Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Apology from the Dick in the Film.

The Dick in the Film has apologised for regarding certain human women as of less importance than dogs and for laughing at a woman being beaten up by thugs.

You might regard it as sincere, you might not. I regard it as a line drawn under the matter.

I have written before on the way the Righteous regard apology and I will not be Righteous on this. He has apologised and for me, that is the end of it. Whether he meant it or whether he was scared for his BBC prospects, it is done. Over. Finished.

He has publically admitted his dickiness and I consider the matter closed.

The two Bens he says were not involved were very probably really not involved. Leave them alone. There is no evidence to prove either of them were involved so chasing them is just a waste of time and likely to get the chasers prosecuted. Gonnae no' dae that'?

So Dick in the Film will not appear here again on this particular matter.

When he screws up again, he'll be back. Closing the past is not a free pass for the future.


nisakiman said...

I'm inclined to concur with you on this. For whatever reason,he has voluntarily made a very public (Max's site gets a lot of hits) apology and admission of guilt, which requires a degree of courage.

As you say, if he has a relapse then there will be no mercy, no forgiveness. This time though, the matter is now in the past.

winston said...

Did he not go home and post that vid on youtube ? Doesn't sound like a moment of thoughtlesness.

Anonymous said...

Where else, other than the relatively tiny audience of a small part of the blogoshpere, has his actions, let alone his apology, been aired?
The apology was, I contend, made because he knows that very few people will get to see it.

John Pickworth said...

I've only vaguely followed the story but I think your read on the situation is the right one LI.

My own thoughts are that the person concerned is perhaps only apologising owing the heat he's beginning to feel. However, we're not vigilantes and to pursue the matter further only invites trouble for those holding the noose rather than the one with his head in it.

A moment of foolishness caught on video will haunt this individual much longer than the hand-wringing here and elsewhere. Its time to move on.

Leg-iron said...

Maybe not many will see his apology now but it's there forever. If he screws up again, a quick hyperlink is all it will take.

As John says, that one moment of foolishness isn't going to go away.

So I, for one, will drop it. But then, I'm not an EDL member and I wasn't the one attacked. They might not be so easily mollified.

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