Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I am Fishead.

Today I watched a short film, an hour and twenty minutes of very interesting information. Unfortunately it's password-protected and I can't hand out the password because it's not my film. Sorry about that. There are some clips available though.

The film is called 'I am Fishead'. It explains the creatures I refer to as the Righteous. It explains how they have reached such high positions if influence. It explains why there seem to be an incredible number of them these days (something I didn't know the answer to). It explains why people don't seem interested in stopping them and it suggests a course of action to turn things around. Oh, and people are smoking in it.

The two freely available clips are the best explanation you'll hear of the Righteous mind.

Clip One

Clip Two

The title is taken from that old saying, 'A fish rots from the head' and the reason for the title becomes clear at the end.

If the clips get you interested, there is a contact page where you can request a password. I am not clear on whether there is any charge for that. The ideas it contains are definitely worth hearing.


Smoking Hot said...

Hi LI,
the link and password are the same for everyone :-
"Thank you for your interest in our movie I am <fishead(...If you want to watch the film and provide some feedback, go to www.FHmovie.com, click on Where To See and use the password: fhmovie.

Please become a fan on facebook, if you have not done so already and don't forget to share the film with at least 5 people around you."

hangemall said...


L-i, last year Ranty put up a post which was an article from a link which I had given him, which deals with much the same thing.

The original was in "Volume 2, Issue 5, of PSYCHNEWS INTERNATIONAL."

It was by Amos Gunsberg, a gestalt phychologist, not that I am into gestalt psychology.

Whether you are into a particular psychological theory or none, if you see somebody foaming at the mouth, wielding a hammer and shouting "The evil green fairies are burrowing into your skull, let me kill them for you" then you are going to think them a trifle odd no matter what the possible cause or cure might be. Pax, Frank Davis?

winston said...

That was a good film leggy. Got me thinking.
You can see the whole movie by going here...


And the password is fhmovie

Eddie Willers said...

Interesting stuff - mirrors what the American writer Frank Wallace called the "Neo-cheat" personality - folk who appear charming and bright but are totally manipulative destroyers of any value.

Frank Davis said...

I watched it with interest until about 1 hour and 3 minutes in they were talking about smoking and how once they had to endure smoke, but now anyone who smoked had to go outside, and how this was some sort of progress in 'consideration' or something.

And that point, I just disagreed completely.

Aside from that, what did hangemall mean by Pax, Frank Davis?

Frank Davis said...

And in addition, I never really figured out what the movie was trying to say. For a while I thought it might be that pharmaceutical drugs turned some people into psychopaths. But in the end that didn't seem to be the message.

Leg-iron said...

Frank - I wasn't sure whether the message was 'antismoking' or 'people can be changed'. The speaker was an antismoker, yes, but the point was that if people can be turned evil en-masse, they can be turned good en-masse by the same techniques.

Anyway, it'll be a common weed soon enough ;) Try denormalising dandelions.

Frank Davis said...

But is something "good" if people can be duped into doing it?

Vaclav Havel (who was interestingly shown smoking in one clip) spoke of a voice of inner conscience. That seemed much more real. Afterwards I wondered if he'd been shown smoking as an example of what an inconsiderate bastard he really was, or something.

Leg-iron said...

It seemed to me to say that -

1: a lot of psychos have risen through the ranks because the large-corporate system actually encourages such behaviour. Rather than being customer-centred, big business is profit-centred and that's certainly true. Sod the customer. Empty their wallets and send them on their way. Psychopathic behaviour. None more so than the pharmaceutical industry.

2. The mass medication with mood-suppressing drugs means that an awful lot of people get away from feeling bad by taking a pill, so the bad stuff doesn't seem like something they have to do anything about. They won't fight the psychos because the psychos supply the happy pills.

3. Conditioning to accept authority has been happening for a very long time so as soon as someone labelled 'expert' says "The world is warming and it's all our fault" the drones just accept it. An Expert Says therefore it is correct. It is no more questioned than the pronouncements of Ugg the Shaman were questioned in the stone age and it is based on Ugg's principle of 'shut up and do as I say'.

What it boils down to is that these are the reasons the shits are in control and nobody is trying to stop them.

The solution is not as easy as the film makes out but their premise could work. It's based on the idea of 'You want it fixed? Then you bloody well fix it' which appeals to me.

