you with peaceful intent, you're going to back away and snarl at them. You might even decide on a pre-emptive whack.

Muslims often regard non-Muslims with suspicion. There were always some, but not many, who would do this. Now it's becoming endemic. A few radicals have made so much noise about 'Muslim rights' that many people have turned against Muslims, and the Muslims react by being wary of everyone else, and often over-react to a few words. It's the same technique as applied to smokers.

Gay rights activists make so much noise about the slightest insult that straight people soon get cheesed off with it and start being unpleasant to gays. There were always some, but the constant noise from the activists only serves to justify their actions and swell their numbers. Gays respond by being wary of non-gays and often over-react to a few words. It's the same technique as applied to smokers.

Black special-interest groups serve only to segregate black people from white ones. They have no other function. White people see these groups as getting special treatment and they turn against blacks. Black people respond by being wary of whites and often over-react to a few words. It's that technique again.

The same technique, over and over. Set one group against another by giving one group special treatment for a while, then drop them. For years we have heard how travelling people can set up a permanent base, ignore planning permission laws, ignore any laws they like and get away with it. The public will now have no sympathy when the government turn on those travellers.

When two Muslim women were refused entry to a plane because they did not want to go through the nudie scanner, who gave a crap? Really. We've been conditioned with 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' and 'terrorists are Muslim' and our first conclusion is not 'Those women just didn't want to be ogled at', but 'Ah-ha, something to hide, eh?' We have been trained to regard 'them' as a separate group, and 'they' have been trained to accept it. Smokers, the obese, Muslims, gays, black, Asian, the list grows by the day. Motorists and dog-owners are soon to join the rest of us on the naughty step. Motorists already have one foot on it.

Refuse the nudie scanner and you don't fly, yet when a member of airport staff walked through a scanner, was observed and commented on by another member of staff, the observer is sacked and handed over to the police and the 'victim' says this:

Ms Margetson told the newspaper: ''I can't bear to think about the body scanner thing.

''I'm totally traumatised. I've spoken to the police about it. I'm in too much of a state to go to work.''

Really? That guy who you managed to get sacked has been staring at every passenger going through that machine because that's his job. If they don't like it, they don't fly. And yet you are totally traumatised by going through once? So, I would imagine, are many people and some of them would very much like to speak to the police about it. We don't have that option. Airport staff are more important than their customers and we hate you and are wary of you because of it. Here's that technique once more.

Who is doing this? Are Muslims the ones calling for a politician to be arrested for saying he doesn't like the veil? Are those non-smokers all delighted that their pubs are empty and closing? Is every black person overjoyed that white people can't join their clubs? Is every gay person really trying to force schools to teach five-year-olds about gay sex?


This doesn't come from the groups involved. It comes from the Righteous who are unelected but who have contrived to control the government. ASH don't care if the pubs, clubs, cafes etc all close down. They want to stamp on smokers' faces. The 'equality' quangos don't care if Muslims get the blame for their ridiculous assertions of offence. The Muslims are a means to an end for them. Those shadowy figures encouraging black or gay militancy are not necessarily black or gay themselves. The blacks and the gays are a means to an end. As is anyone overweight, anyone disabled, anyone different in any way at all. They are tools in Righteous hands.

They are coming out of the woodwork now, those Righteous. They have the Gorgon's government trained to accept their every pronouncement and have most of the Cameroid's next government trained too. The Cameroid has accepted the smoking ban as a 'done deal', thinks we are all happy with it and will do nothing at all to relax it. In fact, he's likely to make it worse. As long as that is the Tory position, they cannot possibly expect a smoker's vote.

Al the Oily Fish is delighted with the idea of minimum pricing on booze and will not back down. Scottish Labour oppose it now, but if they get back in, they'll implement it. So would the Lib Dems. All of them hate smokers and drinkers and yet expect us to vote for them.

In today's bodge-it, Eyebrows introduced a whacking tax on anyone buying a new car. The same new cars Count Mandelstein's scrappage scheme was to encourage us to buy. Older cars are to be taxed because they are deemed filthy polar bear killers and new cars are supertaxed. If you drive and you vote for this shower, you are certifiable.

In the end, it really doesn't matter because the people you vote for will just do as they are told by people you didn't vote for and have never heard of until they creep out from under their stones. Here are a few of them -

Dreadful Arnott - Who voted for this woman, or for anyone in her organisation, to dictate to us what we can and cannot be permitted to do with a legal substance on private property?

Don Shenker - Who voted for this man. or for anyone in his organisation, to dictate to us exactly how much we can be allowed to drink and what we must pay for it?

Liam Donaldson - did we vote for him to dictate what we can and cannot smoke, drink or eat?

The Muslim Council of Britain - did any Muslims even get a vote on that?

The ACPO - no voting here, it's a private company which we have to pay for but have no say in who's in there.

Many, many more.

And yet we are railing against smokers or non-smokers, Muslim or Christian, black or white, driver or pedestrian, gay or straight when none of those groups are the ones causing the divisions. The segregation is a symptom, not the cause.

While we fight amongst ourselves, we fail to notice the unelected who now dictate Government policy designed to deepen those divisions and keep us distracted. We see the face of the Gorgon, or the Cameroid, or the Oily Fish, or that bloke from the Lib Dems and we think they are in control but they are puppets. We turn our ire on the EU because we think they are the puppet masters but really, they are just one big wasteful civil service office finding ways to spend more and more without any risk of actually achieving anything.

Minimum pricing on anything at all is illegal under EU law. Imposing limits on how much tobacco anyone can bring in from the continent is illegal under EU law. Free trade and protectionism don't mix. The EU/ECHR has stated that keeping innocent people's DNA is illegal.

