Friday, 23 December 2011

We are the British. Resistance is futile. Oh, and "Black!"

If you have a set of coloured lights, one for each of the primary colours, and you shine them all at something, the light looks white. If they're all off, then you see black. Where lights are concerned, black is not coloured. White is all the colours.

With pigments, it's the other way around. Black absorbs all visible wavelengths so it has all the colours in it, and white reflects them so it has no colour. Whether you consider 'black' or 'white' as 'coloured' is a matter of which aspect of physics you're looking at.

In the real world, the one not inhabited by the Righteous and the professionally offended (we could call them 'reality deniers') none of this applies to people. It applies to lights and paints. White people are not white, we vary between a sort of pink and an ashen grey depending on how much we had to drink last night. Actually, I have met two white people, and both were very scary. One was a chemist who looked as if he showered in bleach. The other ran the greatest homebrew shop I've ever seen and was known as 'the zombie'.

Generally though, if your skin looks actually white, it means you are not at all well and quite possibly dead.

Not so long ago, you could not buy a blackboard but you could buy a chalkboard. That was before another arm of Righteousness banned them on the grounds that chalk dust will give you rabies, or warm your globules, or something. You also could not order black coffee or refer to a black telephone as 'that black one' or indeed use the word 'black' in any context whatsoever in case it offended someone. Oddly, it never seemed to offend anyone sensible who was black, in the same way that 'whiteboards' or 'white coffee' never offended any sensible white people. Even though white coffee isn't white and very few people are as white as a whiteboard. Incidentally, I used to have a tin of paint called 'Rustin's blackboard black' which was such a tremendously matt black you couldn't see it. Nobody on the planet is that black.

You were not supposed to call black people 'black', you were supposed to say 'coloured', and the Righteous reasoning went that, well, not everyone with non-white skin is black. Some are beige, some yellowish, one I know of was orange for months (too many tanning pills so we sympathetically referred to him as 'Tango'). This served the Righteous agenda of separating 'white' people from everyone else.

Then they changed it again. Now, 'coloured' is offensive even though those who call it offensive are the same ones who insisted 'black' was offensive. The term 'coloured' when used to refer to people was always offensive. It was a useless descriptor because all it means is 'not white' so it covers everyone else on the planet. What about those like me, who have an almost chameleon-like ability to go out for the evening a healthy pink and wake up the next morning ash-grey? Sometimes tinged with green.

PC terminology changes all the time. Fail to keep up and there will be Outrage! Then they will rewrite history right before your eyes.

Hansen was even labelled ‘ignorant’ and ‘overpaid’ by society blogger Toby Young on the Telegraph website - the same newspaper Hansen writes for as a columnist.
Mr Young wrote: ‘Alan Hansen, the overpaid football pundit, just dropped a clanger on Match of the Day. In fact, make that two clangers.
‘Clearly, Hansen’s intentions were honourable. But his ignorance is breathtaking. Is he really unaware that the word “coloured” has been verboten since the mid-70s?’

Mid-70s? Really? I seem to recall Outrage! over the use of the word 'black' in any context within the last ten years. This Righteous switch is recent, so it's no surprise to find someone missed the memo.

What the football chap said was not racist. He was not calling for any kind of censure or control. He merely intended the word as a descriptor. True, it's a lousy descriptor and always has been, but is he really to be branded Hitler because he was using an old copy of the Manual of Righteousness? There are those calling for him to be sacked over his use of the wrong current PC term.

People are desensitised to real racism by nonsense like this. There are white people who beat up black people just because they are black. There are black people who beat up white people just because they are white. That is racism. Yet what causes Outrage! is the use of a word that is currently on the Righteous naughty list.

If a black man called me 'honky white trash' is that racist? I would not consider it racist unless it was prefaced with 'kill the...'  It's an insult, yes, but I've had worse. In some contexts it might not even be an insult.

