Wednesday, 21 September 2011

All or nothing.

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If you're a Small Faces fan and feel cheated by the title here's a consolation prize.

Anyway, this one is about wrinkly pundit Jonathan Dimbleby and the outrage he has caused by mentioning that perhaps the war on drugs just might be causing more problems than it solves. Because drugs are the sole province of criminals, people in South America find themselves dangling from bridges with their internals external. If criminals didn't make so much money from drugs they wouldn't be so keen to defend their trade - and if drugs were taxed, maybe the smokers and drinkers could get a break. Unlikely, I know. The plonkers in charge would just spend more.

Dimbledore did not call for legalisation of everything, he merely suggested that decriminalisation of these drugs might be an option worth thinking about. That's all he said.

Well, looking at the comments you'd think he was advocating for batches of cocaine to be delivered to kindergartens daily. The Righteous are out in force - or should that be farce - to denounce him as a crackhead and demand he be shot on sight.

One even suggests the death penalty for drug users and that comes as no surprise in a country where smoking kills passers-by in seconds, everyone who takes a sip of sherry can expect to look like radiator girl within five seconds and anyone who puts salt on their chips has instantly pickled their kidneys.

Come on. Legalisation of cannabis? In a country full of people who believe a hamburger will kill them? Can you imagine a government that believes that using a different lightbulb will save the planet ever having the sense to even consider such a thing? It's not going to happen.

We live in a world where you're an evil addict if your waist is over regulation size. Where people who allow smoking in their privately-owned pubs go to jail. Where universities host tobacco control departments and Puritan-driven anti-alcohol groups. A world where governments plan to tax food they have decided is bad for you.

We live in Nannyland and there are people who imagine drugs might be legalised?

The fuinniest of the drug-legalisers are the Paul Flynn types. 'I want heroin legal and I want tobacco banned'. What a comical lot they are. They imagine that those anti-baccy Righteous are going to let them anywhere near heroin? Get real, Flynnites. They don't even want to let you have salt. They are not going to give you crack cocaine. Never.

In this world, there are cretins who want all smoking banned from films. It's been around a while, this one. It means that 101 Dalmatians (Cruella DeVille), Dumbo (the crows), Pinnochio (pleasure island) and The Aristocats (jazz cats - yeah) must all be rated 18 because they all have smoking in them.Oddly, nobody has objected to 101 Dalmatians for making coats out of puppies, to Dumbo for depiction of circus cruelty, for Pinnochio for depiction of child abduction, or to the Aristocats for animal abandonment. All that is just fine and dandy as long as you don't smoke while you do it.

I think all those films depict drinking too and at least two depict drunkenness if my memory serves me well. If you have an old videotape, look after it. It'll soon be worth lots of money on the underground banned film scene.

I don't think anyone smoked in the 'Saw' series so that can be downgraded to PG. Freddy Kruger didn't smoke, nor did Jason Voorhees, so we're fine with the availability of suitable viewing for the under-fives. How about The Exorcist or Straw Dogs? I don't recall much smoking in those. May I also recommend 'Eraserhead'? Just tuck the baby into bed, leave the TV and night light on, it's fine, nobody is smoking.

The Flynnites think that a world where a cartoon of Popeye is banned for smoking a pipe is likely to let them have hard drugs. You can't even buy more than two packs of painkillers at a time here and they think they are going to get cocaine in Tesco.

It is not going to happen.

It is not going to happen because we do indeed live in the kind of blinkered, intolerant, controlling world the Flynnites say we live in. What the dopes will never realise is that the reason we live in it is because they made it. They have been calling for bans on things they don't like and now they want something unbanned because they do like it. Well, too bad. It doesn't work that way. The ban brigade you Flynnites have encouraged have one default setting and that's it. They never un-ban anything and they are never going to release something they've already banned.

If you want hard drugs legalised, you first have to stop and then reverse the encroachment of the ban-everything brigade. It won't be easy, they have already reached salt and burgers and children's TV, but you are not going to get your drugs until the whole circus is rewound to the point where your stuff is next in line to be released. You think you can short-circuit the Righteous or control them? Good luck with that and I'd appreciate a mention in your will.

If you support any ban on anything at all, you will never get drugs legalised. A little thought will make that obvious to all but the most addled of deranged beardie MPs and his insane voters.

If you support the ban on anything at all, you must, de facto, support all bans. They all come from the same people and they are all part of the same progressive agenda. It's what 'progressive' means, didn't you know? Look up gas gangrene. That's what 'progressive' means. Don't worry if you feel a little disturbed by the 'progressives'. They'll grow on you. Like ringworm. Just like ringworm or any other progressive disease, left unchecked it just gets worse and worse. It never goes back.

This is an all or nothing game. That's how the Righteous play it and if you try to play any other way, you lose. Think of it like cancer. Ignore it, let it eat up parts you don't care about until it gets to parts you do care about but it's too late to do anything, or stop it now and reverse it. Those are the only two choices available.

If you are a ban supporter, of any ban, then when they come for you, support it. You won't really have a choice.

There's nobody left to speak for you.


subrosa said...

I'm not too keen on systems accessing my other accounts LI, so I'm a guest this morning.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nope.

Pogo said...

Strangely for "The Mail" - all the highest-rated comments support Mr Dimblething, and the lowest-rated are the "death penalty for drug users" brigade...

uk Fred said...

I has been against the law to smoke whilst driving a bus since the Road Traffic Act 1933 PSV Regulations came into force. Yet, in the 1970's I knew of one driver who used to carry two pipes with him. One he used for smoking tobacco and the other was clean. He always had the clean pipe in his mouth when he went through a town with a known anti-smoker policeman, and he was always being stopped. He usually got a regular passenger to witness that the pipe had never been used for smoking tobacco and for some reason the cop never seemed to learn. This anti-smoking thing is not new, but it is becoming more and more intrusive as life goes on. Maybe everyone should give up smoking for a week and use the money saved to buy some piano wire. The lampposts are already there.

smokervoter said...

In a country full of people who believe a hamburger will kill them?

Anyone out there happen to remember the R. Crumb episode on hamburgers called Hamburger Hi-Jinx? Zap Comix was so far ahead of its time it is ridiculous.

Refresh your memory here Be sure and click on the third image from the left and expand it to full size.

I used to laugh for hours on end at the part with the cook and the condiment bottles wagging their fingers in unison at the guilty hamburger connoisseur.

smokervoter said...

That was created 43 years ago. When I stop to think about it, Zap was either extremely prescient or it is a case of self-fulfilling prophesy. Or worse yet, the generation that should have laughed at this it is now in control and firmly ensconced in the ranks of the Righteous.

Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - it does try to access your Google account if you log in at their site, but the guest option still lets you pick a name.

Leg-iron said...

Anon- if you prefer to go it alone, good luck.

Leg-iron said...

Pogo - there's been a shift in attitude overall among the Mailites. More and more are getting sick of the stupidity. Politicians haven't noticed yet.

Leg-iron said...

uk Fred - or maybe every smoker should take up gardening ;) You don't even need a garden, just somewhere to put a few buckets full of dirt.

Leg-iron said...

Smokervoter - the Puritan mind never dies. Even if it did, the average Puritan wouldn't notice.

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