I don't think it's as easy as 'be excellent to each other' but that's a start. The world was a better place, not so long ago, when people cared about more than just themselves.

For me, I think that the smoking ban is more than just an inconvenience for smokers. It's the foundation, the model for all subsequent bans.

Break that one, and the rest will fall. They are all based on the same premise and all follow the same methods.

I certainly don't plan to be nice about it. I plan to go psycho on the psychos.

Leg-iron said...

But is something "good" if people can be duped into doing it?

Almost all people can be duped into just about anything. Better to dupe them into being nice to each other than into the gas chamber and mass grave route.

Funnily enough, no government has ever taken that approach.

The fact is, most people want someone to tell them what to do. That's why Pol Pot and Stalin and Hitler and all the rest did so well.

Nice people don't want to tell others what to do. If they did, we wouldn't have had so many wars.

So unfortunately, in order to stop the nasty people, the only option is to be nastier and sneakier than them.

"You have to be cruel to be kind". I never realised how true that was.

Frank Davis said...

1: a lot of psychos have risen through the ranks because the large-corporate system actually encourages such behaviour.

The impression I had was that the psychopaths ruthlessly disposed of their competitors.

2. The mass medication with mood-suppressing drugs means that an awful lot of people get away from feeling bad by taking a pill, so the bad stuff doesn't seem like something they have to do anything about.

That's one interpretation. The other one was that, as they became numbed, they became a bit psychopathic. They couldn't get hurt. Either way the drugs weren't helping.

3. Conditioning to accept authority...

I certainly agree that this is a big problem. But was it a message of the movie?

There also seemed to be a supposition in the movie that stuff like the financial crisis only happened because nobody stopped it. My own view is that nobody knows what to do.

Anyway I thought it was an interesting movie. It held my attention. Particularly the bit about Nicole Kidman's acting. But it all just didn't really seem to go anywhere.

Frank Davis said...

Forgot to thank you for the tobacco seeds you've sent.

I'll send an email when they arrive.

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, it'll be a common weed soon enough ;) Try denormalising dandelions. "

Reminds me of in America they had the legend of Johnny Appleseed who traveled from east to west, scattering apple seeds everywhere he went until the entire continent was covered with apple trees.

Fast forward to present day UK and we have a bunch of Little Johnny Tobacco Seeds, traveling from north to south, scattering tobacco seeds everywhere they go, until the entire kingdom is covered with tobacco plants growing wild alongside every motorway, glen and dale.

It will be the new legend for the 21st century, a bit like robbing from ASH to give to the poor (smokers who can't afford the high tax and avoid all the prohibitions that is).

Someone should write a song about it, would be a big hit maybe.

Kevin B said...

I've only watched the two samples you put up LI and my impression is it's junk.

"Let's say one in a hundred are psychopaths. So everywhere you go where there's lots of people there's a psychopath."

"What! You mean someone's going to leap out and carve me up into tiny pieces?!!!"

"No, No. You're thinking about hollywood psychos like Manson and such. I'm talking about a different kind of psycho who doesn't think like me and does things I wouldn't do, like go into business and make lots of money and stuff. Like George Bush."

"You mean you're talking about not psychos who you're just associating with psychos in order to pretend that people you don't like are mad."

"You're a psychopath, aren't you? Help, help, he's a witch! Burn him, burn him."

Made up numbers, a few pictures of different brainscans, some 'experts' making overly broad comparisons and some 'clever' movie tricks. Could be any Horizon episode I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I've only watched the two samples you put up LI and my impression is it's junk.

Only watched the two clips too, but will watch it all.

So you have never met anyone that fits that version of a psychopath?
Then you have been very lucky - or led a very sheltered life. With out much effort I sorted out five people I know, or have known, who fit pretty well. One of those five I was married to, and obviously know more about. Bias aside, the fit was perfect.

Thanks to LI listing the link I now understand something which I battled with for almost twenty years. If it’s junk then fine - it’s junk that has made me feel a little better about a period of my life that I didn’t enjoy. For that, LI, thank you.

joanna lumley's trip up her own front bottom said...


i'm not too sure about this tobacco insurgency operation, leg-iron...have you considered whether it could perhaps have a deleterious effect on the normally benign behaviour of british bunnies, squirrels and harvest-mice?

animal liberation blunt said...


no, i doubt very much whether he has...thinking his crack-pot schemes properly through has never been one of leg-iron's strong-points...