I don't care when I'm called 'wop', 'spic' or 'dago' by people who are too dim to know the proper derogatory term for Italian. I don't mind when I hear, once again, the line 'What do you call a Welshman with a hundred girlfriends? A shepherd'. If you come from Wales you don't laugh at that joke. Not because it's offensive but because you've heard it a million times and just wish they'd come up with a new one. I don't worry about insults because insults are only words, and I can retaliate with words of my own.

I only worry about words when they are accompanied by bared teeth and fists or weapons. 

Ron Manager... oh wait... Alan Hansen, did not even intend an insult. Oh look, I just insulted him by using the wrong name. Did he die? Is he bruised? No. It had no effect on him whatsoever. Even though my use of the wrong words was deliberate and his was not.

Counting Cats has an article in which he argues that any culture that must be defended by legislation is a culture that's on the way out. He is right. If the culture cannot survive without laws forcing everyone to comply then that's a culture nobody really wants any more.

British culture, whether English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish has nothing to fear from immigrant peoples. No matter what colour their skin, no matter where they come from, we absorb them. We have never needed laws to force us to do this. They bring new foods and new words and new ways and we'll absorb them too, and often corrupt them to suit ourselves. Eventually we don't even notice the differences.

I was at school with kids with surnames like Tomacevsky and Poslad, in among the mass of Davies and Evans and Prossers. What nationality were they? Welsh, of course. Their families had been in the country for generations. They had definite Welsh accents. Why would I object? My own family includes Barberos and my own surname derives from the German while my first name is Irish. Check my DNA and you'll probably find I'm related to everyone on the planet. I am Multiracial Man, the Ultimate Mongrel and as scruffy as any mongrel you'll ever meet. Racist? Against who exactly? I belong to them all and chances are, so do you.

We had Pakistanis running shops who would call you 'butty' and 'boyo' with Welsh accents. They looked like Pakistanis still, but they were Welsh. And they had no objection to selling bacon or booze. You wanted to buy it, they'd sell it.The stock in the shop had no connection to the owners' religion at all. Islamophobia did not and could not exist. We were vaguely aware of Islam just as we had noticed the church in passing but neither contained anything to frighten us.

None of those people needed laws to 'protect' them from the natives, other than the same laws that applied to all of us and protected all of us from the likes of the skinheads. They were around, sure, but nobody liked them. I never met a white person who liked skinheads and had some unfortunate encounters with those we called 'the Densa boys' myself. Their brand of racism extended to anyone not fitting the old eugenics idea of Aryan, and I don't.

These new laws that claim to promote inclusivity have entirely the opposite effect. When moron after moron can regard the innocent misuse of a simple word as equivalent to marching six million people into gas chambers then something somewhere is very wrong. It is deliberately wrong. It is intended to be wrong. That's why the rules keep changing.

Black people, Muslims,. all you 'minorities', take care when dealing with those who claim to be looking out for your interests. You have moved into a strong culture that will, if it's allowed to, painlessly and effortlessly assimilate you. You will be British, no matter what you look like on the outside, no matter which god you follow, no matter how you choose to set up your home and your life. Everyone here does those things differently anyway, a few more differences won't even be noticed. One Of Us.

The Righteous and their permanent taking of offence is not to protect you. It's not there to save you from slavering white cannibals ready to tear you limb from limb and spit-roast your children. We're not like that. We don't want to force you to be exactly like us and there's no need anyway. Left alone, it'll happen. Resistance is futile.

Yes, the Borg were modelled on the British. Our language is composed of bits of grammar and vocabulary from everywhere we've been and that's most places. Restaurant menus cover most of the recipes we assimilated from all over the world. Clothing is modelled on anything the rest of the world designed and we liked the look of. My own family came here from Italy three generations ago. None of them now speak Italian, hardly any are Catholic, they are primarily Welsh and they drink beer and whisky. Some of them don't even like olives!

So I speak from experience. This country is a Borg cube. Set foot in it and the assimilation begins. It's not obvious, we don't force the issue, it just happens bit by sinister bit. Those Islamic hate preachers can spout all the shit they like, we're sucking in their congregations and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Shout and bawl, preachers. We have fish and chips. This cannot be resisted for long.

