Monday 15 March 2010

Nothing to see here.

The thing about having a garage but not a car is that the garage becomes the repository of all those things that might be useful one day, but never are. Today is Garage Purge Day and despite having some offers of trips to the dump, I think I might end up renting a skip for a day.

So I'm too knackered to think.

Today, then, may I direct you to Frank Davis, who points out that while the smoking ban is easily dismissed by those unaffected by it, politicians regard it as of equal importance to the entire EU. So they won't discuss either of them with us.

Then there's the real reason for almost every policy decision taken by the Brown Gorgon's government. Not to improve our lives, but to put one over on the Tories. Every Bill read out in the House should really end with 'So nyah, posh gits'.

Soon the Cheeeldren will be subjected to fitness tests and presumably learn to goose-step in time. Good thing that wasn't around when I was at school. I'd have failed. I'd fail now.

Old Holborn has some interesting parallels to explore. We're nearly there.

The Tories are trying to politicise an issue that is, um... political. Labour don't like that.

Overall, it seems that Frank is right. Politicians don't 'do politics' any more. They do spin, playground one-upmanship and public relations. If anything political threatens to enter the public mind, they are quick to slap it away. They keep us entertained with trivia so we can't hear about the important stuff until it's too late. Most of the political news that gets out would fit nicely into Cosmopolitan or the Beano.

Since trivia is all we have, I'll leave you with this one. Seems that the indoctrination of 'it's legitimate to be offended by a smell' has gone a little further than it was perhaps intended to.

Put down the air freshener and back away.

I don't know if 'infantilisation' is the right word. Infants tend to be more robust and sensible than modern adults. Perhaps we should put them in charge. Free chocolate and a nap after dinner sound like good policies to me.

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