Monday, 12 September 2011

Looks can be deceiving.

I've been busting a gut on this next short story book because I want it out of the way and because money is running short and I need to get another pot-boiler out while I wait to hear about the next novel. Some of the stories in this next one are far nastier than in the last one. It's not bedtime reading.

Tip: if you're self-publishing something, always let it rest for at least 24 hours and then read over it. Read it as if it was written by someone you hate so you're looking for every trivial little error.

Self-editing on short stories is okay but it's far harder to do on novels. Those need the eyes of someone who hasn't read the whole thing fifteen damn times already. Novels are too big for self-editing. They need proper publishers.

So, while that collection rests, I started looking for ideas for the dystopia novel. This is a random process and usually starts with YouTube comedy clips then gets into the weird stuff once I'm in receptive mood.

I came across some videos by an ex-Mormon girl. If you saw her in the street you'd dismiss her as of that species often described as Bimbonius boobius maximus - the Large-Breasted Bimbo. You'd only have to talk to her for five minutes to find she has a brain to match those frontal accessories.

In this video she describes the technique of the Invisible Watchman and describes it very clearly indeed. She describes it in terms of religion, but I see it in terms of CCTV.

Consider - not all those speed cameras have cameras in them but do you slow down for each one or take a chance? It's not possible for all those CCTV cameras to be continuously monitored unless we were all employed to do it, and most of them produce such crappy images they're no use anyway - but which ones? Are they even real? You can buy dummy ones to fit to your house and all they have is a little red light. Yet the camera you see might be watching you. You don't know.

The Invisible Watchman isn't God any more. It's CCTV. And I owe that girl a signed copy if I ever get this into print.


subrosa said...

I look forward to this one so get on with it. :)

Anonymous said...

I knew in 1996 CCTV was not a good way of solving crime.
I did a contract in a security firm that designed systems for high security buildings central consoles controlling locks cameras etc.
One night the office was broken into and some computers and other valuables were stolen.
The next morning a lady police officer arrived and the boss said "it's OK we have them on camera".
So when we ran the VCR back sure enough ,the thieves came through the broken window ,they had forced the bars too !
When they entered the room they had hoodies on.
So thousands of pounds of expensive kit defeated by a "hood".
That was when it dawned on me not only that CCTV can be easily overcome but also how the US lost the Vietnam war !

Captain Ranty said...

O/T but well done on hitting Number Three!!

Well deserved Leggy!

I am a couple of streets along from you at number 18.


David C said...

I was interested to see the only example of a Panoptican prison was built in pre-revolutionary Cuba and used by Castro to house political and other prisoners. Perhaps one day we'll see Cuba libre, but don't hold your breath.

James Higham said...

This could make a person paranoid.

hangemall said...

May I add my gratters to Ranty's.

Billy the Fish said...

Thought I'd pop along and add my two penn'oth...

Well done, Leggy! More power to your elbow, fella! It's always a pleasure parking myself in front of your soapbox.

Long may you reign, sir!

Anonymous said...

Laci Green, I have followed her for a couple of years now. She started out with videos on her life, theism, Atheism. She then started counselling and has a channel giving advice to teenagers on relationships and sex.

I still like her old channel especially this video - probably tells you a lot about her.

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