The ones trying to stop it are not the immigrants. They are our own malcontents and vicious spiteful bastards who see themselves as polar opposites to the National Front but who, really, are the same. While the NF wanted a 'pure white Britain' (ridiculous since the earliest inhabitants so far discovered were Iberian) and were prepared to use violence to get it, the Righteous want the exact opposite, the destruction of the white race and its culture, but are just as prepared to use violence to get what they want.

Their form of violence comes in the shape of laws. Laws that excuse any non-white violent attacks on whites as justifiable while decrying any white mention of those who the Righteous deem different as being akin to a demand for racial purity.

Let's be clear on this. There is no such thing as racial purity. In fact, if you look at the history of human shagging, it's touch and go whether there is even species purity. We will, let's be honest here, poke it anywhere warm and wet. Rabbits could learn from us.

The Righteous actually think their Frankfurt school crap will work here.They think they can destroy British culture by sending more people from different cultures to live here. We. left alone, would just absorb them and the Righteous know this. So they make up laws to separate us and to put us in fear of those we once welcomed.

Immigration is the UK. It is what we are. It is what we assimilate and what we have welcomed since before Stonehenge.  This island at the wet end of Europe has always taken the dregs, the leftovers, the runaways and the mongrels. They come here and they make themselves British and then they look at the rest of the world and say '"We are British. We live in the shitty place at the arse end of the world and we love it here. Fuck you."

We are British. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

The Righteous cannot win here in the long run. Their desperation shows in their Outrage! at trivia. Let them squeal like pigs. It's abattoir time. What they hare never grasped is that while this British culture assimilates what it wants, what it does with things it doesn't want can be brutal. You cannot object. It's our culture.

The professionally offended will arrive here within seconds because I said both 'black' and  'coloured'. Hello, hello to you all. I'll respond when and if I can be arsed.

They, like Dickie Doubledickless, will never work out why I just don't care.

Call it a disability and give me money.

Or maybe we could go back to the old days and just ... get along.

It used to be so easy.


Anonymous said...

I was listening to Radio 4 yesterday about the scandal of child adoption in this Country.
Despite thousands of children urgently needing a family and home the total adopted in the entire Country over one year is 60!
The reason, The Righteous.
They stopped loving parents adopting if they were the wrong colour. They see colour, the adopting family only see a child in need. The child only sees a loving family.
They stop people adopting if they are EX SMOKERS! Really.
They stop people adopting if they are to pushy. Which is described as attending school meetings to see how the child is getting on.
There is no depth that the Righteous will not stoop to. Just imagine their mind set. Heading home after a hard day at the office denying another child a chance of help because someone 'lit up' in the past.

Anonymous said...

"If you come from Wales you don't laugh at that joke. Not because it's offensive but because you've heard it a million times"

I am. You are entirely correct.

Anonymous said...

@ anon

!They stop people adopting if they are to pushy. Which is described as attending school meetings to see how the child is getting on"

I hadn't heard this one. From a statist perspective it makes sense.

loving by numbers said...


and also...through their doctrinal obsession with colour-coded pidgen-holing, the righteousness racists discourage non-white adopters, who, already feeling insecure about being illuminated by the racializing spotlight, are understandably nervous about coming forward for intensive interrogation followed by a fanatic fault-finding tour of their personal lives - and thus 'black' children are less likely to find 'black' homes and more likely to find 'care'-homes.

as leg-iron says - the state compulsion for legitimizing a constant culture of colour-charting only serves to destabilize those 'of colour', and their families...

Ralph Musgrave said...

“British culture, whether English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish has nothing to fear from immigrant peoples…”

Islamofascists devote a lot of effort to silencing criticism of their religion, e.g. by killing or threatening to kill authors, publishers or cartoonists they don’t like. Plus there is their never ending attempts at the UN to have criticism of Islam banned worldwide. I’d say there is something to fear here, particularly when Islamofascists are backed they the righteous.

