Monday, 22 March 2010

A quickie.

Damn this real life stuff. It takes so much time.

A quick news roundup -

Tesco have the one-litre bottle of Grants at £12, so get some in if you haven't already. Morrison's have Ledaig at £15, and Glen Grant at that price too. I'll be calling in tomorrow before the eyebrow tax takes effect.

Old Holborn is to stand for election for Jury Team. With mask or without, that's the question. The other question is - is it a mask?

Ukwebspider needs assistance. He's been spending a lot of time and putting in a lot of effort to compile those links. I can't promise to be any help for the next couple of months at least but if anyone can spare a bit of time, call in and take a look.

Drivers, your time has come. You are about to be blamed for those heart attacks and cancers that have been blamed on smoking, drinking and obesity (yes, the same ones). Apparently you kill more people than passive smoking which can't be hard, because passive smoking has yet to even make anyone ill, never mind claim a notch in a lighter. Just for fun, your government will test the amount of particulates you produce, including the ones you throw up from the roads... which are currently covered in dry grit left over from winter. Hey, you didn't expect them to play fair, did you?

The Brown Gorgon has examined the latest Labour scandal with one eye and declared 'I see no ships'.

And, just so we're clear that ours is not the only country with lunatics in charge, Argentina is to solve its inflation problem with cheap haddock. I hope the Gorgon hasn't heard about this yet.

Back later. Report writing.


Richard said...

Leg-iron said...

Yep, I hit 'send' before I even finished the title.

Too many fingers.

hangemall said...

Where do these haddock come from? Not from around the Falkland Islands, I hope.

banned said...

re road pollution, if, as claimed, they do that research they will find that 80% of vehicle fumes come from filthy disgusting buses (most of which would fail the emmissions test that the rest of us have to go through) and small vans, probably more than 80% now since the scrappage scheme has taken out some older cars.

Anonymous said...

Would you put yourself up for election, Leg-Iron? I bet you'd poll very well.

Leg-iron said...

Fausty - Not here, not yet. There's a lot of de-chavving to do first.

I think the next five years might help ;)

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