Friday, 23 September 2011

Cameron saves the world.

Dai Cameron has declared that unless the Euro is propped up, the whole world will be skint. He has proposals to save the world. I bet the Gorgon is chuckling now.

Impossible. Unless they're shipping money off-planet. All that will happen is that the current monetary system will collapse and we'll use barter until we think of an alternative.

I suggest tobacco leaves. They are already worth more than money.


Dembones said...

I have often wondered whether the vindictiveness against smokers has been because cigarettes have been another form of currency, such as in POW camps, prisons etc. Perhaps the financial crisis was foreseen and tptb are worried that cigarettes will be the new international currency?

Anonymous said...

Dibs on yer tab.

Amusing Bunni said...

Cameron is a moron.

Tedious Tantrums said...
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Tedious Tantrums said...

The reality of Call me Dave actually telling other countries to follow the Uks example is just ridiculous.

No one, anywhere in the world knows what to do. There are countries which the mess will touch fairly lightly and there will be others such as the UK which will suffer dreadfully.

The politicians won't be affected that much. Why should they suffer?

I wish they'd stop these economists. bankers, politicians etc. who were complicit in the crash coming on TV and telling us what will happen. They didn't know before and they know even less now.

ArtCo said...

Anonymous said...

Dibs on yer tab.

We used to say 'Fogs' in Yorkshire.

ArtCo said...

After breaking my leg ,I used to barter with my mates.I'd paint a portrait of their kids and they would get me pissed for a whole weekend.
They got a 'Blue Peter Badge' and more times than not 'away with murder' when they presented it to their wives.All I got was a fucking hangover.
Portrait for a case of beans anyone lol.

Leg-iron said...

Dembones - if we're ever using tobacco as currency, then the 'prison plant' lot were right.

Tedious Tantrums - I don't think anyone in charge has a clue what they're doing.

ArtCo - wrong way round. Get pissed first and then paint. It was the turning point in Picasso's career.

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