Why did we fight Hitler in WWII? Because we didn’t like his fascist book-burning and culture destroying regime. What’s hilarious about the righteous is their claim to disapprove of the “far right” while defending the far right activities of those with brown faces.

something for the confession box said...

hanson's a football pundit for heaven's sake, not a bloody sociology academic. isn't it about time these footballers got back to kicking the crap out of one another, putting-on incidental pitch-theatrical comedies, and slotting the odd ball into the back of the net, instead of going off-side into ethics, moral philosophy and semantics. hasn't the union of metaphysicists got anything to say about all this vis-à-vis demarcation of topics and suchlike? hanson guilty of racism? unlikely. first degree swarminess, definitely.

British culture, whether English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish...

i think this a log-overdue attempt to reclaim the word 'british' in its original sense as 'the culture of britons', rather than the high-jacked and tainted sense of 'the culture of great britain and the british empire'. britishness? it's something weather-related, init not? and the 'great' thing is that it's of no real importance at all - it just is, it's not worth anything, and you can't define it, certainly not in any official sense, anyway.

the destruction of the white race and its culture

...well, this just shows how racist the righteous really are - the righteous defence of 'black' culture pre-supposes the existence of a 'white' culture, and yet neither really exist. ok, for argument's sake we can talk about english culture, irish culture, jamaican culture, nigerian culture...and let's not forget scouse culture, geordie culture, brummie culture, lagosian and kingstonian culture...sarf london culture, indeed...but black and white culture...? i don't think so...sounds a bit grey and telly before we got colour.

Laws that excuse any non-white violent attacks on whites as justifiable while decrying any white mention of those who the Righteous deem different as being akin to a demand for racial purity.

i don't know about these laws, leg-iron, you'll have to specify them - but i agree that we're lumbered with an officially authorized (artificial) racial society to whose members we are not, in practice, permitted to make reference.

So they make up laws to separate us and to put us in fear of those we once welcomed.

oh dear, i'm with you on the first part of the sentence, but come on now:

those we once welcomed

and later:

Or maybe we could go back to the old days and just ... get along.

i think you're stretching this 'british idyll' thing just a tiny bit too far now, laddy. perhaps what you mean is:

maybe we could go back to the good old days, 'fight amongst ourselves' and slag each other off without all that irksome official interference.

yes, 'honky white trash' is racist, if expressed seriously, but, given that the state originally constructed the concept of race as a convenient political illusion to further mass exploitation and manipulation, does this rogue concept of race require re-affirmation by the state in a court of law?...and, being the original incitor and true instigator of racism, is it appropriate for the state to pass judgment and decide punishment on incident of verbal racism? no, this is a private and personal matter, and not the state's business.

Anonymous said...

"This country is a Borg cube. Set foot in it and the assimilation begins."

Well said Leggy, my thoughts entirely, even though it might sometimes take a hundred years.

I have wondered if it might be something in the water bubbling up through our ancient rock.
Drink it for long enough and you begin to turn from the inside.


Zaphod said...

Use the ever increasing list of words ,that offend the righteous so easily, selectively and effectively. It's great fun.

Clever and thoughtful use of the English language allows one to do so. Not forgetting that one on one with no witnesses in attendance is just hearsay.

lt'd be a black day if we pass such opportunities by. The word is indeed mightier than the sword.

Rob F said...

Or maybe we could go back to the old days and just ... get along.

It used to be so easy.

Wow leggy i cant top that...i will leave that gem unmolested as probably the winner of bollox nonsense post of 2011.

mind you there are some cracking ones that could top that, so much lunacy it makes me dizzy

kitler said...

Fuck Hansen. He gets paid a lot of cash by the BBC. He might not be a sociology proffessor but he's smart enough to know that his employers are a bunch of rabid commie windowlickers who obtiain their funding, and his wages, by threats and force.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put, L-I.

Defiance and attack are virtually the only weapons we have against this socio-cultural tyranny. We need to reclaim our language, as Andrew Lilico wrote yesterday on ConHome.

The entire party political system is founded on factions. Therefore division is built into its framework.