The Righteous don't even bow to the EU. They are far more dangerous, more so because they rarely work in combination with each other. Bringing down one of them won't even faze the rest. We could get out of the EU at a stroke with a simple referendum, we can replace Labour with another party by voting enough of them out of office, but the Righteous are not a party, not a group, not a coherent organisation of any kind. They are immune to public censure because there is no mechanism to remove them, even though they rely heavily on public funds.

We are paying our own tormentors and we have no means to stop paying.

Eyebrows, today, had the opportunity to stop them all at once. He could have saved a hell of a lot of money by announcing that a government funded charity is not a charity, that the taxpayer should not be funding organisations unless they have a say in what that organisation does and who runs it, and that therefore government funding to charities will stop at once unless the boards of those charities are elected by the people paying for them. He could have done that. He didn't touch the Righteous at all.

Neither will the Tories. Nor the Lib Dems. They will continue to hand huge wads of tax income to people who will use it to beat those taxpayers about the head. Either they are scared of the Righteous or they are happy to see the people of this country subdivided into smaller and smaller warring factions until the whole lot gets back to the Green dream of mediaeval fortress villages. With a 'no smoking' sign tattooed on the neck of every horse.

I don't believe the government is scared of the Righteous. They hold the purse strings and they could stop it all if they wanted to. Just stop the cheques and the whole nanny state will fold up in a matter of days.

They won't. They won't because they are drunk with the power the Righteous let them have over little people's lives. The politicians we currently have will not help us because they are also isolated. Those who didn't fall for the expenses greedfest were encouraged to boost their claims. That does not excuse them. They could have refused but the pressure of 'everyone else is doing it and you're odd if you don't' is not to be underestimated. Once most of them were in the game, peer pressure does the rest. Then it's exposed and the politicians and the people are at war. The same technique as applied to smokers.

So now, the politicians have no friends outside Westminster, other than the siren voices of those Righteous who tell them of ways they can be popular. Just get rid of those smokers. Eighty percent of the population want them gone. Get rid of those fat people, they cost the taxpayer money. Get the polluting drivers off the roads. The people are getting sick because of them. They will thank you for it one day.

The politicians won't help us because they are Righteous pets now. Just another faction, another minority group under the control of insidious whispers and lies. They think they are doing the right thing because the Righteous tell them so. They are no longer listening to us, and haven't been for a long time.

The only way to stop it is to cut government funding to all those charities and quangos. All of it, to all of them. The only way to achieve that is to clear out every Righteous controlled MP from Westminster and elect an entirely new set. That will not happen at this election.

Where we get new MPs, they will be selected not on their ability but on their gender, religion, sexual orientation or skin colour. The Righteous want that because they want to limit the range of candidates and weed out any who might cause them problems. That's also why they want candidates brought in from outside the area. They must have a stronger connection to the party than to the people they represent so they will vote as instructed. They will vote as their leader is instructed to instruct them.

The Righteous rarely stand for election. They seek more secure positions from which they can exert control. They exert that control by dividing people into groups and they have done this with Parliament. All those parties are the same now, they all want the same level of control over the minutiae of our lives, and why? Because they don't see us as human. They see us the same way the antismokers see the smokers. A nuisance to be controlled. They will not listen to us in exactly the same way that an antismoker will not listen to a smoker. Exactly the same.

All the same technique. We are now one group, the politicians are a different group.

MPs, you have been duped. You no longer represent us, you are pets of the Righteous. Stop listening to those suave whispers. Those people are not there to help you, they are there to control you and through you, us.

You, MPs, can stop this. At a stroke. And reduce the deficit into the bargain.

Stop paying people to bully us. Then we can vote for you.


Anonymous said...

I don't care who says it - it could be Adolf Hitler, Arthur Scargill, Paris Hilton or Sooty. But the first person who says, "If I had power my first act would be to dismantle Common Purpose, ASH and Alcohol Concern they would not only get my vote but I would sell everything I own to help them get into power.

Leg-iron said...

Oh, they can exist, as far as I'm concerned.

As long as they exist on their own merits, as long as I'm not paying for them and as long as they have no actual power, they can exist.

As it is, they are powerful, unelected, unsupported control freaks who would, without taxpayer's money, shrink into the weaselly little whine clubs they really are.

If any party think ASH are popular with the people, take a look at how much they get annually in real donations. It's a fraction of the amount Anna Raccoon and Old Holborn raised in a few days to get one of ASH's victims out of jail.

That's who those MPs are handing tax money to. Groups the voters almost universally despise.

And they wonder why we won't vote for them.

Anonymous said...

'Minimum pricing on anything at all is illegal under EU law.'

is it ? does that mean the minimum pricing of alcohol as proposed is actually illegal under eu law ?

One of the Downtrodden said...

Citizens of the UK this is a call to fight back, you have a right to be treated with DIGNITY

Rod said...

What a mighty post, sir - angry and inspiring. Amen to everything.

John Pickworth said...

On blistering form as usual LI ;-)

boffin said...

They should dump the 'nudie' airport scanners and get ones that blow you up if you're carrying anything dodgy.

Leg-iron said...

Boffin - that's brilliant. A heavily armoured arch which will make any explosives explode.

'Next - just walk through - watch out for the sticky bits.'

Demon said...

An absolute cracker of a post. I am actuaslly lost for words but agree 100%

Just glad there is someone who can articulate what I feel

geewiz said...

Epic post.

Constantly Furious said...

Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

Snakey said...

Indeed, most excellent post :)

Dr Evil said...

A very good post. It is actually very scary because it is true.

Fake charities should not receive government funds. Indeed no charity whatsoever should.

Timdog said...

Awesome, usually lack the concentration for posts that long but this one was gripping stuff. Bravo.

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