Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Day of Contempt.

It's National No Smoking Day and I have a meeting at the hospital at which I am the only smoker. Which reminds me, I should get some sleep soon. If they think I look ill I might not get out.

I will inevitably be asked if I plan to quit on this day of Righteousness at which point I will whip out my 100% tobacco (no paper, no chemicals) vegan cigar and tell everyone that I will, no matter what, finish it today. I should get a bottle of port to go with it, if I have time.

In what might or might not be a total coincidence, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist has released the out-takes of the book as a free PDF download.

It'll take a while to smoke that whole cigar. I'll need something to read.


Anonymous said...

Go to the hospital gift shop and tell them someone you know had a new baby and do they still sell the gift-boxes of cigars wrapped with pink bans for girls and blue if it's a boy. Remember those. I don't know if they still sell those in hospital gift shops but one time not that long ago it was common. Now they probably sell tofu-sticks or granola bars in pink or blue to celebrate baby's arrival.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to think of today as ostentatious smoking day.


I am Stan said...

My response,taking the afternoon off work consuming two bottles of Chardonnay,fish n chips (with loads of salt),Port and a fist full of Montecristo`s and a biffter while watching Snoop dog vids then off to the pub to get lashed and buy dodgy fags,keebab,then stagger home and knock over a few traffic cones while singing Come on Baby light my fag loudly and out of tune,back home play Bob Marley LOUD while smoking a long Biffter!....

Free Nick hogan!

Arrest Blair!

Did I mention I will be smoking throughout?

Anonymous said...

Everyone in London who opposes the smoking ban, look at this :

Kevyn Bodman said...

Thank you,anon, for the link to the London smoking venues site.
I don't live in the UK and I don't smoke but I am appalled and angry at the smoking ban.
There is no need for it at all. It could all be sorted out by the market.

I have applied to join and I hope this kind of thing grows and grows all over the country.

I wish it, and Leg Iron's Smoky Drinky Place,every success.

paulo said...

Unfortunately my work place was infected with scores of cheap and nasty anti-smoking posters. I'm an ex smoker (apart from the odd woodbine)but those posters really, really piss me off.

It is not the place of my employer to thrust "lifesyle" down my throat.

I intend to provide a reaction, just not sure what it will be.


Anonymous said...

Landlords - Let your customers smoke in your pubs, starting tomorrow.

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