Friday, 16 September 2011

Now that would solve truancy...

Dangerous paedophile overturns court order banning him from local park after judge rules it 'breaches his human rights'

So screams the Daily Mail. Except the judge didn't overturn the order. He modified it so that the filthy perv can only go to the park at certain times, while children are in school. Not at school break or lunchtimes, not at all outside school hours or in the summer holiday.

Therefore he will only have access to the park when there are no children in it.

This has the makings of a good idea, you know. Thinking of bunking off school? Well, the times when you're in school are the times they let all the paedos out to play.

Still thinking of bunking off school, cheeeldren?


John Pickworth said...

Good for him.

I wonder if he's ever thought how nice it would be to smoke indoors? Maybe he could have a word with his mate in the wig ;-)

subrosa said...

What about the wee pre-school kiddies who have a wander around a park with their Mum? Doesn't that happen these days?

Possibly not.

Leg-iron said...

John - no judge would dare take on the human rights of smokers. They don't consider us human.

Subrosa - the preschoolers are always supervised. It's the kids playing alone that would be at risk.

Dagenham Dave said...

Wouldn't it be easier, simpler and cheaper just to kill the cunt?

wiggins said...

Quite so DD.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

DD, I am with you on that idea!

There is no "reforming" of these demons. Hell, I have a gun, ammo and the will to pull the trigger on such animals,,,FREE of charge!

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