Most of our politicos, having studied politics, will have learned, inherited and devised sophisticated and ruthless "divide and conquer" strategies, honed on centuries of anecdotal evidence.

We are mere pawns to these power-crazed, inadequate psychopaths.

Rob F said...

Erm...I'M Rob F. I suspect that Dickie Doubleday's impersonating even me, now!

What a wanker.

Great post, LI.

Anonymous said...

Great post again LI.

Somehow the righteous have managed to turn the majority into the minority. That makes no sense?

The minority now control the majority. The minorities rights are placed ahead of the majority.

Like the Borg? Maybe more like the first Matrix I'd say.

Dioclese said...

My wife's Dad painted the window frames with nigger brown paint! Bet you can't get that now!

I don;t have a problem with your Welsh Pakis. This is how it should work. If I went to live in France I'd learn the language and adopt the life style and customs. I might occasionally come over as a bit quaint to the Frogs (oops!) but what I wouldn't try to do it comeover here and try to impose my way of life on the natives, or make no attempt to speak English, or tell the Brits they should all convert to Islam.

That waht really pisses me off. Live and let live, but don;t tell me what to do. If you don't like England then fuck off somewhere else to live...

JuliaM said...


Turing word: duckrol Argh! A Christmas canapé I've neglected to buy!

Anonymous said...

Question 1: Why is being described as “beautiful” considered a compliment?
Answer: Because being beautiful is seen by society as a good thing to be.

Question 2: Why is being described as “an idiot” considered an insult?
Answer: Because being an idiot is seen by society as a bad thing to be.

Question 3: So, if someone (i.e .the Righteous) wants to outlaw the words “black” or “coloured” because they are “insulting,” what exactly are they insinuating?

Ironic, eh?

David C said...

I've enjoyed your blog all this past year Leggy, keep up the good work.
All the best for Christmas and 2012, I hope it's your "breakthrough year".

kitler said...

@anon 13:46

I agree. The John Terry thing is all cos he called Anton Ferdinand a 'fucking black cunt'. I find it interesting that the bit Ferdi was upset my was not the 'fucking cunt' bit. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

"Now, 'coloured' is offensive even though those who call it offensive are the same ones who insisted 'black' was offensive."

Funny thing about that term.

In America, we have this group called the 'NAACP'.

This is the National Assoc. for the Advancement of COLORED People.

Our politicians als have 'Black Caucases'.

No one EVER calls them on this; but, a caucasian would be vilified!!!

Gary K.

Dickie Doubleday said...

I object to the terms 'slow' and 'mentally unwell'. Hey, I'm not so slow or mentally unwell that I can't operate a computer in my parents' basement.

A thousand years ago, I would have been regarded as a seer
or mystic, with a magic black tablet that gives me access to more knowledge than was contained in the Great Library of Alexandria.

Plato? Aristotle? Eat your hearts out, you pansies!

I also have a large penis. I know because it's grown by at least half an inch since I started swinging weights from it whilst watching the Jeremy Kyle show.

Robert the Biker said...

That bit with 'coloured went out over ten years ago' is straight out of 1984. Once we went to war with Eastasia instead of Oceana, then we had ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia.

faux victimhood erupts at imaginary tail wagging british bulldog said...


but you're missing leg-iron's point - it's not the immigrants demanding these powers, it's the righteous liberals who do so as part of a ploy to psychologically repress the wider population...and no-one's being forced to convert to islam, as far as i'm aware... for the football-manager...a real card-carrying racist would never have been bothered or embarrassed about his use of vocabulary and would never have apologized like hansen did.

The minority now control the majority. The minorities rights are placed ahead of the majority.

the only minority in control are those in government and their cronies. i still don't believe that in general the minority's rights are placed ahead of the majority's - this present situation has just come about because manipulative middle-class metropolitan politicians are exploiting the fact that the majority's rights have always been placed ahead of the minority's.

faux victim said...


The minority now control the majority. The minorities rights are placed ahead of the majority.

sorry, that was 13:14

livid libertarian said...


all religious and political ideologies are fundamentally intolerant - it makes me want to force-feed someone the libertarian bible, for christmas.

talwin said...

