Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ink and pixels don't mix.

Still trying to get those cartoons on Kindle. The ones with no words seem reasonable but I really need each one on a separate page - and Ebooks have no concept of 'page'. When it puts two to a screen, the ones with captions are unreadable.

I think it would work best with cartoons drawn and sized with the Kindle in mind. Some of these predate the ZX-81. Maybe they can be made to fit but I think I'm going to have to size each one individually before loading them.

I'll try again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

ZX-81? Was that the tiny thing that came as a kit, had a tiny keypad and a line of LCDs or LEDs across the top to substitute for a monitor, hardly any memory or processing speed and required a D2A convertor to save anything programmed in BASIC onto a cassette tape deck? This was circa early 1980's then?

Leg-iron said...

I remember someone having the kit one, and wondered what the hell they were planning to do with it.

The ZX-81 was actually advanced compared to that. A small black wedge-shaped thing. It had a crappy membrane keyboard (Maplin sold a better one in kit form) and one entire kilobyte of memory. You could get about six lines of BASIC into it.

It did have a 16K memory expansion and then you could get decent sized programs in there. Display was by plugging in to TV. Monochrome only.

Still stored on cassette tape though and it was hit or miss whether it recorded properly.

I think the next one up was the Spectrum which had colour video. Still BASIC-only though and still cassette tape.

It wasn't really that long ago, now I think about it. Now you need gigabytes just to load the latest version of Windows and that's before any proper programs go in!

Leg-iron said...

Oh yes - the cartoon above is from 1983 and it was one of the later ones. If it hadn't been for my parents' attic and my natural hoarding nature I'd have lost them all.

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