Saturday, 10 September 2011

War is Peace.

Peace Envoy Tony 'Ghoulgrin' Blair has been awarded a model of a headstone to commemorate the peace he has brought to the Middle East. Wasn't it one of John Wayne's lines - 'There ain't nothing as peacable as a dead man'?

Shortly afterwards, our Peace Envoy declares that Iran is being very naughty by not having a leader he approves of, and if they won't change their leader, he'll send the boys round to sort them out. Now, I am sure the Armani Dinnerjacket currently in charge is as mad as a bag of badgers, it's actually hard to think of a current world leader who isn't, but he is Someone Else's Problem. We have our own madmen to contend with. There are loads of Iranians in Iran, let them sort it out.

In fact, as foreign policies go, a response of 'Look, we have nutters of our own to deal with here, we don't have time to worry about yours,' if adopted by every country in the world, might save a lot of bullets.

This is the same Ghoulgrin who was pictured shaking hands with the Gadfly, remember. Some despots are fine, apparently - at least until they cease to be useful.

I have a sneaky suspicion the Tiny Blur thinks that war is peace.

Maybe he read it in a book somewhere...


David Davis said...

Very good. I like the "Ghoulgrin" concept and I may quote you on it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Iraq (lies), Afghanistan (futile), Bosnia (help the KLA) did not provide enough bodies for this ******

So he now wants more killing and blood based on more lies. Truly a vile person.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Leg-iron

The lovely interwebs have it all - allegedly. I cannot vouch for the provenance, but this suggests the quote comes from The Rifleman, a series I used to watch as a lad.

As a dedicated non-smoker (except on 9 March and 1 July - National Smoking Day (one ciggie each), which I supposed makes me a regular smoker, I shall nonetheless be purchasing some seeds of the tobacco plant next year to see what can be made of them (one of my several hats being “gardener”).


PS Pasting your quote ("peaceable" correctly spelled, courtesy of Word) into the non-Goggle search engine I tend to use, the first result was as above, the eighth was some bloke called Leg-iron. Seems the universe is curved after all.

st tony the baptist said...

we shall fight on the heavily-thumbed pages of dodgy bible texts, we shall fight on the ethical issues arising from religious texts in which we don't even believe, we shall fight on the islamo-sensitive terraces of football stadiums and in the conceited calm of oxford college-cloisters, we shall fight extreme ideology with banging ideologically sound depleted-uranium missiles blessed en masse, by pope bentedict, as they congregate devoutly and reverently in their snug subterranean homeland-secure silo of psalms; we shall never make sense.

the archdichotomy of decanterbury said...


bugger, it's enough to make me quit lambeth palace and offer up my fat-cap salary along with theologically-enhanced establishment pension to the good lord himself. well, almost.

st tony the baptist (archangel errata edition) said...


line 3 should read 'religious verses' not 'texts' - but hey, no-one's perfect, not even me.

cunt-swap said...

some super-sensible international policy-making there, leg-iron - perhaps if the royal air force took out the foreign office, we would have less problems with johnny foreigner and johnny jihadist...just a thought. another thought i thought i might care to share with you is this:

on hearing the possibility that mr gaddafi was going to be given burkino fasa (where he would presumably have discovered vast oil-reserves and then got into another shooting-match with his favourite customers of crude manners), and on noting that the grotty little ghetto-landlord, mr sarkozy, appears to be taking charge of lettin-out occurred to me that a game of musical presidents could do the world the power of good. ok, it may not be an original idea, but i'll throw in a couple of suggestions for culturally enriching exchanges, anyway...'s about president obama trying his hand at ruling iran in return for president ahmadinejad being given a crack at the united states of america? and what about our own farmer's boy, david cameron, pulling on his welly boots and toddling-off down to zimbabwe, thus allowing mr mugabe to spend his final years in the town-house of his dreams...?

dr h fix said...


it's sounds like a revamped 21st century form of mutually assured destruction - except, this time, we can do away with nuclear weapons altogether.

Anonymous said...

EDL supporters were in London today to protest against the Muslim group (MAC) who were there burning U.S. flags and shouting obscenities during the silence for the 9/11 victims.
English Defence League protesters, who had gathered in response to the demonstration, were ordered to move on to accommodate the MAC supporters.

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