Sunday, 11 December 2011

The cruelty of Blogger.

Blogger is evil.

I have moderation turned on for old posts to stop the spambots. If I get a comment that needs moderating, Blogger Emails me the comment with a note to do something about it. All comments eventually get released unless they are obvious spam.

If Blogger's spam-machine catches a comment, I get that comment by Email as normal but with no indication that it's in the spam bin. As far as I am aware from the Emailed comments, it went through.

So if you get caught by the spam-monster and it takes a while to show up, that's because the damn thing hasn't told me you're in the sin bin.  I only find out when I check in there or if I look for your comment to reply.

It seems to randomly pick on people. I haven't found the logic in it yet. Maybe there isn't any.

Maybe it just has targets to meet.


Angry Exile said...

Have you asked whether the commenters who end up in the sin bin smoke?

nisakiman said...

"Maybe it just has targets to meet. "


Anonymous said...

Or, it may be for those people who use the words "smoke", "smoking", "tobacco", "smoking ban", etc. in their comments that word filtration is set by anti-smokers and run of the mill workers who think anti-smoking is by now totally normal, in charge of the internet companies to earmark any such comments for the spam box. The internet filters are probably programmed enough to not only recognize key words, but to figure out how they are being used in sentences, juxtaposed with what other forbidden words and what sort of taboo thought pattern the commentator may have been expressing, also to send them to the spam box if they do not accomodate the antiChrists running the internet.

Anonymous said...

Ever thought about moving to wordpress? the base comment system works will with akismet spam filter and you could also use another comment service like DISQUS with wordpress, which I recommend. is a really safe environment, but if you fancy a total freedom then wordpress hosting is very good - does cost however.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say you can import everthing from blogger into wordpress, posts, comments etc.

Curmudgeon said...

Very often comments containing multiple links are treated as spam.

Lou said...

Frank had a Troll, Pat's got another and it seems the cold weather / long nights encourages a few highly repugnant individuals to use comment sections in a way that goes beyond the limits of even the extremely tolerant.

Seems wordpress isn't up to speed on tagging their ID numbers. Blogger is.

Of course there's always a risk of being targetted as soon as you speak out yet, with Pat, it sank to such a personal level that she was forced to respond see "Dickhead".

They prefer the very tolerant and high profile blogger and, with i pads now available on the 2nd hand market for not a lot the modus is to use one via any convenient (free) wifi hotspot in the false belief they can't be identified.

Not without a reasonable amount of work as individuals but their computer ID still allows blogger to tag them, hence the seemingly random nature of their spam filter.

Fact is they don't much care about the theme of any author, hence their obvious superficiality. If you're pro-life, they're all for abortions and womens rights. If you're agin the ban they're for it and so on.

Always said we need more cartoons on television; keeps the morons enthralled.

Frank Davis said...

I've been getting about 200 spam postings a day for the past few months, usually for 'pre-teen nudes' and stuff (I've never looked, so I don't know where the links go). Wordpress catches 99.99% of them and puts them in my spam folder. It's one of my daily regular chores to go through it, usually several times a day, deleting them. This doesn't take long, as they all look the same. And now and then a perfectly ordinary comment lands up in there, so it's usually only a few hours before I pull it out.

Trolls are different. I did have someone trolling (maybe) for a couple of days last week. But it was no big deal.

nonny the neandertroll said...


the funny thing is...the cia smoke-filter got kevin and not me...

...yes, leg-iron, get it writ down quick - the word "smoke" (along with all its evil verbal associates) is about to be banned from the english language. as the process of social-semantic-shunning progresses, you may even find that the number-one four-letter word could be usurped by a that's going to be something to tell your grandchildren about, isn't it...?

...when i were a lad...

mrs i batter - kevin's mum said...

kevin's a sarky cunt, deserved a dip in the deep-fried spam-filter.

Anonymous said...



I've just been reading Pat's blog and it just occurred to me.

"They stay green but shrink a lot."

"You can make a whole cigarette out of those bits but it will blow your head off."

Mine go through green to cardboard colour, wouldn't appear to shrink quite as much and are clearly much milder, but still with that floral touch.

What do you think, temperature or variety?


mrs i batter said...


the doctor said that my darling little boy's terminal sarcasm was almost certainly a consequence of me smoking 60 a day for the entire duration of my confinement...but personally i think it was due to the drunken brawls i got into every weekend down the pub...some of the bitches down there really used to give me some serious lip - and it was obviously highly contagious.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I think that Blogger's spam filter works pretty well, all things considered. I've still not worked out how to tell it who is a troll and who isn't, it would be far more satisfying if known trolls went straight to spam to be moderated rather than me having to go to the bother of deleting them.

Curmudgeon said...

I find the word verification feature on Blogger pretty much stops all spam, although there are the occasional "false positives". What would be nice is a feature to enable moderation for individual posts, as I know some are far more likely to attract trolls than others.

nonny the neandertroll said...


pardon me...but it is my belief, good sir, that you completely misunderstand the basic underlying premise of getting on someone's tit ends.

Amusing Bunni said...

Blogger comments DO suck. Leggy, you should switch to Disquis like I did a few weeks ago! Very seamless transition....MUCh better and cheaper than old js kit echo "comment thingy". Plus IT"S FREE!

I like it a whole bunch, and you can easily block the nit wits, and also post cute pics or video's in the comments if you want. I'm glad I dumped js kit, and I'd advise anyone else having problems with their pages to do the same! Enjoy your weekend all.

Leg-iron said...

nonny the neandertroll - have you been skipping lessons again? Smokers don't have tit ends. Pay attention in class.

Leg-iron said...

Rose - it might be as simple as drying warmth. Mine are still dark green when I chop them into bits.

I have a different seed variety now so I can try both next year and compare.

nisakiman said...

"(I've never looked, so I don't know where the links go)"

Probably directly to a malware goody bag site. I get shitloads of spam to my OE email (oddly, I get very little in my hotmail and gmail accounts), mostly for Viagra and penis enlargement. I run it all through Mailwasher, a great little app. Is there not something similar (an external application, I mean) that can be used for comments?

Anonymous said...

LI,I have given this some thought.

You being trained as a scientist use a plastic box as a container, I as a former art student arrange the tobacco flowers directly onto the neatly folded kitchen roll which sits squarely on the top of the modem, making sure that there is a tiny air gap between them.

My flowers turn to a cardboard colour without a touch of green and though it's quite a powerful experience, you can smoke a whole cigarette.

Whereas yours are wonderful in a mixture.

OK, I think we have that one covered for next season :)

Isn't this fun?


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