Mention of Welsh shepherds reminds me of this:-

Enjoy. Merry Xmas

Rob F said...

What annoys me is the way that people assume that as I'm vaguely 'right-wing' (I'd describe myself as a classical liberal, wherever that sits on the political compass), then I must have racist beliefs, even if I've never expressed them openly.

I could tell them that my ex-wife is half Pakistini and I've had a girlfriend who who was part Cherokee, but what'd be the point?

They WANT to believe that we're all racist, bigoted, and selfish people who want to inflict our beliefs (and deadly second-hand smoke, of course), on innocent people.

There's no talking to them any more; it's time to draw the battle lines.

effing rob said...

vaguely right wing classical liberal sits on the nutters end of the political compass rob....good god is everyone winding me up i dreaming?

well done for giving second hand smoke a mention, is this a children in need sponsored comment raising charity thing.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Great post LI.

I remember when we were just people who lived together. I got some of the post war mocking at being half Italian (boots on back to front and all that) but as you say, we heard those "jokes" so many times they got boring and I couldn't be too offended because I knew more about being British than I knew about being Italian. My parents never even taught me Italian because I lived in England and they didn't think I'd need it.

My sister was so dark skinned that one day on the bus an old lady asked her if she was a Ugandan Asian coz lots of new families came here after Idi Amin chucked them out. The lady was nice and friendly in an effort to welcome her to the community.

My mum did get some of that "get back to your own country" bollox but by God she gave as good as she got. No one was arrested for disorder, no violence ever committed. People sorted these things out themselves without the state jumping in, making it worse and giving everyone the feeling of injustice at the end.

My mum lived happily in that community for the rest of her life and she had many friends. She never associated with other Italian families but probably only because they didn't live in her neighbourhood.

As I said we were just people. I only started realising that I was different and maybe not as British as I thought I was when they started tagging us.

Forms suddenly started to appear when you applied for jobs or went to the Drs with tick-boxes - "Asian, Black, White" at first. The list got longer over the years but there was always "other" as the last option with a blank space to describe what you were. I used to tick that and write in "person".

I hated it then and I hate it now because it just highlights the differences between us and gives us a reason to fall out. It's divisive.

I'm not saying there was no racism - or no racism with violence - but I don't recall if being as endemic as the politicians today who never even lived through those times would have us believe. And, as I recall, the biggest complaints of violence and injustice came from the way the state treated people like the police, for example.

We have always absorbed and morphed into one people who share in common a land, a language and a culture since time began. That is evidenced in our language and customs which have evolved from a mix of Anglo Saxon, Danish, Roman, Greek and Asian (with such words as bungalow, horde and pyjamas added to our dictionary from India.)

We've always been multi-cultural. the state just decided one day to make it an issue.

Great thought provoking post LI. This is the real me btw.

Have a great Xmas and keep writing. xx

Anonymous said...

I remember the Ugandan Asians coming over,we welcomed them as they really mixed.I was friends with lots of races,but then there were not so many of them,so were easily assimilated and keen to mix.
Not now though they live in their own enclaves and are encouraged to keep their own culture and not mix.They do not want to be British,just here for the handouts and now they want to take us over so I have become a racist,thankyou righteous you have won.

huffy the harlech hermit said...


there's a difference between choosing to integrate, because it makes social and business sense, and being forced to integrate by a pompous 'british' state which has nothing to offer common people except welfare bribes - get rid of the benefits (for all) and leave people be. no-one, whatever their family origins, wants to be told with whom they should associate and what language they should speak.

judge kevin kurlgrum said...

i received untold verbal abuse whilst at liverpool, suffered even more when at hamburg, and it was institutional racism which forced me to resign from newcastle; hanson should be made to play for charity in an afro-wig and see how he likes it - i sentence the accused to 90 minutes. take him away.

tinks said...

Another good post LI. Thoughtful, provocative and on the money.

