Thursday, 15 December 2011

A deadline looms.

I have a couple of deadlines for Friday night and if I can get get them done in advance, I can go out to Smoky-Drinky. Hence, you are spared my ramblings for a little while.

Just had to point out to those halfwits in authority who believe the tosh they are fed by the medics what really happens when you price booze to high for ordinary people. It's already started in the UK. Exploding stills and methanol-laced fake vodka has already appeared here. Next plan for the healthists? Make it worse.

Also, tipped by hangemall in the comments, the crackdown on dissenting voices has stepped up a notch.

Interesting times. Right, back to work or there'll be no Friday night boozing for me, and that would be terrible.

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smoking hot said...

ok, i reckon its a good book about racism thats a just one psycho-operated arm of the sticky-fingered octopus of oppression - the information acquired by immigration control is used as political propaganda to build up a head of racist or anti-immigrant steam amongst the electorate in order to justify further immigration control, population control, monitoring, and fear-inspiring summary detention and deportation. the immigration system is exploited by racists - but ultimately it\\\'s about control and fleecing people. yes, obviously, starting looting-wars in other parts of the world will also allow the government to justify immigration control aimed at preventing those houses to be lit up with xmas lights who will become enemies of poodle parlours, which we have cultivated, from blowing-up trains - and the welfare state, that mark of civilzation which differentiates us from those we rob, becomes yet another precious fortress-in-the-air which we have to protect at all costs.

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