Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hurricane Gordon.

It's nowhere to be seen.

We had weather warnings, we were told to run about screaming 'We're all Dooooomed!' and nothing's happened. Days previously described as just 'windy' knocked over plants but today, barely a leaf rustled.

Which is odd because not very far away, roofs were blown off and trees blown down and power was cut and all sorts of terrible things, but here? Not a peep.

Maybe it's because the hurricane took one look at this place and decided there was no way to make it worse. Maybe it's because of the magic tomato plant in the greenhouse. Maybe it's because I spent ages fighting the damn wasps to get the last two carrier-bags of plums off the tree before they were blown off, and the hurricane thought 'Oh, he's got them, might as well find some other garden to mess up'.

Or maybe it's waiting for tomorrow... the day I have to go out.


Woodsy42 said...

It stripped the felt off my shed roof. Dratted Americans, sending their second-hand storms over here!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it missed you LI.

One of the branches on my weeping willow got blown off.

As it was broadside to the wind and helped to shelter the garden the only other damage was two sunflowers and a lot of snapped dahlia heads.

But there's no shame in having a branch torn off by a hurricane.

I'm just glad it's still standing.
I love that tree and planted it myself 22 years ago.


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