I despair at what the righteous and career politician have done to this country. Their MO, divide and conquer, confuse and confound, sow seeds of doubt and disharmony where none exists.

The problem being the majority let it happen and a small-minded minority took control. It's very sad that the essence of Britishness has been diluted, we were always a tolerant nation, greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Sad the a football pundit's innocent remarks have him in contortion, or locally, someone at the local council deemed that a 'black' wheelie bin should be referred to as being 'grey.'

This is of course a modern phenomenon (last 10 years), but the result of electing a perverted and perverting government (in the George Harrison sense), seemingly at war with the people, whilst falling for the propaganda of the careerist politician and the sanctimonious, politically connected, tax-payer funded 'do-gooder.'

Let's hope in time the pendulum swings back a bit.

jocelyn jack esien said...


oh very amusing, i'm sure, all of's the justice of the pitch now is it?...and a mogney no less - just wait till i knock your balls out for injury time.

mr hamstrung said...


ok, look right...the last thing i want to do is cause offence...i can just call everyone white it makes people feel any better?

sir trev fillips said...



mr alan hamstrung said...


i meant to say:

i can just call everyone white if it makes people feel any better?

god, i think i must be accident-prone or something.

Jussy said...

See the troll has resorted to talking to himself. What a prick!

banned said...

In the early 1970's I was placed in the 'clever' white boys class in Senior School. Only later did it become clear that among us were Allegri (Italian) Brunel (French), Constantine and Demetiou (Cypriot)),De Cruz (Indian, actually Goan Catholic) Dervish (Turkish), Malik (Indian), Niemski and Kantorovitch (Polish), Rossenberg (Jewish), Savva (Armenian) not to mention various Irish but you would not know unless they told you since names like Fox and Higgins were not obviously Irish.

These differing ethnicities (not that we knew that word) only emerged when you took an interest in each others backgrounds having already become friends.

And there were few "ethnic neighbourhoods" (like Golders Green for the Jews out of their choice) in those days, incoming families just settled at random throughout the host community. Granted there were some (mixed) immigrant areas but that was due to economics rather than racism.

As I understand it the righteous have allowed, nay encouraged and perhaps enforced, the ghettoisation of London under the guise of "celebrating diversity" which, to my mind, must be the opposite of their other mantra "community cohesion".

Merry Xmas Leg-Iron.

Anonymous said...

It is a tad confusing. Are we not mean't to notice skin shade (can I say that even?).

One thing that pisses me off is when someone says 'are you ill - you're as white as sheet?' when I feel perfectly OK. At least some people don't have to put up with this kind of insult. I mean, coloured is actually deemed to be something one should aspire to. Fake tan and package holiday companies exploit this form of vanity.

I haven't said anything that could be construed as racist have I? I just get the feeling that much of the anti racist agenda in this day and age comes across as patronising and hypocritical. Worse, I believe it actually incites hatred.

skunk vs ganga said...


ethnic neighbourhoods develop naturally, with time - and after an immigrant community has become established in a host country; the problem here is psychological ghettoization - caused by the promotion and political exaggeration of diversity at the expense of universality, and by ingenuously forcing citizens to respect each others' cultures, instead of allowing respect and integration to grow organically.

s vs g said...


make that disingenuously

old ma cleanspeak said...


the misinterpretation of your pallor must be very hard to bear...

...but you are confusing the convenient physically descriptive labels of 'black' and 'white' with the insidious political variety - which were designed to set one group of humans above another. hansen attempted to hold forth on a question of racial politics (could be a hit panel-game), but ignorantly used a political term which went out with the dinosaurs - thus displaying how woefully out-of-touch he is both with the topic concerned and the views of black footballers. old fogeys, black and white alike, can get away with such ingrown habits of antiquity - but mr hansen seems too young for such clemency. both you and alan hansen should take this as a timely lesson in gob-brain co-ordination - and consider yourselves told. you see, i can paint my toe-nails any colour black, white or lime-green with pink spots...but when my granny-boot connects with your'aaassss, you won't be able to tell the difference.

good tidings, and may you get the shade of christmas you wish for.

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