Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Stirling University - Drone factory.

Stirling University are refusing to admit that their results on the plain-packaging of cigarettes are entirely fabricated Stalinist nonsense. There is only one possible logical conclusion.

Personally, I will never employ or engage in business with anyone who has Stirling University on their CV, and if I ever have to I'll pay them half or charge them double. The organisation pumps out indoctrinated drones and nothing more. It is a Righteous clearing house producing graduates of no value whatsoever in my view and that view will not now change. Ever. Every human-shaped void that emerges from that institution is an utter waste of space.

If you are thinking of paying that university for your education, think again. They do not educate, they indoctrinate. Your degree will be worth less than the paper your Friday night chips arrive in. You will be paying to be worthless forever. I will not employ you, and in every case where I act as consultant to employers, no Stirling university graduate will be considered.

Unfair? Look at those 'Smokers need not apply' ads and then tell me it's unfair. Then fuck off. Your game, Righteous, your rules.

Do not bother telling me 'it's only one department and the rest are okay'. It is not one department. It is the central management of the university. This is the entire university, not a little clique of arseholes (which every university has) hiding in a corner and just making stuff up. The refusal to comply with the law comes from the centre of the university. The pretend Farcebook page with pretend support for those refusing to comply with the law comes from the centre of the university.

This involves the entire university. I don't care which department you are in, I don't care how diligent you are with your science, your university has declared you useless and declared your research worthless. Your university did that. If you are applying to universities, note that Stirling will mark you as a Righteous drone the moment you put them on your application form.

Are you a Stirling astronomer who is perfectly happy to release data on your new-planet discovery via FOI? Your university refuses FOI requests, therefore you are lying. Are you a Stirling mathematician with a perfect solution to Fermat's last theorem and you'd be delighted to release your calculations to an FOI request? Well, your university refuses FOI requests so you are lying.

Or maybe they just refuse the ones that are based on lies? Either way, that university cannot be trusted. If I were you I would never apply for a job there and never apply for any course because the entire university is suspect.

You might be in Stirling's microbial taxonomy department thinking 'Oh, this has nothing to do with me'. Yes it does. Yes. It. Does.

This is not about a department. This is about the university as a whole. Whichever department you are in, this reflects on you. Whichever class you take hoping for a job on graduation, this reflects on you. This is not a department setting up Farcebook fakes and defying the law. This is Stirling University. All of it. Yes, comparative psychology, you too.

Let's not play semantics. Stirling University is the problem here. All of it. ALL.

You work there and you want it to change? Well do something about it.

The only thing I can do is to recommend students go elsewhere and to strike your graduates from employment shortlists. This, I will do. Whichever department they come from. No prejudice and no distinction.

I am an equal opportunities bastard.

You made me, Dr. Antismokenstein. Aren't I doing what you wanted?


Ed P said...

Sterling stuff, LG!

winston said...

Does that include OU students who did their week of summer school there ? It was the only option available for me at the time.

Frank Davis said...

You're dead right.

This isn't a problem with one particular department. It's a problem with the whole university. And since there are creepy little departments like this in lots of universities, it's a problem with the entire university system. And not just in the UK.

In this case, and in the case of the University of East Anglia, the university has stepped in to defend an errant department. I guess vice-Chancellors see that as their job. But if you do that, without looking to see what you're defending, you put not just one department at risk, but the whole university. For by allying yourself with them, you become no different from them, and your fate becomes inseparable from theirs.

cuffleyburgers said...

Hear hear, as a St Andrews man it was well known that Stirling was a lefty cess pit, they wouldn't allow us even onto campus in our OTC uniforms for fucks sake.

Mind you until you wrote this I don't suppose anyone had heard of Stirling university.


george said...

This is what I often find ironic with lefty liberals and their weird ideas. If you ever question them they clam up and go to ground.Freedom of speech is for them only. Liberal blogs and other websites are always pre modded and any opposing view is rejected. Stories that are obviously bogus will be deleted. Heck people can be deleted ( where's that J Harri guy these days ?). Of course they feel free to comment on right wing blogs with the vilest of language. It's their freedom of speech you see.
They will continue to accommodate ever more islamism yet their views on gay marriage and freedom of religion etc would see them as the first up against the wall ( hanging from crane in Iran etc...)if we ever adopted a sharia law.

John Pickworth said...

I sincerely hope that Stirling University are punished very severely.

They have no justification for refusing to release their data, none. Unless of course its faulty and such a release would expose them to ridicule. A failure to release would in those circumstances still be wrong but at least understandable.

As it stands, Stirling University should be required either to immediately release the data OR be forced to issue a retraction of their original study. Put up or shut up. They cannot have it both ways.

Leg-iron said...

Winston - a week isn't enough time to get properly infected. Besides, your degree would state 'Open University', surely?

winston said...

Leggy - I'm still studying for the OU but my OU degree will probably have a wee wiff of righteousness on it that you will sniff out :(

Anonymous said...

"I am an equal opportunities bastard."

... but you won't hire graduates from Stirling. Hilariously ironic, and particularly hypocritical.

Leg-iron said...

Feel free to pick any line out of context and hurl a shallow insult or two.

It has no effect at all.

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