Tuesday 9 March 2010

Another Slotgob.

The Dreadful Arnott before her first anticigarette of the day.

See her face here, if you dare, Come one, come all, see the twisted shapes humanity and nature combined can produce. See the hideous result of crossbreeding real people with the pompous Righteous species and a rather mangy stoat.

See the Fagee mermaid. See David Icke's predictions proved to be far below the reality of our horrible future.

Some will adore her, but as she knows too well, there's one born every minute.

Is it you?


Anonymous said...

i knew david icke was right!!

JuliaM said...

Those thin, almost fleshless lips tell you all you need to know...

Captain Ranty said...

If you need to compare and contrast, you need look no further than The Essex Hunter for some fine examples of smokers vs anti-smokers:



Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

On behalf of my client, I ask you to withdraw the unwarranted comparison between my client and the party of the second part, which my client finds insulting, deeply offensive and alarming.

Further, the comparison drawn is detrimental to my client’s standing in the community.

My client desires nothing more than a retraction and full apology.

Yours faithfully

A. Lawyer

For and behalf of A. Lizard

Snakey said...

I noted her ad hominem attack on Forest as being funded by tobacco companies. I wonder why Simon Clark didn't counter that by mentioning that ASH is funded with our tax payer money and by Big Pharma?

That woman has zero legitimacy in my eyes as long as she continues to advocate Big Pharma NRT (96% failure rate).

Dave H said...

I see what you mean, my God, the mouth!. Without doubt one of the more memorably scary Dr Who monsters.

Therein perhaps lies the explanation for it all: she tried to smoke in her youth and suffered lasting psychological damage when all the other kids laughed as she couldn't ever manage to balance one in her gob. This humiliation-by-cigarette* has since become the driving force of her behaviour.

She is must be an example, hopefully unique, of a woman whose life would have been immesurably improved by continuous domestic abuse. After all, her lips would have been kept more swollen.

*As nippers we used to smoke dried cow parsley stems, and the experience of inhaling the odd earwig was enough to put me off smoking for life. Another bonus was developing a lifelong [sic] ability not to confuse cow parsley with hemlock.

Dave H said...



Still, for me just two ain't bad.

WV=gisadist (POW-maltreating American soldier)

PT Barnum said...

I was misquoted, sir. What I actually said was 'There's a customer born every minute'. Caveat emptor, I say. Who knew there were so many buyers for real sideshow hucksters?

Anonymous said...

You have to admit she looks better now than she did here:


There are just some people who shouldn't try to smile...


john miller said...

Strangely, this person (the alien, for it is she) might just possibly be paid by an outfit getting millions of pounds of our money to raise taxes to increase the amount paid to her to...

But, morally, that is better than being paid by the tobacco companies.


And let's not try to rebut an argument, smear the man. Sound familiar? Any religion you care to name? And I include the "global warming but it might be getting colder but anyway it's changing so that MUST be your fault so pay me lots of money" religion in that category.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Horrible! I don’t know about stoat, but with that two-tone hair, I think there might just be a bit of badger in there, as well.

Not nice. Not nice at all.

Anonymous said...

Gaaaahhh!!! My eyes!!

She just looks like she'd be a barrel of laughs, doesn't she?

Tell me, which one of these looks like the more horrible harridan? Arnott, or Carrie Nation?


I just can't decide.

Gareth said...

Given that names and jobs sometimes go hand in hand - smith, mason, butcher, baker, cobbler... Arnott would appear to be fit for a nanny;

You are not allowed to do that.
You are not to be listened to.
You are not going to get your liberty back.

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