Thursday, 22 September 2011

A quick look at today's news.

I've put a post in the queue at Orphans of Liberty tonight because I haven't been active there lately. So here's just a quick news roundup for today.

Drooling imbecile Nick Clegg has declared that' The Human Rights law is here to stay'.
This one, Nick? Oh look, here it is again. You really think it was a good idea to tell the world that you support this? That you are determined to keep it forever? It might well be here to stay but I don't think you are, lad.

I routinely lambast the NHS for waste and incompetence and high level snobbery and pernicious control freakery, but when they refuse to perform surgery on someone who is not even slightly unwell, I have to agree with them. Being fat is not an illness. On the other hand, the NHS have spent a lot of time and money telling us that it is, and a deadly one at that. So perhaps they should look to their own fat-control policies before blaming it all on the woman concerned. Why does she think she's going to die just because she's fat? Because the NHS have told her so. Over and over again.

That old chestnut about drinks advertising on Farcebook is back, fronted by Dr. Nick Sheron who looks like someone who really knows how to have a good time. At a funeral. Dr. Nick insists that by restricting advertising to over 18s, Diageo are targeting the cheeeldren. Dr. Nick is evidently unaware that even if the average five-year-old runs slavering into the nearest pub after a quick look at Farcebook, he won't actually get served. There's a real world out here, Dr. Nick. It has people in it who understand that just because something is advertised, they aren't obliged to buy it. You should visit sometime. It might wipe that smile onto your face.

There was another example of gibbering lunatics dressed up as scientists today, but it's slipped my mind...


JuliaM said...

"There was another example of gibbering lunatics dressed up as scientists today..."

My favourite yesterday was this one:

"A study spoke to 15 to 21 year olds and discovered some gamers end up doing things like reaching for a search button to find someone in a real crowd.

Others had tried to use a 'gravity gun' to pick up food."

Makes it sound like a schizoid break with reality, instead of a momentary moment of wish fulfilment!

Anonymous said...

From the DM story: two of the experts from the University of Northumbria are to look into third hand smoke.

president obombaklaart (a man who looks after his mates) said...

human rights, yeah, isn't that one of those funny old fairy-tales we still tell our children at bedtime when we're tucking them up? maybe we should pass a law against that kind of thing, isn't it child-abuse or summat? shit, there's adults around who really buy this wouldn't believe know, there's a bunch of folks down in georgia been pestering me to intervene in the case of some black guy on death-row there, basically because the state was gonna execute him on the basis of a dodgy court trial (hey, ain't they all?)...but what they don't appreciate is there's white house policy, precedent and protocol to see, me and michelle don't do comment on individual black guys getting lynched by the authorities, unless they're harvard professors, of course...and apparently this latest racial statistic didn't even have a

now, obviously...if he'd been libyan, we could have gotten the air-force to bomb the motherfuckin' joint, released the inmates, and deposed the governor.

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