...fortunately, however, we at alb can see the up-side to this campaign...you see, in recent years, the bunnies and squirrels have picked up the habit of raiding illegal skunk farms, getting as fucked as crusties, and then bouncing their nuts off...

...now, nature-lovers amongst you may be horrified by this disturbing revelation, since, as you are probably aware, squirrels are not instinctively programmed to bounce...but, unfortunately, they have been observed to exhibit such erratic behaviour...generally as a consequence of jumping from dangerously high tree-tops whilst under-the-influence and hallucinating about the presence of huge adjacent packets of dry-roasted peanuts...

...we have now carried out extensive tests on volunteer guinea-pigs and have concluded that the wide indigenous availability of tobacco will encourage wildlife to cut their skunk-hits with the less zippy leafweed, thus ensuring a dosage which is not quite so lethal.

joanna lumley's trip said...


oh thank you, alb, you have now put my mind at rest...don't you think it such a tragedy that our poor british fauna have been reduced, as a result of obsessive conservative government customs-and-excise restrictions, to desperately scavenging for chemically-enhanced unnatural buzzes from those awful artificial skunk plants - next time i visit my conservation project in the himalayas, i must remember to bring back our fuzzy little friends some real organic nepalese resin...it may help them keep their dear little tootsies on the ground.

joanna lumley's trip up her own front-botty said...


...in fact, i've a good mind to tackle david cameron on the subject first thing tomorrow morning.

Leg-iron said...

Various personas - I have indeed considered what wild tobacco will do to the fauna of the UK.

My hope is that it will give the slugs cancer and make all the rabbits act like Dylan from the Magic Roundabout.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Don't care. It's certainly a funny thing.

Too late anyway. The game has begun. Seeds can survive mild and sometimes severe cold and this winter is classified as 'global warming' where the last two were 'weather is not climate'.

It's almost an entire degree above freezing tonight. Happy is the man who went to seed.

Oh, and strong winds are good for my maniacal intentions. There are more on the way. Of both.

'One man went to smoke, went to smoke the meadow. One man and his dog, went to smoke the meadow.'

There needs to be an internet shorthand for 'Joker laugh'.

Leg-iron said...

Serious mode.

We're all trying to work out what the hell is going in in the world.
It is, let's be honest here, an incredible shambles.

The film does not have a genuinely simple and guaranteed answer but that is not surprising because there isn't one. There is no simple answer to a problem with almost infinite variables.

It is science in its real incarnation. It is 'Right, here's what I think it means, here's my interpretation of he observations'.

They might be wrong but they are at least trying to make some kind of sense out of it all.

We all should.

Anonymous said...

On the film: only saw the clips you linked to which didn't seem to add up to anything. Did, however, note the extreme political bias of including photos of Bush and Cheyney in a montage with Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Idi Amin. Disagree with them if you will but to cast them as mass murdering psychos is, in itself, nuts.

On your Johnny Appleseed mission. Love it. Any way you could learn the addresses of the some arch Aunts and happen to seed their gardens?

Lord T said...

I think we are being turned into cyclepaths. They keep showing these sad stories on the TV and asking for money. I've found I can ignore them now with little feeling at all.

My career in business is assured. Whoo Hoo.

Leg-iron said...

Well, plans are afoot to deal with those of us who refuse to take mood-altering medication.

Details at the home of the Moose.

minnie the word-mincing mouse said...


dear animal liberation blunt,

much as i admire your tireless work in support of the under-privileged and under-dosed of the english countryside, i must take you to task on the following phrase:

not quite so lethal

surely something is either 'lethal' or 'not lethal'?

and when you say:

generally as a consequence of jumping from dangerously high tree-tops whilst under-the-influence and hallucinating about the presence of huge adjacent packets of dry-roasted peanuts.

i trust that you meant something like:

generally as a consequence of leaping, whilst under-the-influence, from dangerously high tree-tops in the false hallucinatory hope of landing on huge packets of dry-roasted peanuts.

alternative version - traditionally sung whilst checking for things kicked into the long-grass said...


two men went to-mow, went to-mow a-mea-dow...two-men, one-man and his dog "spot", a bottle-of-pop, old-mother-riley and her cow, went to-mow a meadow.

camp-fire sing-song said...


there is a further variation where the words "and her" are replaced by the words "is a" - très amusing...unless "old mother riley" catches you.

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