Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dark Thoughts and Demons.

Finally I have that short story book out of the way and can get back to writing those novels. It's available in print and PDF and I'm working on a Kindle version which is fiddly but feasible. I hope to get the earlier one onto Kindle also.

This is nastier than the earlier collection. There are a couple of purely-human stories here and humans are far more dangerous than anything Hell can conjure up. Some of the stories appeared here in the past, so here's a list with links to the already-released ones:

The Ship - Possibly the gentlest ghost story I have ever written. Included in this collection just to prove I'm not a total bloody psycho.

Arbuthnot’s Eyes

In Another Life (new title)

The Gate Race - One of my most psychotic stories so far. A psychoanalyst could get a thesis out of this one.

The Life of Water - Every cliche busted for fun. No, the main character does not run out of petrol and no, he's not going the wrong way on the back roads and no, none of the people he meets are hillbilly psychos. But then, you just know something's going to spoil his day...

Fireman - Sometimes the monsters are the good guys.

‘...and to dust we shall return’ - A little black comedy. Well, I laughed when someone came back from Hell to reanimate his corpse, only to find he'd been cremated.

One Stop after Marchway

The Ignorant Assassin
(new title)

Time-slice - a one-page quickie with a hint of blood. Just a hint.

The Skeleton Closet (new title)

And also, tucked in the back...

Well, that's that one dealt with. Best get some sleep.


subrosa said...

Let me know when it's an ebook - please?

JuliaM said...

"... I'm working on a Kindle version which is fiddly but feasible."

Excellent news! I'll look out for it.

Timbo614 said...

Publishing Kindle/Sony/PDF

Have you seen Calibre?

Has lots of useful features for conversion. Not always perfect but very tweakable.

A Sony Reader owner :)

Mr A said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the last collection. Just ordered this one (sorry - in paperback. I still can't get my head round this "download" twaddle...).

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Congrats! All that hard work has paid off. I'm green with envy...

Leg-iron said...

Subrosa - it's a PDF on and also now on Amazon Kindle. Do you need a specific format? I'm sure it could be arranged.

JuliaM - your wish is my command ;)

Timbo - I'll give that a try, thanks.

Mr.A - the paperback will always be the first version available because it's the easiest one to do.

£60aweek - it hasn't paid off yet. When Hollywood makes a film out of one of these, maybe I can think about relaxing a bit. Until then, work, work, work.

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