Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Jocko Homo.

Max Farquar has the video of the UAF's grinning dick telling of his delight that a woman - a woman who attacked nobody - was beaten up by the UAF for no other reason than that they felt like it.

He further revels in telling us that he does not consider her 'a woman' because she was with the EDL.

So, for the UAF, an organisation supported by the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour, unprovoked violence against random women is perfectly okay. They do not consider such women human and therefore it's okay to beat them in a way you'd be prosecuted for if you did it to a dog. The Cameroid, the Clegg and the Moribund support this organisation wholeheartedly. This is what you vote for if you vote for one of their parties. If you do, then by implication, you support random violence against women too.

It's going to be a long, long build-up to that next election, politicians.

As a smoker, I meet people like the dick in the film all the time. If you're a drinker or a little overweight, no doubt you'll have met them too. Soon you'll meet them when you leave the chip shop or MacDonald's. They will insult you, they will revile you and once in a while, when they have their gang with them, they will attack you.

They consider those they disagree with to be subhuman. Not as people with a different viewpoint. Not as people who live a different lifestyle. Not, indeed, as people at all.

These very same people, including the dick in the film, will be outraged by this. They will respond to an image they consider to be a glorification of violence against women by sending death threats (apparently irony is not in the Socialist dictionary) - but actually beat up a woman who is with the EDL and they will glorify it.

You listening, Cameroid? Clegg? Moribund? You support the UAF and the UAF delight in beating up random women for fun. YOU support, yes, actively support, a group that attacks women for fun. A group that is then happy to appear on YouTube laughing about it. Don't tell me the EDL are the bad guys. Hell, compared to the UAF, don't tell me the Nazis were the bad guys.

They call themselves 'Unite Against Fascism' while behaving like Pol Pot's terror gangs. And all our politicians love them.

One day, the dick in the film might grow up. I say 'might' because growing up seems to be optional these days. It seems to be perfectly okay for people like the dick in the film to behave like petulant, delinquent teenagers well into old age. One day, maybe he will have a child, and maybe, one day, that child will have the crap kicked out of him/her by the other side of a difference of opinion. I wonder if he'll feel quite so joyful about that?

I wonder if he'll remember his YouTube appearance delighting in a random attack on a woman?

The Tory, Lib Dem and Labour voters around here will remember it come election time. Oh yes, they'll remember it.

Then again, maybe dick-in-the-film will stay infantile well into his forties, as has the national laughing stock of the day, David Copp. What a cretinous jellyfish of a man. He... no, read about him here and here. I still can't believe he's real. If he is, the Oxford English Dictionary will need an extra entry under 'stupid' just for him.

The stupid people are everywhere. There is no escape. While it's okay to discriminate against smokers, fat people, anyone as long as they don't have a currently-valid 'victim' card to play, while it's okay for the UAF to beat up women, it seems we have been unfairly discriminating against munters.

As a munter myself, and a smoking, drinking one at that, I can only be thankful that my red hair has turned grey or I'd be on a whole range of death lists by now. I have never been turned down for a job because of my looks, or lack thereof. This might be because I have never applied for any job where having 'superficial airhead' on your CV would be an advantage. In my line of work, people are looking for someone who will take a bucket full of diarrhoea, animal or human, and find what's in there causing it. I don't meet much competition for that kind of work and coming into interview looking like George Clooney is not going to help at all.

If I had a hump, a speech impediment and answered to the name of Igor it wouldn't make any difference. This year's lack of work is down to the reticence of companies to hire outside contractors when they're feeling the pinch. Also to the progress of the Stuff to independent testing, which I obviously can't be involved in. Not because I look like as if a starfish sucked my face off and then reassembled it while blindfold and drunk and with four arms tied behind its back.

It is the very epitome of stupid. Hideously ugly people can't get high-ranking jobs? Look at the previous Prime Monster and the whole story is self-evident nonsense. When you look as if your face belongs on a much larger head and you can still be Prime Monster, there is no case for discrimination.

But this is what we are to be worried about. Looking pretty. The education system has ensured there are no upcoming brains so just look good and you'll get a job. As what? Well, the UAF can always use more woman-thumpers. The government (all three parties are now the same so party politics is no longer relevant) has endless vacancies for the endlessly vacant. The EU can't even get your pay right but it's okay, trying to calculate and retrieve overpayments will blow a pretty little accountant's head wide open.

Incidentally, remember that 'ugly people don't get anywhere' story? Looking at that woman and her income, I have to wonder just how horrifically deformed you have to be in order to be discriminated against. You'd have to grow Ed Balls out of one ear and Vince Cable out of the other and develop a Cherie Blair mouth filled with Tiny Blur teeth while having your forehead stretched to Cameronian levels. Even then, the EU will still give you a job as long as you're sufficiently dim and compliant.

Baroness Ashtray is one of the most repellent individuals in the EU, and that's quite a feat, but not because of her looks. I wouldn't hit her, even though she is possibly the most utterly arrogant, self-important and worthless politician next to the Zombie King, Herbie Remploy-van, himself. I could never condone violence against a woman, even one with the intelligence of the only sea-squirt that sucked.

If I did, I'd go to jail.

Unless I was in the UAF, in which case I'd be on YouTube bragging about it.

Looking at the current state of humanity, I think DEVO had it right a long time ago.


JuliaM said...

"The stupid people are everywhere. There is no escape. "

It does feel that way, doesn't it?

I think we just have to hope that it's a false perception induced by the media.

Anonymous said...

