Thursday, 4 March 2010


This is why the police don't bother responding to calls about feral youth. There's no point.

A joyrider has walked free from court after killing a police dog and injuring two officers in a road smash while three times over the drink-drive limit.

If he had allowed someone to smoke in a public place, he'd be behind bars now.

That's British justice. That's why the police don't bother with real criminals. Catching them is a waste of time. The courts are only interested in politically correct offences.

What are the Tories going to do about this, I wonder? No weasel words, Dave. Let's hear some definite plans.


JuliaM said...

Oh, good grief..! Just when I thought the English justice system couldn't possibly sink any lower....

Gareth said...

The police are too busy through inviting newspaper photographers to drug busts.

Given the joyriding scrote's litany of alleged offences I wonder why only aggravated vehicle taking was the charge. Perhaps the CPS and Police are prepared to tolerate a certain level of crime to keep them in a job. Alternatively, the Court Services are self-funding now aren't they? In that public services (like social services did with Baby P) are incentivised to spend as little time in court as possible. Perhaps the duty of upholding the law and protecting the public takes second place to keeping money available for helicopters and hotel bills.

The main issues as I see them are a lack of prison places so that prisoners can actually be rehabilitated and the public protected, and the glacial time it take for justice to occur.

The Filthy Engineer said...

It was probably caused whilst he was hand rolling a fag, talking on his mobile to his mates to get the supply of Buckfast in.

No doubt in a short space of time he'll have nicked a car and killed himself.

Dave H said...

God almighty.

So many serious offences, so many aggravating factors and he has a previous record of offending. Yet still no prison. As the previous asks why only one charge? I wonder if the Mail's facts are inaccurate. I hope they are.

"...having a suspended prison sentence hanging over him would be greater punishment than locking him up..."

Yup, Mr Hatton, as he made abundantly clear by his mortified reaction to your judgement.

Uncle Marvo said...

Try witholding your tax in protest and see who goes to gaol.

Uncle Marvo said...

Actually, having read that again, just tell me where the little scrote drinks, and create a diversion.

Anonymous said...

There’s one good thing coming out of stuff like this. The police should be very upset and angry too, and so when the economy crash, more fascist rules are imposed and even Britons start to riot, maybe, just maybe the police will be on the people’s side.

Dick Puddlecote said...

You beat me to it, LI. 4 years for pushing away an antagonistic old bat but a suspended sentence for this long lost of crimes.

Labour have a lot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

"...having a suspended prison sentence hanging over him would be greater punishment than locking him up..."

They didn't apply that sentiment to Nick Hogan.

It's as if they want us to riot.

Anonymous said...

And in the same paper

Footballer who broke opponent's leg in two places becomes first player jailed for violent tackle

The 20-year-old Sunday league player was charged with grievous bodily harm, and today he began a six-month jail term

And he doesn't seem to have a past record like that little scrote!!

Anon 00:32 said...

And yet a basically good kid I know (16yo) who got tagged for breaking into a scrapyard but committed no other crime got sent down yesterday for breaking curfew. He'll now be brutalised (or worse) and come out a career criminal.

Makes me sick!

The Kusabi said...

maybe, just maybe the police will be on the people’s side




Watch them fall over themselves to enforce all those fascist rules. To have any faith in them is to delude oneself.

microdave said...

"No doubt in a short space of time he'll have nicked a car and killed himself."

I don't have a problem him killing himself, it's doing it in someone else's car, and most likely injuring or killing an innocent person in the process. He's already managed that once.....

John Pickworth said...


If a normal motorist had driven like this lad had... but not stolen the vehicle or hit anything; he'd have still gotten two years at least.

If I'm ever unlucky enough to end up in court I'll ditch the suit and tie. Seems its beneficial to wear some trackie bottoms with a sovereign ring on each hand when up before the Beak. Probably take me mates Ryan and Danny along for moral support too, they can text me during the trial to keep me spirits up.

And while we're on the subject, its not just the hoodlums getting away with it....

PC Mark Johnson faced up to six months in prison and a £20,000 fine for letting his beloved dogs die in 'excruciating pain' during a heatwave after becoming distracted by paperwork for seven hours

Ready for the result?

But yesterday he was handed a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £2,500 costs after a judge heard previous investigations into his conduct had turned him into a nervous wreck.

PC Johnson, 39, told Nottingham Magistrates Court he was suffering from depression and obsessive compulsive disorder because he thought the Independent Police Complaints Commission was 'out to get him'.

Stupid cop. He should have put his foot over their throats and pumped eight hollow-points into their brains after claiming they'd jumped a ticket barrier. He'd have got off without even a trial then.

So lets recap:
Trackie bottoms, bling, can of Stella. Always address their Worships as blud and say 'sup to everything. Claim attention deficit... errmmm... whatsit, thingie. Oh and that you were abused by Father McQuire when you were 33. Scream racism at every Police interview. Always assert the parking warden/police officer/PCSO/council stasi representative blew smoke (affect fake cough) into your face. Learn a little Urdu and use it loudly and wantonly with much waving of arms.

If all else fails and you do end up in prison, take LOTS of cigarettes. If you're a non-smoker then unfortunately you'll be short of the required prison currency. Luckily, others will be happy to supply alternative cigar shaped objects for you to suck on ;-)

elf n safety said...

Don't expect firefighters to help you if it's against elf n safety.
In this case in Ayrshire they were covered for rescuing firefighters during training but not a real person during a real situation. WTF ?.

Katabasis said...


"It's as if they want us to riot."

Also seems to me it's as if they want us to turn vigilante. There's a few posts on that particular topic I'd love to make on my blog but I daren't.

Katabasis said...

Interesting comment left at the Mail article:

"All I will say is KARMA......

One day these thugs will be scraped of the highway or found in hospital after some "chav" dispute involving knives. Noone will cry for them, noone will care, everyone will celebrate...

Why do we tolerate this?? Even one such as I who has sworn to uphold the law and protect life at all costs am fed up with apprehending them, gathering the evidence before charging only to see them walk out of court the next morning on "unconditional bail."

Two of my collegues last month recieved broken bones from seperate assaults with both offenders now out on bail. The officers will have permanent life changing injuries that will effect the rest of the service. Both are ex soldiers who have already served their country in the battlefield.

We are sick of the judicial system and of the goverments attitude towards law abiding members of the public.


- Police Custody Sergeant, Devon, 4/3/2010 16:37"

banned said...

After all these years do judges still not realise that all these scrotes care about is whether or not they "do a walk" from Court?

Any number of suspended sentences which won't be invoked, community work which they won't do or fines that they won't pay are simply neither here nor there.

Leg-iron said...

Banned - good point. All those unpaid fines, yet we don't seem to hear of them getting prison time for non-payment.

That only happens to pensioners who miss a council tax bill. And now to landlords who defy the Dreadful Arnott's Inquisition.

They do want us to riot. It's the only way the Brown Gorgon can avoid facing an election. So don't. Get the wasters out first and take it from there.

As to the police, I'm sure most of them are sick of stupid targets and furious when they catch a real criminal only to see the courts send them home.

There are still many of them harassing photographers even though they have been repeatedly told to stop. There are still many who will arrest someone for blowing their nose or eating an apple in stationary traffic.

They're not all bad, but they're not all good either, not by a long way.

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