Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Everyone is Saved!

A politician, lying.
Picture led by the nose from here.

It seems the Cameroid's latest tax wheeze has been stamped on by his masters. They won't let him penalise everyone because of a few who can't handle their booze.

Experts believe the proposal could save up to 2,000 lives a year and cost drinkers around £700million per year. 

The money generated could be ploughed into the NHS.

Well that makes no sense at all. If the NHS has two thousand fewer people to deal with every year, then they need less money, not more. In fact, since nobody gets heart attacks or cancer since the smoking ban, nobody gets hypertension because of salt controls, children don't fall out of trees or play boisterous games because of health and safety, and women can check their boyfriends for violence before taking them on, we don't actually need the NHS at all, do we? The Experts have told us that their interventions have worked and so, according to the Experts, the NHS is now superfluous. Nobody gets ill or damaged any more. They have Numbers to prove it.

All that's left for the NHS to do is to take in the elderly and neglect them to death, which could be just as effectively done in their own homes. Although maybe not, because those pesky relatives might feed them and keep them warm. The medical profession cannot possibly allow such amateur meddling in the affairs of the old. I am sure the local council will provide home don't-carers to make sure all those people are neglected to NHS standards.

Well, that's that. All done. We can now safely disband the BMA and sack all those who have been so busy making sure we're all living the Puritan way, because their work here is finished.

Seriously, folks, we're all just fine now. You can go. Sir Liam and the rest, 'bye now.

Close the door behind you.


Anonymous said...

What is the point troll?, you will get deleted...oh dear, there is nowt as queer as folk.

James Higham said...

Hard to see how the thing is going to be turned around, seriously.

Barnacle Bill said...

Oh deary me, it would appear the Lib/Dem tail is wagging the Tory dog.
Are there any Torys left with any cojones?

Leg-iron said...

What I don't understand is - how did Oily Al get away with the same proposals? Is it because Oily hasn't upset them yet?

If so, we are ruled by extraordinarily petty people.

hangemall said...

Anyone who has been reading the blogs (well, OUR type of blog)for the last twelve months or so will have seen that the EU wouldn't allow it in Scotland. So why should they allow it in England?

There is at least one blogger who insists that Dave doesn't listen to the little people.

It's also obvious that he wasn't listening closely enough when he thought his careers master at school told him he was going to be the greatest head nob the country has ever had.

hangemall said...

Sorry, L-i. I missed your comment above.

Junican said...

Damn it! Cameron has no control over anything! The New Aristocrats are in control! The likes of ex-Chief Medical Officer, Donaldson dictate! He was in post for 13 years - plenty time to replace all senior people in the Health Dept (not politicians) with zealots. Cameron knows nothing and can only act on advice.

And don't rely upon the Eurocrats - they are also New Aristocrats. They will change the rules as and when it suits them.

In what way will increasing the price of alcohol for everyone induce alcoholics to stop being alcoholics?

Our political system stinks! The people that we vote for are ignorant, and at the mercy of the New Aristocrats.

Leg-iron said...

The alkies will just do a Father Jack and drink Toilet Duck. Street alkies who cannot afford booze now will drink meths. They will not be affected by minimum pricing because they aren't buying actual booze anyway!

Desperate alkies will steal to fund their addiction. What am I saying? They already do. I was present when one tried it in the Italian deli. The owner's a big guy. Biiiig. And he has a proper Italian temper too.

If they're stealing it now, what does price matter?

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