Julia have you ever left the house? Ever called the bank? (I just did) There are stupid people everywhere, not just politically retarded but also "intellectually challenged". Brave New World speculates on what would happen if everyone was smart.

Slamlander said...

The media is actually pretty accurate in guaging their target audience. Simply look at the quality of the programming that sells and that should worry you, a lot!

It wouldn't be in the media if the media didn't think that it wouldn't garner at least 80% of the viewers. That's pulitzerization for you.

Remember that the Spanish-American war was started by Pulizer and Gould. Remember that NATO involvements were lead/instigated by media coverage, note also that the Yugoslavian interventions were instigated by the media.

On a slow news day, the media will start a war to sell column-inches.

banned said...

The beaten up woman was not random. She was accompanying the EDL and was dragged out of the bus toilet when the UAF goons bravely snatched open the emergency doors.

As for that idiot David Copp, he was done good and proper in Mondays Telegraph, only in the travel section (to date) but with a remarkable 750 comments, 99% hostile.

"fish traumatized my kids"

Lets hope some of his 'friends', relatives, neighbours and colleagues point them out to him.

Mr A said...

I don't know much about the EDL but there does seem to be a massive media bias against them, something which reached the height of absurdity in The Mail story a few days ago when the EDL bus got attacked, with photos of UAF chucking rocks through the windows, yet somehow it was the EDL who were at fault and the EDL who got arrested!! Bizarre.

Still, one thing I do have to give the lefties credit for, is clever mangling of the English language. Righties tend to be too literal, so Monickers like "Freedom" and "Liberty" etc tend to be easily dismissed. Lefties have names down to a fine art. "Unite Against Fascism".... what sort of politician is going to say they don't support an organisation with that name? "Action on Smoking and Health" - what? You don't care about health? You MUST support us unless you're a heartless psychopath!

See what I mean? The EDL should have nicked the UAF name before the lefties got hold of it. It would have been amusing to see the tabloids trying to smear a group called "Unite Against Fascism." Doing so would reek of, yes, being pro-fascism.

But "English Defence League"? Nah - too literal, easily dismissed as Nationalists.

Righties really have to wake up and learn how to use language like the lefties do (Oh yeah, "progressive" is another one. Now they've claimed "progressive" as a word, if you are against them you must be "regressive" or "moribund").

Lefties might be deranged and nasty, but they do know how to use language effectively.

P T Barnum said...

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the ex-government for a second time (the first being for FoI). Digital switchover means I now live in a TV-free world* and it's really light and airy out here away from the rancid pull of the glowing box in the corner. I now understand its pernicious and true function in the modern world.

*Since I qualified for no grant and can't afford to try multiple solutions which all cost money and none of which might work.

Quiet_Man said...

The EDL know who the guy is, he's left a trail of breadcrumbs via a blogger profile and links to a blog he likes with personal details about him and his family.
Bit like advertising yourself as a candidate for the Darwin Awards.

Anonymous said...

Tourist Wails At Trawler

Captain Haddock said...

@ QM ..

I think the rest of us would like to know his identity too .. along with that of his giggling "fellow traveller", the cameraman ..

The pair of them should be "outed" ASAP ...

Smoking Hot said...

Devo! ... that brings back memories! thx

Anonymous said...

The only way that UAF twat will have a child is if it dribbles out of his boyfriend`s arse.

Anonymous said...

...though having said that he looks more like a catcher than a pitcher.

Quiet_Man said...

@ Capt Haddock, meet ben

Captain Haddock said...

@ QM ..

Following on from Anon's last post ..

Might it be fair to assume that Ben's surname is "Dover" ? .. ;)

Captain Haddock said...

@ QM ..

Ta muchly for that link .. but unless I'm missing something obvious (it wouldn't be the first time .. ;) )

That blog hasn't been updated since 2008 ..

Anonymous said...

I too have been on the trail of Ben and Anthony. I now have many details about the despicable duo. Some of that info will be in a blog post at MF ... soon.

Just saying ;-)

Captain Haddock said...

Good man Max ..

These two fucktards need to be publicly identified and subjected to a little sphincter-clenching fear ..

We'll see how brave & tough they are then ..

Alfie North said...

There's a videos of the EDL coach, where a window is clearly being smashed from the inside, with some object that lands on the floor if you care to look on YouTube. It's not clear whether this woman was attacked, or not, or by whom? All I can tell is that it looks as though she fell out of the window. In another video on YouTube she is seen drunk talking to an EDL member, who is being restrained by police who repeatedly request that she move away from the scene, which she refuse to do. Her facebook profile includes some vile racist comments and she has a sunwheel tattooed on her left breast. A favourite symbol of neo-Nazi's. The two idiots laughing on the video do not represent the views of the UAF, even if they are members of that organisation, which has not been verified as yet as far as I'm aware? Apparently, some Asian men intervened to assist the woman from the scene. Were they UAF? As before unclear as yet?

Ben Melchiors said...

From Ben Melchiors:


I am Ben Melchiors, as posted here, Facebook, YouTube, Red Watch and British Resistance sites.

But I am NOT the Ben as the cameraman in the video! I have a different accent, wasn't there, and don't know anyone connected, including "Carl Anthony" who was first misidentified and then me via a distant contact-of-a-contact on a social network site. I don't know the real Ben and Anthony, and their identities have been published.

I've been receiving death threats and in contact with the police who are monitoring all of this. So please stop furthering this mistaken identity, for my safety, my family and everyone connected to me.

If you have any questions, I have created the email and will respond.

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