Friday, 9 December 2011

A bit of a breeze.

I'm knackered from sitting at this bloody machine all day. Nothing to let me procrastinate from working today because the air outside is in a hell of a hurry. It's worse than Prescott's downpipe after a triple madras and three vats of lager.

It's above freezing, not much, but compared to this time last year that's luxury.  This is called Global Warming. It's easy to play, the rules are simple. If the weather is a bit warmer than normal, that's Global Warming. If it's fifty degrees colder than normal, you have to say 'weather is not climate' and assume a smug expression. At no point should you admit that we live in the UK where the weather has done just as it damn well pleases with no regard for season for the last million years.

This wind has extra cold in it. I was only out there long enough to get the recycling bin back in (there are plastic bottles and tins all over the street because as soon as the bin men lifted the bins, the wind had a rummage). It didn't feel cold while I was out there but when I came back in it felt as if I had left all my body heat in the garden.

This particular wind has been dubbed Hurricane Bawbag. Nominedeus has the details.

Global warming? I'm all for it.


mother nature the bugger of invention said...

thanks nominedeus, loved the samples from comments - i really needed a laff today; holy shit, you jocks are hard as fucking nails, bwoy, you took it up the kilts like real men (and lasses). when trucks get blown over like placcy toys, you know it's a biggy. the photo of the wind-turbine spontaneously self-combusting has to take the fucking oat-biscuit 'tho. have one too many drams on me guyz, you deserve it. and keep yer headz doon. cheerz.

Anonymous said...

Bet there were nipples blowing all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you have managed to survive Leggy, I was wondering.


Lord T said...

You pick them up yourself? You are depriving street cleaners of their jobs. Such is the cycle of council work.

Personally, I report them for littering and gie the reg number of the wagon.

View from the Solent said...

".. the largest party in the Dutch parliament has been the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy which... ...decided that there are better uses for public money than funding anti-tobacco advocacy groups whose beliefs are fundamentally at odds with Dutch liberalism. STIVORO, the Dutch equivalent of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), received 2.7 million euros in 2011. By 2013, it will have to rely on donations from the public... "

I'd become disappointed with my ancestral homeland. Maybe they're waking up after a long slumber.
<a href=">Adam Smith</a>

Leg-iron said...

Anon - nipples, teeth, all those bits that drop off anyone exposed to smoke, all over the place.

Leg-iron said...

Rose - the hatches were well battened. Fortunately I have annoyed the neighbours enough that they have installed tall fences, so my greenhouse and shed were safe.

Leg-iron said...

Lord T - I just wait, and the wind takes care of the mess ;)

Leg-iron said...

View from the Solent - the only way our idiot government will stop handing over cash to the Righteous is when there's no more cash.

Even recession has a silver lining.

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